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Our current 4v4 structure
I've yet to be in a prac where my team would bother firing at KLF or Mean Gene, or even actively attempt to not shoot at them. They're also not at 300 energy at all times like some secedes and poopies of the world, so they don't constantly die from collateral damage either. Rage has never done anything for a newbie ever. Any newbies he ever helped were his hockey zone friends. He couldn't bring maimer back, despite all the talk. Probably cause Maimer apparently has a family. According to rage's own words, he told pseudo NOT to come back, as this game is so horrible (after losing to The Dark, while Rage is dellusional and decided damage done was the true victory in the game).

As for the ready 12 idea, if your pracs are about targetting KLF now, they will surely be about targetting him 12 times, 9 of which he'll have no toys. AFAIK !ready X is always available if the captains agree to it, but luckily very rarely used as it rewards F3 weasels.

Plus you're missing one side of people dying out that is comebacks. A game at 6-2 score to a 6-3 4v3 is easily winnable for the team with 4. A game at 6-2 where some people on the team trying to come back will have no toys vs. people with toys seems like it'd be interesting for about a full minute.

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