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Full Version: 4v4 tournament 2014-4-19 at 5pm ET & 9pm ET
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Depending on showdown, I'll arrange 4,6 or 8 teams 4v4 team tournament. Round robin, single or double elimination, 4-8 player teams. Since players live around the world, with different time zones, we have created two divisions to maximize the player amount. Tournament is starting at 5.00pm ET, with division "A" games, sign up before that, if you are playing then.


1st round of games start at 5.45 pm ET

2nd round starts at 6.15 pm ET -> WINNER GOES TO FINAL ON SUNDAY at 5pm ET


possible 3rd round 6.15 pm ET -> 1st round losers play for 3rd place.




2nd "B" divisions starts at 9pm ET. Sign up before that, if you are playing on that one.


sign up in advance using below link, and add your nick to the division that suits you better.




/ schedule / results:






















team x vs team y at 5pm ET sunday.



standard prac rules: 30 min, subs burn, prac arenas as maps. 1 NTS /team /game is allowed.

NTS can also be someone who played earlier rounds and lost, and can also be someone who played on earlier "A" division games.

do I have to sign up with my squad, or can it be with anyone?

You can show up and play with anyone you want

+1 hour to start

It wasn't the best time for this event. I'll redo it friday, April the 5th, since MOC is played on saturday.


Looks like best time would be at 9 pm ET

9pm alienates all europeans.

Would love to participate but not at 3 in the morning.

I agree with you Arctos. I came up with the idea dividing it to 2 divisions with max of 4 teams each.


1st div. would play 5pm ET their games -> winner to finals.


2nd div. would play 9pm ET, their games -> winner to finals.


Final would be played at sunday, on the 7th, after league games.


When you sign-in , put 5 or 9 after your nick to get you on right division. I also created 2 different player list's, so sign in for the right one.

I'll play whichever time needs an extra pub player.  Thanks for linking this in the general Chaos forum.

Go sign up. We play on #2 server if original is still down on Friday.

go sign up - so we draft faster

another try this friday.