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Season 43: Pre-Season Squad Analysis - Baby Khul - 07-21-2018


These so called "brothers in arms" are going to find themselves a hard time fielding four players per match. But if we are to pretend that everyone on their roster are active, they can definitely field quite a fearsome line up. Judging by the Erating associated with each player, it seems their top four players include: Sika, Tunahead, ossi and Candyman. Which to me, sounds about right. Realistically though, we won't be seeing them play until playoffs happen.


Rage and company are back for more punishment, or upsets...? Nice to see a couple new names on the roster, along with some returning ones. Rage seemed to have adopted two more into the family with Bick and Ojo. Maimer and Tool are both old school Sterling, but will they be able to make much of an impact this season? Their top four players are easily: Rage, odak, traxx and Maimer.

StarFire Elite

I can't believe SFE is still around. Judging by everyone's Erating on that team, last place is almost guaranteed for them this season. However, Erating does not necessarily mean anything considering the population has plummeted to almost nonexistent. Having said that, players of SFE have a ton of experience under their belts. Shikaa, Mauler, Something Dutch and Pog are capable of pulling off an upset or two if you underestimate them too much.


I see some familiar names, and also some unfamiliar ones. This team seems to have a good amount of players, enough for subs and such. For me, their top four players are: Retroaction, the seven year itch, Peeking Duck? and Pivotal. Curi and Suri have both been practicing hard every day, I'd love to see them get some playtime this season.


Never heard of this team before, headed by Ozn and hedcase8. They have some scary pilots on their roster: develop, designator, Euripedes and Psycho just to name a few. Not too sure who FUEGO and idiot box are, but their Erating states that they must be quite formidable.

The Dark

My jaw nearly dropped upon looking at this roster. This team has the deepest line up in comparison to everyone else this season. Everyone is solid, and they can most likely have two to three subs per match, which is huge. Top four: it doesn't matter which four are playing, just play anyone.


Llama llama llamas.....this is another team with much talent. Another solid team hands down, are Savage and Ghostbuster17 really playing this season? Are they still good? I can't wait to find out. I predict their starting line up to be: Street Fighter, Dagger, Psyanide and Acidfreak.


So it seems that Three made his own squad to compete with this season. Don't have much to say about this team, except that I see KriLYu on the roster and he automatically makes any team good. Three, KriLYu, Explisive and ivf would be a strong starting line. I wonder how far this team can go.

RE: Season 43: Pre-Season Squad Analysis - Gruntster - 07-21-2018

Thanks for taking the time to do this. Someone needs to wake up hagetaga so he can bust out the chair.

RE: Season 43: Pre-Season Squad Analysis - Thor - 07-21-2018

Mauler your up next for predictions.

RE: Season 43: Pre-Season Squad Analysis - bick - 07-21-2018

message my manager for an interview.
-bick out

RE: Season 43: Pre-Season Squad Analysis - p.k - 07-22-2018

Great job