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  Pre-Season 45 Round 2b: Matches scheduled for Matches scheduled for 2019-11-17
Posted by: Peeking Duck? - Yesterday, 12:03 AM - Forum: Pro League Discussion - No Replies

Matches scheduled for 2019-11-17

PS45-Rd2b @ 3pm ET: Centidel vs Sterling 4v4a 1335618

PS45-Rd2b @ 3pm ET: Pharaoh vs StarFire Elite 4v4b 1335619

PS45-Rd2b @ 4pm ET: The Dark vs FinalSpace 4v4c 1335620

PS45-Rd2b @ 4pm ET: Sterling vs Pharaoh 4v4d 1335621

Sterling have graciously volunteered to play 2 matches this Sunday so I have placed them twice in this week's fixtures. Also, Pharaoh have just joined and I have given them 2 matches in order that all teams have played at least twice before the regular season begins. I have not consulted with the captain of Pharaoh prior to this, so there is a chance they may elect not to play 2 matches on Sunday. If so, that's their prerogative. 

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  Pre-Season 45 Round 2: Matches scheduled for Matches scheduled for 2019-11-10
Posted by: Peeking Duck? - 11-04-2019, 08:27 PM - Forum: Pro League Discussion - Replies (4)

Matches scheduled for 2019-11-10

Welcome to Pre-Season 45...

PS45 - Rd1 @3pm ET: Centidel vs FinalSpace 4v4a 1335290

PS45 - Rd1 @3pm ET: StarFire Elite vs Sterling 4v4b 1335291

PS45 - Rd1 @4pm ET: The Dark vs StarFire Elite 4v4c 1335292

SFE have kindly volunteered to play 2 games on Sunday so all teams can have a game. Would be nice if a different team steps up next week.

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  You are in LUCK!
Posted by: Gruntster - 09-15-2019, 04:43 PM - Forum: Pro League Discussion - No Replies

There are over 250 match videos to view on G-Spot TV! See gallant subspace warriors of the past several seasons battle it out for space supremacy!


Pimpin aint ez

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  Things are only impossible until they're not
Posted by: NadaI - 09-03-2019, 05:56 PM - Forum: Pro League Discussion - Replies (2)

I have tried to reach few players in hope of a co-cap. Furthermore, my envisioned master plan would require Rage(or sterling relatable) to bring back Sterling and Da Monkk/Yellow to reach for TD. I'm looking at Saiyan to notify Nacre and lure in +1-2 Ex Assassins (oh yes, lift Nacre's ban already wtf). Most importantly, there are currently some players practicing somewhat active - this pool of (20?) players would need to form a team and fill the rosters. I'm counting on SFE, as always. This would result in 4-6 teams. League startup ASAP with the support and help from Peeking/Hallu. Any questions? Smile


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  Public Service Announcement
Posted by: saiyan - 07-14-2019, 06:27 PM - Forum: Pro League Discussion - No Replies

Important info for 1-2 teams participating in the next season of peeking duck league:

Nacre banned until June 30, 2020.

Please contact our league sysop to get thorough background checks on all of your rostered players. You need to make sure he is not hiding among you.

You certainly dont want peeking duck waiting until the playoffs to convert all of your matches and troll the league.

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  New Season (S45) Squad Sign-Ups
Posted by: Peeking Duck? - 07-08-2019, 10:40 PM - Forum: Pro League Discussion - Replies (8)


It's time to get a new season underway so sign up your squads here.  We're looking to start pre-season matches on 28 July, roughly three weeks from now.  Let's get it on...

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  Season 44 Playoffs: Matches scheduled for 2019-06-30
Posted by: Peeking Duck? - 06-27-2019, 10:04 PM - Forum: Pro League Discussion - No Replies

Matches scheduled for 2019-06-30

Season 44 - Pro Finals Match 2 @3pm ET (BO3 SFE leads 1-0): The Dark vs StarFire Elite 4v4a 1333266

Season 44 - AML Finals Match 2 @3pm ET (BO3 Rockit leads 1-0):Rockit vs Peeking Had 1 Job 4v4b 1333267

Game 3s **if necessary** to be played immediately after

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  What are you doing Peeking?
Posted by: saiyan - 06-21-2019, 01:56 AM - Forum: Pro League Discussion - Replies (8)

Let me just preface this by saying I'm not convinced you have infallible proof that scag is a-virus. If you have nothing to hide, post your entire investigation - methods and findings. For this post I'll pretend you do have solid proof.

Regarding how you're handling the results, there are multiple levels of fuckery at play. You need to take a serious look at yourself and what you're doing.

Topic 1: Faulty assumptions

Knowledge of someone's identity doesn't put us at fault. Knowledge of the illegal action would. You assume (based off pure hearsay) that our team knew scag was a-virus and use that as justification for penalizing the team. There are so many problems with that:

1. It's impossible for us to know to who he is.
2. He never said he was a-virus at any point in time.
3. Even if we did know (which we didn't, we only suspected it), it wouldn't matter because what you're looking for is awareness of his illegal actions;
4. WE DO NOT KNOW THE EXACT DATES AND DURATIONS OF BANS HANDED OUT BY YOU AND HALLUCINATION. Thus, we thought a-virus' ban had run its duration and he opted to play under a new name. I shouldn't have to type this, but the general consesus is that players logged into the zone aren't banned.

Topic 2: Poor application of precedents

If you want to apply preceding penalties, you need to consider the totality of the cases, not just one detail. You should find a case where a team unknowingly registered a banned competitor and he played multiple games without anyone recognizing him. It doesn't happen. Not catching him immediately would be a legendary failure on the part of the league administration. Thats what you've accomplished here. Realistically a-v would never have been on the field because he wouldn't have been registered. Take accountability for your shortcomings.

Topic 3: Mismanagement

This could have been resolved quickly and with minimal damage. Your inability to identify him in a timely manner and your poor decision making blew the problem way out of proportion. You're handing out penalties for a problem which you are partially responsible for. It is your job as a league admin and sysop to check the eligibility of all players in your league at the beginning of the season and continually as they are added. Thats how it works in every zone in subspace. If you're too busy IRL to be the league admin, the answer is simple - dont be league admin anymore.

The league is now absolutely broken. Not because of scag or A-V, because of you.

You had 2 objectives:

1. Remove the supposedly banned player
2. Eliminate his impact on the league to maintain its integrity

But you screwed up #2. Surprised a lot of players and made them feel trolled, like they wasted their time and effort. Destroyed the standings and caused a shitshow resulting in SFE being in the pro finals. Everyone suffers now. TD will have the most meaningless participation trophy in SS history, winning the "pro" league finals vs arguably the worst team in the league. Your legacy as league admin will now be "the guy who put the final nail in the coffin."

You should have done the following:

Approach every team that played against scag and ask if they want to re-play the matches. If they do, you set it up (allowing only the players who were rostered at the time the match was played). If they dont, its obviously for good reason. I'm pretty sure (almost) none of the teams would want a rematch. Everyone would be happy, and the league's integrity would be preserved.

One more thing. Scag was recruited from SFE. Had we left him there, would you be making the same decisions now? I suspect we would never hear about this...

Topic 4: Dictatorship

Are you here to serve the community, or dictate the league according to your will? If the vast majority of the community has a problem with something you did, you probably did something wrong. Try being diplomatic. Stubbornly defending your terrible decisions doesn't make you a good leader. You now have a team boycotting the league and you dont see a problem with it. Whats more important here, the league, or your power over it?

Topic 5: Conflict of interest

If you skip to around 2:10 in the video below, we can see our beloved league admin saying some awful things about the community hes supposed to serve:


(Peeking+)> Seriously though, 95% of the remaining population in this zone are the dregs of human society
(Peeking+)> the sooner they're euthanized the better

And now, a couple months later, he's acting against the best interest of a community he wants dead. Shocking.

Please note: the fuckery is exponentially greater if there isn't solid proof. I hope there is. Waiting for it.

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  Low self esteem administration
Posted by: Scag - 06-21-2019, 12:42 AM - Forum: Pro League Discussion - Replies (3)

Peeking duck you are cancer to the Subspace community.

Why the hell would you ban me on some strange, baseless accusation? I don't even know who the hell pet virus is or what he did but that has absolutely nothing to do with me! Are you all mad? What's the obsession with this guy and why am I being dragged into this without any warning? Rojo made up a rumor because some guy took his name. It's ridiculous and very unprofessional to take someone's word without doing any investigation. A simple look into who I am and background should be more than sufficient proof to see that I am innocent and wrongfully accused. I have never threatened anyone or even argued with anyone online. Ever! You guys are a bunch of weird cunts abusing mod

Eveyone is correct about you. You are a very fragile man and this is just an excuse to eliminate the PH1J squad from being able to win and cement the squad name in the A1.

Pathetic and unbelievable.

Good job losing a loyal player over your insecurities.

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  Season 44 Playoff Matches scheduled for 2019-06-23
Posted by: Peeking Duck? - 06-20-2019, 08:32 PM - Forum: Pro League Discussion - Replies (1)

Playoff Matches scheduled for 2019-06-23

Pro Finals Game 1 (BO3): The Dark vs StarFire Elite 4v4a 1333140

AML Finals Game 1 (BO3): Rockit vs Peeking Had 1 Job 4v4b 1333141

Bezbozhnik have decided to boycott and as a result, forfeit their semi-final to SFE.

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