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Full Version: Season 44 Rd 1 - Matches scheduled for 2019-03-24
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Matches scheduled for 2019-03-24

Season 44 Round 1 @ 3pm: Bezbozhnik vs Rockit 4v4a 1331608

Season 44 Round 1 @ 3pm: Peeking Had 1 Job vs StarFire Elite 4v4b 1331609

Season 44 Round 1 @ 4pm: The Dark vs Material 4v4c 1331610

Sorry for the delay in getting these posted - future weeks should see them posted on Wednesdays, all things considered.

Umm, the schedule posted here: and on on Discord has the season start on 31 March... and that's what I communicated to our squad.

Solar Hydro, Captain SFE(SFA)