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S43: Pre-season Round 2 Predictions - Baby Khul - 07-26-2018

Tragic news for Season 43 as B.I.A. has been removed from league. As a result, we now have a second round of pre-season with three matches on Sunday. Perhaps a miracle will happen before first round begins with a new eighth squad to enter the fray. Let's keep our fingers and toes crossed until then.


I am sorry to say, but this is going to be a straight up massacre. DDPM, being one of the top 3 teams of this season will make short work out of SFE. 

Final score prediction: 12-2 DDPM


Definitely the match of the week right here. Godkiller obliterated Llamas 12-2 last week, and The Dark destroyed DDPM 12-6. Expect this match to go the distance. I feel that The Dark has the best offensive teamwork this season, whereas Godkiller is slightly more passive due to well, it's a new team afterall. Mr. honeybadger will need to give a fuck and summon forth his strongest line up to stand a chance at defeating The Dark. I'm curious to see how Godkiller will respond to The Dark's ship composition of warbird, weasel and duo terriers.

The Dark line up: YELLOW HAMMER, Da Monkk, Legacy, JackMove [sub] blink
Godkiller line up: honeybadger, KriLYu, Ra, Arctos [sub] Explisive, T-C-B

Final score prediction: 12-8 The Dark


The third and final match of the day, team personality vs me. Unfortunately I'd have to say this too, will be a one sided victory for Sterling. Roster-wise Llamas can field a formidable line, but none of those players have been active thus far. Will the brothers from different mothers bick and Ojo be able to pave the road to success for Sterling, or create the first upset of the season instead?

Sterling line up: Rage, odak, Varsity, bick [sub] Ojo, Tool, traxx
Llamas line up: Retroaction, Dagger, Kejami, fedu [sub] Psyanide, Street Fighter

Final score prediction: 12-4 Sterling

RE: S43: Pre-season Round 2 Predictions - p.k - 07-26-2018

I think llamas vs ster will be closer than you yhink