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Full Version: sscx zones not working..?
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anyone else having trouble logging in today?? =o

It was working not that long ago, but yeah almost everything looks down now, Chaos, EG, HS, TW ... I note Devastation is up, and the old Powerball. resolving really slowly. is ok.

Not ganna add to rumors. But ill start setting up a chaos under my test biller in case you guys wanna idle somewhere else. (lets hope they are just rumors )8  )



Battle is up: SSZ Battle Zone USA (and EUR) But im just devving.

You are also welcome to chillax there tll things get figured out. Or until i get chaos up.


Make sure your directory servers are:

Remember the days when no one panicked if the servers went down for a little while? lol

I can see the Eur one but not the usa one

Might explain why the zone was acting so strange lately.. eh?

What is the prevailing theory right now? Anyone know?

server shit the bed and someone hasn't physically restarted it? i have no idea.

I just messaged Priit to check/kick the servers (10:30am EST).



thx Mom Smile

Oh Oh and ask him to give me an ssc slot while he is at it, er...

and some pie and fries, and....

any one else want anything?

I am fond of hebrew national all beef franks.

i'll take a small slice of his skype fortune

Wow something happened in with subspace, this is material for the subspace wikipedia page.

T3 has a pop higher than it's ever seen ever. forever ever. that's screenshot worthy kinda.

T3 doesnt appear for me.

ping is spiking and pop is dropping. T3 was at 60-something a few minutes ago.

[Image: Kb9trYv.png]

Yeah, that zone was DEAD.  Must be all the Trench Wars players.

well again if you need a place to idle feel free to come to ssz battle or chaos for the time being.

Hopefully this stuff gets straightened out.


reminder: not ganna hack your accounts(even if i knew how) but make a seperate profile for my biller. Just for your own peace of mind.

Why the fuck is Axe's zone down?  He just blew his chance to get someone to check it out.  Maybe even two people.


PsyOps, what's the worst that could happen?  Chaos switches over to ASSS and loses some players 'cause they can't get their aliases from '96?

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