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Full Version: New Season (S45) Squad Sign-Ups
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It's time to get a new season underway so sign up your squads here.  We're looking to start pre-season matches on 28 July, roughly three weeks from now.  Let's get it on...
StarFire Elite will join Season 45.

Solar Hydro, Captain SFE(SFA)
(07-09-2019, 10:45 AM)SolarHydro Wrote: [ -> ]StarFire Elite will join Season 45.

Solar Hydro, Captain SFE(SFA)

Also, could you/someone please correct the A1 graphic to show StarFire Elite with a capital F?
It's a thing...
Thank you.

How many squads have signed up?
Thx for updating A1!

We will bring a team to the league with Benji - obviously further efforts are required by others.

I'm interested in bringing a squad to league too
Peecaenazi signing up - Peeking and Caer let me know if you want to join, because I think only way forward is to take over the throne from Peek and trying to act accordingly, so that everyone could feel games are safe zoned and thus keeping this amazing game alive. First ruling would be to out-rule the latest decission of altering the scores.
We now have 5 squads and can begin the Pre-Season when every team has at least 6 players. Once that is established I will sort a pre-season schedule and we can get going.