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3v3 Draft Signup - Ozn - 09-10-2018

As you know Saturday night we went through the current playerbase and did pilot rankings. It was a first step to kickstart a weeknight 3v3 draft league. I'm in the process of writing up how this whole thing is going to play out but firstly we need to get some indication of participation. I went through the list we discussed on Saturday and removed folks that are inactive or have timezone conflicts.

When you get a free moment, please enter your nickname into the following survey to indicate you want to participate:

Additionally, it would be nice if 2 or so more people went through the pilot rankings and put forth their own submission. This way we can average out the rankings better:

If you need information on how to do this please let me know.

RE: Weeknight 3v3 Draft Signup - Ozn - 09-11-2018

Here is a link to the draft pool:

As people are signing up this list will be updated automatically. I'll be running the sign up until the end of the week.