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Full Version: S29 PRO Finals Game 1 Log
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NeWWiN> .rdy

Nguyens vs Assassins

Starting in 60 seconds...

Caerbannog> gl hf

KNeWWiN> hi sika

develop> u2

KNeWWiN> <3

Clerisy> :






DZ-4v4-Bot-> Odds to win: Nguyens (34%), Assassins (66%). Use /!predict 100 (NeWWiN) or /!predict 200 (develop) during the first 2 minutes to bet on a team to win.

hallucinati> gl

Legatus> wow a decent game for once

Sabrewolf> agreed

Legatus> mop even showed up

develop> !items

Legatus> except krilyu isnt here

Legatus> it's not nguyens without krilyu

develop> !items

Sabrewolf> the village bike?

Legatus> ya

Sabrewolf> he's playing

Eric Clapto> is this aml

Chaos> elohel

Eric Clapto> what kind of pro finals have only 30 people in specfreq

Legatus> this is finals?

Sabrewolf> yeah

Eric Clapto> yes

Legatus> rofl

Eric Clapto> legatus when are you going to enter trench wars and bash people there for being idiots

Legatus> i did it once, many years ago

Legatus> but the thing is they're idiots by default because they play trench wars

Legatus> it's not challenging

Pension> .stats

Partsi> .stats

Enforcer> .items

Candyman> !volume

Candyman> is this aml?

Motorzep> pro finals

Candyman> these players and squad were there when i left

Candyman> with 0/8 in games

Candyman> :]

Legatus> lol why is everyone's first question "is this aml"

Motorzep> candyman sheeba nudes or gtfo =)

Legatus> haha

Candyman> i told you where to get them already

Motorzep> i don't remember

Candyman> someone recruit me for next season

Legatus> candy

Legatus> this is pro finals and there's 52

Legatus> im pretty sure there won't be a next season

Candyman> lol are you serious

Tragedy> lets do it, I'm the last remaining original.

kesser> this is finals?

Solar Hydro> including eric clapton

Legatus> whatever games next season are played, they will involved like 5 people showing up

mAImER> there will be a next season

Enforcer kb ossi -- Assist by: saiyan

Enforcer has 2 lives remaining - [14:01]

Score: 1-0 Assassins -- [4v4]

Solar Hydro> these things have been said abou league for years, don't believe them

develop> !items

Pension> ossiiiiiiiii

Candyman> i havent played in 8 years, really 8 years, and i played a prac the other day with e gamepad i never used before, with ppl who are in this arena now and i went 5-1 mvp. you guys didnt evolve the game in 8 years?

Partsi> cool story

Mop> !items

Legatus> nobody cares about this game anymore bro

Partsi> Legatus> this is a contest of autism

KNeWWiN kb Sika

KNeWWiN has 2 lives remaining - [17:47]

Score: 2-0 Assassins -- [4v4]

develop> haha

KNeWWiN> hjaha

KNeWWiN> .items

Sath> u fucking liar

Sath> candy u played like 5 years ago

Mop> !items

Sabrewolf> whos saiyan

Sath> and candy backarrow has improved

Sath> play vs a good team

Sath> ur backarrow is obsolute

Pension> saiyan is 2x dsbl champ

KNeWWiN> .items

Sabrewolf> any other names?

Sath> saiyan is weak today

Pension> from Red Hawks

Candyman> i didnt veen have my name 5 yrs ago, login on it was 2005 when i got it back and someone stole it before that

Pension> dsb MVP

Sath> caer

Sath> target saiyan for win

Sath> he's weak 2day

Sath> xoxox

Sath> just helping

Sabrewolf> he actually has the most dmg out of everyone, lol

pseudo> .stats

The Village Bike kb saiyan -- Assist by: ossi

The Village Bike has 2 lives remaining - [21:18]

Score: 3-0 Assassins -- [4v4]

Sath> saiyan is scared tho

Sath> he'll pb

Sath> in close combat

Sath> after failing gun

Sika kb Caerbannog -- Assist by: KNeWWiN

Sika has 2 lives remaining - [21:40]

Score: 3-1 Assassins -- [4v4]

tHC> like sika just did

Candyman> how many times did mop win league now? 25?

Clerisy> damn random bomb

Candyman> shame he never won it when ppl cared about ss

Mop> !items

Plutorus> is this game 1?

Solar Hydro> yes

kesser> sika any good in this zone?

Plutorus> thx sol

Charas> is this finals?

tHC> si

develop> !items

develop> !allowsub develop

develop> !allowsub 9-volt

Charas> kill urself

Legatus> the saddest part of this game is that caer is the only guy on outlols with a kill right now

Motorzep> GRAMPS FTW

Sath> can i sub

Charas> wow candyman


develop> !allowsub 9-volt

Sika kb The Village Bike

Sika has 1 life remaining - [26:05]

Score: 3-2 Assassins -- [4v4]

Charas> didnt even know u were alive buddy

NeWWiN> hahah

mAImER> everyone better play warzone today

Charas> good to see you

Plutorus> oooh

Sath> SIKA

Legatus> sika bein the only idiot on asses as usual



Legatus> el oh el

Candyman> i am, subspace isnt :|


NeWWiN> .allowsub realdeal

Diablo> why does sika still play for them

Charas> mop

Sath> cause he has rarity awesomness

Charas> blows him

b4b0> wz after this?

Sath> guns

Sath> nigga

Charas> after today are we ever gonna play subspace again

Charas> in a league

develop> !items

Diablo> powerball

Mop> !items

KNeWWiN> .items

Heisman> lol i had parabola and mop on ht chat for awhile

Sath> go join a million free rpg games

Sath> and spam ss

Heisman> but yo charas

Sath> thats the key to more people

Mop> !items

Charas> lol sath

Sath> for reals tho

Charas> haha

Heisman> err one knows when it comes to svs.. its all about assasians

Sath> all the ones with item malls

Sath> join them and spam

Charas> wtf u talking bout

Heisman> and sika hasnt log'd on in 6 weeks. untill today

kentasaurus> is this last game?

Sath> there are tons of mmorpg's

Heisman> kid is the gr8est

The Village Bike kb Mop -- Assist by: Sika

The Village Bike has 1 life remaining - [29:41]

Score: 4-2 Assassins -- [4v4]

Sabrewolf> all subspace needs is a legitimate facebook page lol

Charas> sika worst player in zone right now

kesser> heis why u dropped out of lb

Tragedy> lured.

mAImER> this is the first game

Mop has changed to spectator mode. [Lagouts: 1]

develop> !sub

develop in for Mop [Full Sub] [Time: 00:01] [3 lives]

kentasaurus> oh ty

5 Minutes until all new subs are burned.

Legatus> that's a good idea

Legatus> ss fb page

Charas> waiting for enforcer to dominate them

Legatus> do it

kentasaurus> i got bit 8 times in 10 minutes mowing my lawn wtf

Charas> i miss jplancke

Heisman> just come to our ld lj lb games n check the numbers he puts up

Heisman> all i can say

Sath> enforcere out for real deal

Legatus> if outlols win this it will be because sika died out like a retard

Sath> caer out for dre

Cucu> Sika still plays tw?

Sath> ya'll catch back up

Charas> heisman what your watching right here buddy

Legatus> lol

Charas> is real subspace

Sath> time is low

Charas> this isnt 1 shot kill retard stuff

Heisman> thats what i hear...

Heisman> this shits impossible lol

Sath> they are gonna bck arrow soon

Legatus> heisman

Legatus> sorry

Heisman> pubd around prob for an hr in my ss carrear here

Solar Hydro> hey tai <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />

Heisman> got ONE kill i thik


Legatus> that you are one of the retards who thinks sika is good

Enforcer> .items

Caerbannog> !items

Heisman> idk about this zone

Legatus> sika has been chokingin every big game here since 1995

Sath> sika actually is good

Heisman> but he is legend in tw

BARBARIAN> suika is bad

BARBARIAN> and youare stupid

Sath> i won't lie

Sath> saths honor

Charas> LOL BARB


Legatus> he's the guy to target any time u play vs him

Heisman> someone u add in all leagues. everytime he shows on any team

Heisman> that simple

BARBARIAN> sath's honor is worth his hourly wage

Plutorus> /dev just got popped for 2 reps..

Charas> haha

BARBARIAN> aka the bare minimum

Legatus> i would never add sika to my team

NeWWiN> .fullsub Caerbannog

Legatus> ever

KNeWWiN> .items

Legatus> guy is a joke

kentasaurus> !stats

Caerbannog has changed to spectator mode. [Lagouts: 1]

realdeal> .sub

realdeal in for Caerbannog [Full Sub] [Time: 00:01] [3 lives]

Legatus> this is why we all make fun of tw

Heisman> never heard these words b4

kentasaurus> !roster nguyens

Heisman> shocking

Legatus> bcuz people in tw think sika is good

Charas> heisman cause its the truth

Heisman> well.. tw the only activezone in this old game

kentasaurus> sika is tw god

Heisman> and u guys aughta quit this dead shit and run tw.

Heisman> amiright?

Charas> yea hes the only one of us who went to trench wars

Charas> when they made it remember

Charas> and we all stayed here and didnt bother lol

BARBARIAN> wouldnt we be playing TW ifw e wanted to?

Caerbannog> !items

Sath> i make 17.20 nigga

Solar Hydro> trenchward achieved sentcience?

Sath> btw stupid fuck

Heisman> im glad to see 60 people in here

Heisman> in the FINALS?

Heisman> this is for all the marbles yes?

Clerisy> lol

1 Minute until all new subs are burned.

mAImER> you cant have one shot kills and then have people who drop half the bullets that hit them

slum> lalala

Charas> these 60 people here been playing since u were in diapers

kentasaurus> hes mocking us non tw'ers

Charas> these are the people that made this game

Legatus> ya these guys been around for 15+ years

Sath> good point charas

Cucu> all bow to Charas now

Sath> who the fuck is barbarian

Heisman> o jeez

slum> and Tw's the zone thats keeping it alive.

BARBARIAN> sath so mad

Legatus> most f them anywayy

BARBARIAN> and bad

BARBARIAN> and poor

9-Volt> all of you are 0

Sath> barbarian how i am i poor?

BARBARIAN> sath why dont you post more about your pathetic life on whatever forum you find now

Heisman> sorry grandpa.. lol didnt meen to offend

Sath> i was re-promoted

Sath> when i demoted myself

Charas> trench is where all the kids go cause they cant learn all the keys to play this

saiyan kb realdeal -- Assist by: The Village Bike

saiyan has 2 lives remaining - [34:47]

Score: 4-3 Assassins -- [4v4]

Sath> thats how good i am

Legatus> lol realdeal got a kill in finals

All new subs from now on are burned.

Sath> barbarian has only been playing for 6 years

Heisman> as much as i watch this... still have no clue what the fuk the point is of this game

Sath> thinks he's good

Charas> hahahaha

KNeWWiN> .items

Heisman> death match?

BARBARIAN> lol 6 years

Charas> LOL

slum> yes

slum> heis

Legatus> lol

Heisman> lol

Sath> barbarian doesn't know what it's like to stay home when VIE converted to nothing

Heisman> like what the fuk are these guys doin?

Enforcer kb Sika -- Assist by: saiyan

Enforcer has 1 life remaining - [35:39]

Score: 5-3 Assassins -- [4v4]

Sath> and new user names were made

b4b0> ive been playin for 15 years

b4b0> off and on

BARBARIAN> my user id is 182

Enforcer> doh

Heisman> in this completly oversized map

Sath> he doesn't know before then about sheep cloning facility

BARBARIAN> on this billing

Sath> i'm 172

BARBARIAN> you stupid fuck

Sath> ur weak

Charas> I wish i could get a link to th eoriginal hall of fame page

Charas> the one with p-mav

The Village> !items

Sath> on a mirror that is

Charas> and rodvik

Legatus> i dont remember my original userid <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Sad' />

b4b0> i dont either

b4b0> i dont either

Charas> u dont have userid 174 u lying pos

NINE> !stats

Sath> i have 172

Charas> a mirror lying to us

b4b0> !stats

Plutorus> demo174

tHC> who has the earliest first played

Sath> not 174

Cucu> has anyone ever died from dehydration and deprevation of sleep while playing in the finals? shit's still 03-05

Neo> !stats

Assassins lead Nguyens 5-3 with less than 10 minutes to go in game 1 of the pro finals!

Legatus> charas this isn't even the original server

Legatus> userid on this thing

Charas> i know

Legatus> is just whoever logged on first the day hte server moved

mAImER> finals used to be 1-0 overtime games

Charas> lol what about when we had to play warzone on inet

Charas> worst fuckin laggers ever

3030> lol

Sath> this game is weak because leagues don't last a year

Cucu> this zone is for people who rage when they die

pseudo> i had 10ms ping to inet <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Sad' />

Sath> o well out of this one how about next season




pseudo> YES!

Charas> u lived right next to the server

Charas> haha

pseudo> yes

Sath> he'll get some suicidal kills

Candyman> i had 3 digit usedid on the original VIE server and this name registerd first hours of the new server in 98. i had records in league before clown shit like trench wars were invented

NINE> the time is now king newbie

Charas> kill develop

Charas> guy is horrible at this

pseudo> inet was the old Sonera internet

Eric Clapto> .stats

Charas> after 15 years

Legatus> the strategy being employed by these two teams

BARBARIAN> after baud moved it to shuko's shit

Legatus> did they remove item subs

Heisman> so this is dm.

Legatus> they must have

mAImER> you get one fullsub

Eric Clapto> Bonghits, u are mean

Heisman> just very very lil killing

Legatus> ah that makes sense then

Legatus> but still

Tragedy> what happened to the "team sort" menu option?

Legatus> rd should started and subbed out

Legatus> not subbed in

BARBARIAN> these guys have been playing for 15 years

NINE> get him king newbie

Charas> lol eric

BARBARIAN> do you think they will die every 5 minutes?

NINE> he is taunting you

Plutorus> JUST BLEED

Charas> cant wait tukk they kil out sika

Charas> with his mapped xradar key

Charas> to the right arrow button

pseudo> .items

Legatus> ya

NINE> heard he just holds down a key on a gamepad

NOTICE: 5 minutes remaining.

Charas> no ways

Legatus> no he has it on turbo

Charas> its definatly gotta be mapped to right arrow

Legatus> well he usedto have it onauto turbo

Legatus> but then he got banned

Legatus> not sure wat he does now




Caerbannog> and he tanks

NINE> what did he tank

Charas> are we gonna play warzone after this

mAImER> yes

Charas> or are u babydick niggers scared

3030> i sure hope so

Diablo> .items

Caerbannog> the bomb, mostly

Sika kb Enforcer

Sika is OUT! - [41:12]

Score: 5-4 Assassins -- [3v4]

Cucu> I heard Charas in tw saying he was the best SVS player to ever live

Bizzahbobby> .items

Charas> ahahahahahahahaha

Diablo> haha

mAImER> lol

Motorzep> lol

Plutorus> oooh

Diablo> HAHAHA

Legatus> ya, despite this 4v4 game being sad, wz should be decent

BARBARIAN> sath> sika is good

Charas> i am


Charas> ask the arena cucu

Diablo> lol at sika

KNeWWiN> .items

Diablo> lol at sika

Cucu> Sika is still #1 in my heart

Csport> sika from hero to zero, why not surprised

BARBARIAN> wow dev

Caerbannog> o look

NINE> charas is the best safe lamer

Legatus> i love how people think sika is the best at anything

Legatus> sooo terrible

BARBARIAN> only stupid people think sika is good

Diablo> do you really love it

Charas> sika choking in finals since like 98'

BARBARIAN> ossi tanking 3 bullets + bomb

Cucu> first you say 95, now you say 98, make up your mind woman!

kesser> sika only good in tw i see

Charas> nine u mad im better at trench wars then u ?

Legatus> it puts a smile on my face everytime i hear some newbie from tw saying sika is the best

NINE> yes

Charas> lolllll

Candyman> sika never played a final in 98, not until 2003 maybe

Candyman> newbies

Charas> ^^

Legatus> and he chokd in all of them

Diablo> ossi lagging

BARBARIAN> ossi massive rank

Cucu> Candyman has a photo album that says so

GEM91679> blackfly is the best

Charas> candyman oldest player in zone by far

BARBARIAN> candy man never saw a backarrow he didnt like

Diablo> yeah hes like 53 years old

Solar Hydro> how old is that?

Charas> LOL

Legatus> the guys in here know their s history cucu

BARBARIAN> at least sika has hair on his balls

Legatus> even the guys in spec

Caerbannog> !items

Legatus> we all been playing for 15 years

Legatus> at least

Cucu> I started today , and I can merk you all

Legatus> what does that even mean

Legatus> i hope you dont merk us

Charas> id goto the duel arena with u cucu

Cucu> LOL

Charas> ill let u kill me 9 times

Charas> and we can duel to 10

NINE> i think he's talking about a merkin--you know, a dick wig

Charas> and ill still win

Cucu> say word


Candyman> funny how i\m called backarrow but i went 31-0 in a season when ppl cared and we had 300 ppl in spec during regular season games

Charas> after finals

NOTICE: 1 minute remaining.

hallucinati> he meant gerkin

BARBARIAN> candy dont even deny it

Charas> season 01

BARBARIAN> next you will tell me UL was also an offensive juggernaut

Caerbannog> bot?

Charas> SEASON 01

Legatus> yeah ss was big back then


Diablo> hey guy stop living in the past




pseudo> .items

Charas> D-TOX

Charas> CANDYMAN????

Caerbannog> !items

NINE> do you need a xanax charas

Cucu> SVSers suck, in 15 minutes they get 1 kill, in 15 minutes we get about 110 in tw

Legatus> all guys who went to prison for molesting little boys, charas

BARBARIAN> congrats cucu

Legatus> oh snap i went ther

OVERTIME now beginning, 200 needs 1 kill, 100 needs 2 kills (no time limit)

Candyman> thats not season 1, thats pyramid league, first season black hole lost to requiem in playoffs

BARBARIAN> let me know when sika isnt one of the best playesr in your zone

Cucu> I'm trolling <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/ohmy.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':o' /> aha

Charas> wonder what happend to high gain

mAImER> well darkhosis when to prison for other stuff

mAImER> went

Csport> BARB they play first to 1001 in TW

Charas> haha

Candyman> high gain became a lawyer

mAImER> high gain played a couple years ago for a while

kesser> cucu tell me when u get 110 in 15 mins <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />

Cucu> I already did

NINE> High Gain> I go forward, I push the stack, and every one we had was too damned slow to make it work.

mAImER> then disappeared again

BARBARIAN> what kind of skill is required to get 110 kills in 15 minutes

Charas> rofl

kesser> in 15 mins?

kesser> rofl

BARBARIAN> that just sounds stupid

kesser> who are you

3030> so, you guys will pause this match for warzone, right?

Cucu> k maybe 20ish

Legatus> no

Cucu> but I'm exaggerating

BARBARIAN> 20 still sounds stupid

Legatus> wz starts after

Charas> basically its like

BARBARIAN> 5 a minute?

3030> oh

Charas> holding base in warzne with 1 flag

Charas> like raf base

el father> !items

Charas> against 8 suiciders

Charas> for 15 min


kesser> "8 suiciders"

kesser> u say that cuz u never really played it

NINE> l0l

Cucu> ^

Charas> i play it everyday kesser

kesser> in pub?

Legatus> barb when 1 bullet causesa kill

kesser> plz

Cucu> he's BongHits

Charas> im bonghits u retard

kesser> still

Charas> still

Legatus> u know

kesser> ya still

Charas> and what i beat u in duels in there to?

kesser> 8 suiciders

Charas> cmon kid

kesser> rofl

dbone> can we play some wz?

Charas> i play your zone for 2 weeks

3030> enf next death

kesser> u really wanna start about that?

Charas> im on your squad

NINE> incoming develop choke


Bizzahbobby> .items

develop kb Enforcer -- Assist by: KNeWWiN

develop has 2 lives remaining - [47:57]

Score: 5-5 TIED -- [4v3]

BARBARIAN> i want ossi's tank cheat

NINE> nine

kesser> rofl and did u ever do anything in dice??

Charas> what u say about that kess?

Pension> good call

dbone> or do you homos really wanna sit and watch this shit?

mAImER> should have gone for the jav turret

Charas> nah whats there to do?

Tragedy> enforcer for mvp

kesser> getting in dice is easy, playing in it is not

Charas> dice is like joining assassins

kesser> and bong i could careless about pub duels

Cucu> aren't you Stayon's brother?

Charas> u all blow the captain

kesser> i am

Candyman> requiem season 6 is the best roster in subspace league history

Cucu> o/

Cucu> STayon is my puta

Legatus> so I told pez I wasn't his friend yesterday and he freaked out on me

kesser> pretty sure ive won spider dueling league bong.

Joey Buttaf> brad richards

Joey Buttaf> brad richards

Joey Buttaf> brad richards

Joey Buttaf> brad richards

Joey Buttaf> brad richards

Charas> yea when i wasnt even in trench wars yet

Joey Buttaf> fuck yea

kesser> and lol bong what do u know

Charas> cause u cant beat me

kesser> ur just some newbie

Charas> thats right im a newbie

Diablo> .items

Joey Buttaf> charas is a newbie

Charas> LOL

Joey Buttaf> NOOB

Charas> U in the wrong zone telling me that

kesser> i stopped playing spid duel ever since ive won twel, like in 2005

Joey Buttaf> hehe j/k

Legatus> charas u play tw?

Charas> unfortunatly

Legatus> im revoking your veteran status

Charas> lol

Legatus> you are now a noob again

kesser> im talking about tw, dont care about u here

Diablo> saiyain KB enf

NINE> trench wars is where it's at

Candyman> can i join assassins next season? i promise i wont die out half way thru the game

Charas> yea it is

NINE> full-tilt ADD mode

Charas> haha

Caerbannog> yes you can

Joey Buttaf> tw is where the parties at

kesser> its fun u talk big in svs on how big u are in tw

3030> easy to do from spec

Joey Buttaf> a party of faggots

Charas> cause i am big

Diablo> there is no next season

NINE> this guy is clearly steamed

Charas> im a fuckin legend

Candyman> ill replace sika

Charas> it says so on my squad

Charas> thats older then u

Legatus> nobody here talks big about tw

Legatus> bcuz we dont care about stupid noob zones

kesser> doubt it

Diablo> tw is pretty gay

3030> ok why isnt there a next season

BARBARIAN> there is

mAImER> there is

BARBARIAN> no pyramid

3030> maybe we can have wz league then

dbone> lol

mAImER> should have warzone league anyway

3030> lol

BARBARIAN> we should have inet wz league


Joey Buttaf> wzl would be major fail

dbone> <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />

Charas> they do warzone in trench wars

dbone> you wz take to much skill

2.5 mins to go in OT and the pro finals are tied 5-5!

Charas> but they shoudlnt allow it

Charas> cause its horrible

3030> u just said no time limit

Caerbannog> what the fuck 2.5 mins?

Caerbannog> there's no time


Diablo> .items


mAImER> !time

Charas> u cant flag tag more then 1 at a time

mAImER> 992 hours

Sath> .items


Sath> village 0/0

Charas> so if u take base u have to get the whole team to attach to get flags

Sath> real deal 1/1

Sath> ossi 0/0

Sath> saiyan 0/0

Csport> next kill?


ossi kb KNeWWiN

ossi has 2 lives remaining - [52:03]

Score: 6-5 Nguyens -- [4v3]

Final Score: 6-5 Nguyens wins -- Game Time: 52:03


| F 200: Assassin Ki/De TK LO SK AS FR WR WRk Mi PTime | DDealt/DTaken DmgE | AcB AcG | W-L | Ki/De | Rat TRat ERat |


| Mop 1/ 0 0 1 0 0 3 0 0 0 29:40 | 27480/ 32859 45% | 22 12 | 0-1 | 1/0 | +9 509 2034 |

| develop 0/ 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 8 21:56 | 42809/ 40298 51% | 51 12 | 6-3 | 12/8 | 0 544 1525 |

| Sika 2/ 3 0 0 1 1 5 4 4 9 40:48 | 60132/ 73059 45% | 37 20 | 5-3 | 22/17 | -13 558 1599 |

| ossi 1/ 1 0 0 0 1 3 0 0 1 51:37 | 74075/ 73930 50% | 33 13 | 7-4 | 13/8 | +7 550 1621 |

| saiyan 1/ 1 0 0 0 2 3 0 3 2 51:37 | 88042/ 66579 56% | 49 12 | 9-5 | 39/19 | +5 662 1683 |

| TOTAL: 5/ 6 0 1 1 4 15 4 7 20 | 292538/286725 | 39 13 | 27-16 | 87/52 | +1 564 1691 |


| F 100: Nguyens Ki/De TK LO SK AS FR WR WRk Mi PTime | DDealt/DTaken DmgE | AcB AcG | W-L | Ki/De | Rat TRat ERat |


| Caerbannog 1/ 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 31:54 | 32952/ 28516 53% | 20 6 | 11-0 | 13/6 | +5 574 1803 |

| realdeal 1/ 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 19:41 | 23678/ 27236 46% | 35 9 | 6-2 | 7/3 | +5 531 1431 |

| KNeWWiN 1/ 1 0 0 1 2 5 0 2 1 51:37 | 74577/ 89001 45% | 44 13 | 12-2 | 32/15 | +5 619 1377 |

| Enforcer 2/ 2 0 0 1 0 5 1 1 4 51:37 | 80206/ 80966 49% | 31 11 | 10-1 | 15/14 | +5 572 1564 |

| The Village Bik 1/ 2 0 0 1 1 2 0 3 1 51:37 | 60981/ 78778 43% | 39 11 | 11-2 | 34/14 | -1 654 1905 |

| TOTAL: 6/ 5 0 1 3 3 12 1 6 6 | 272394/304497 | 34 10 | 50-7 | 101/52 | +3 590 1616 |



Stats for this game can be viewed at:

MVP: Mop (+9) -- Runner Up: ossi (+7)

LVP: Sika (-13) -- Runner Up: The Village Bike (-1)


3030> lol

ossi> 454545

Caerbannog> hooray.

3030> fail


NINE> congrats king newbie

hallucinati> gg guys

BARBARIAN> lol at sika with 9 mines

Sath> thats what mop gets for not recruiting good players

ossi> shit got too tired

dbone> great

Charas> wheres travis

dbone> gj

NINE> l0l

Cucu> so Assassins lost?

dbone> lets go to wz plz

Charas> cant believe he finally gave up on this game

mAImER> raising travis junior

Caerbannog> didn't we agree before game we'd do best of 1? yes? hmm?

Cucu> Wait, Assassins lost?

Charas> no wayyy

Charas> he gound time to have a kid

Legatus> did u trench wars ugys witness sika losing the game for assassins

Caerbannog> hallu wanna do the wz honors? <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/blum.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':o' />

The Village> gg

Candyman> when subspace was still in development under VIE back in 96 or so, they almost sold the game to microsoft. it would have been included in windows me, windows 98 etc under the free games next to mine sweep and the other games. if that had happened

Legatus> i want you to witness your trench wars hero

Nine totally called that oissi shit.

To witness more epic ossi tankage, next weekend 3pm and possibly 4pm. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/blum.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':p' />

Don't forget to tell me your squad is returning. Also I currently have zero draft team captains, we'll need something like 3-6 of them. The draft "event" itself will take place on a day we decide. Or we can run it by forums but that would be tricky, and a long thread.
Really? Season 29? And the same people are still playing. There's 14+ year SS veterans in this damn league. Talk about dedication.