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  S43 Round 7: Matches scheduled for 2018-09-23
Posted by: Peeking Duck? - 09-20-2018, 03:31 PM - Forum: Pro League Discussion - No Replies

Matches scheduled for 2018-09-23

Round 7 @3pm ET: Sterling vs Llamas 4v4a 1327667

Round 7 @4pm ET: Godkiller vs Symphony 4v4b 1327668

Round 7 @4pm ET: DDPM vs The Dark 4v4c 1327669


**REMINDER: Season 43 roster lock happens this Saturday @ 11:59pm.  After this time you will not be allowed to add or remove any players to your roster**

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  Match vids posted
Posted by: Gruntster - 09-16-2018, 11:33 PM - Forum: Pro League Discussion - No Replies

Tool and Dre along for these with caer and yours truly. GG


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Exclamation NOTICE: Hard Roster Lock 22/09/18
Posted by: Peeking Duck? - 09-16-2018, 11:16 AM - Forum: Pro League Discussion - No Replies


This is friendly reminder that hard roster lock happens @ 11:59pm  ET on September 22nd, 2018.  

What does this mean?  It means no new players may be added to teams from that point forward.  It also means currently rostered players may not change teams.

If you are reading this please ensure your current team captain is aware.


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  S43 - Round 6: Matches scheduled for 2018-09-16
Posted by: Peeking Duck? - 09-14-2018, 11:11 PM - Forum: Pro League Discussion - No Replies

Matches scheduled for 2018-09-16

Round 6 @3pm ET Llamas vs StarFire Elite 4v4a 1327460

Round 6 @4pm ET Symphony vs Sterling 4v4b 1327461

Round 6 @4pm ET The Dark vs Godkiller 4v4c 1327462


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  3v3 Draft League
Posted by: Ozn - 09-11-2018, 03:06 PM - Forum: Pro League Discussion - Replies (12)


Below is an outline of general information and rules about the weeknight 3v3 draft league. If you have any questions please let me know so I can address them or we can discuss.

Draft Captains

A draft captain can be anyone from the draft pool. It’s your responsibility as a draft captain to communicate with your team, form a rapport and organize any appearances you deem useful (such as practices).

Suggestions: Start an in-game chat, form a discord voice channel, send dick pics.

Draft Pool

The draft pool is split into 4 tiers. These tiers are the result of aggregated pilot rankings which have been completed by a multitude of players. Tier 1 players are considered top players as voted on by their peers - with Tiers 2, 3 and 4 being “great”, “good” and "decent" players respectively.

After the draft season concludes, another pilot ranking stream will take place to re-evaluate the draft pool based on each player’s performance. You can earn your spot as a higher tier player, or drop in tiers if you perform poorly.

General draft signup here: https://goo.gl/forms/78xXxR56wTiJJv3A2

Draft Rules

Teams will consist of 4 players each. As a draft captain, you cannot draft a player from your same tier. Each team must consist of a tier 1, 2, 3, and 4 player. This will ensure skill parity is maintained among teams.

Example: Example: If you’re a captain and a tier 1 player, you can only pick a tier 2, 3 or 4 player.

The Draft

The draft will take place Thursday (09/20) at 8:00pm EST. Draft captains will already be identified and informed of the draft process. The scheduled event will unfold as follows in EST timezone:

8:00 - 8:10
Dice will be rolled for each draft captain to determine their draft order

8:10 - 9:10 (or longer)
Draft captains will select their teams (3 draft cycles)

9:10 - 9:20
Draft teams will be entered into a schedule generator to identify the season schedule, and who each team plays first!

How Will Games be Played?

Teams will play 2 matches a week. You have from 12:00AM EST Sunday -TO THE FOLLOWING- 12:00AM EST Sunday to play both matches. A season-long schedule will be released prior to the season starting outlining who plays who and what week they will play.

It will be up to the teams to communicate with their opponent what day and time they would like to play. USE DISCORD to discuss scheduling matches.

The 3v3 practice bots will be used. So starting the matches will not rely on an Op to call the matches or set them up in the bot. It falls on the teams to handle it themselves.

When your match concludes, the winning team must submit results here: https://goo.gl/forms/Xo5gTovZheID2cnB2

Fullsubs and Non-team Subs

One fullsub is allowed. Since we're using the practice bots, the player can just unspec and ship change to their desired ship. Any attempt to abuse this will be captured in the game log and dealt with accordingly.

If a team is at risk of a no-show (can’t field 3) then they can choose a NTS (non-team sub) that is the same tier as the missing player(s). However, this can only occur if the opposing team agrees.

Map, Settings, Etc

Stays the same as 4v4. We can evaluate after this season to see what changes can be made.

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  3v3 Draft Signup
Posted by: Ozn - 09-10-2018, 02:56 PM - Forum: Pro League Discussion - Replies (1)

As you know Saturday night we went through the current playerbase and did pilot rankings. It was a first step to kickstart a weeknight 3v3 draft league. I'm in the process of writing up how this whole thing is going to play out but firstly we need to get some indication of participation. I went through the list we discussed on Saturday and removed folks that are inactive or have timezone conflicts.

When you get a free moment, please enter your nickname into the following survey to indicate you want to participate: https://goo.gl/forms/I5InUEbszv6qKaKl2

Additionally, it would be nice if 2 or so more people went through the pilot rankings and put forth their own submission. This way we can average out the rankings better: http://stats.svssubspace.com/index.php?page=4v4PilotRankings

If you need information on how to do this please let me know.

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  Season 43 Round 5 match vids
Posted by: Gruntster - 09-09-2018, 11:25 PM - Forum: Pro League Discussion - No Replies

They be up https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgl1Z3R2q9iJ5u1c0-J0MoQ

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  pilot rankings for 3v3 draft
Posted by: p.k - 09-07-2018, 09:35 PM - Forum: Pro League Discussion - Replies (4)

From a former aml cap (!norating, pure, reds) i've sat down and spectated aml players to recruit into my weak teams and practiced vs/spectated enough pro players

MGS Ranking system woo- S++, S+, S, A, B, C (Great TO Good no one is bad)


1.Blink (unrusting and getting better each night)

*These two are here due to their versatility with their WB/WZL and league experience no order


2.kril steady pro
2.ozn smart 4v4 strong warbird and a great cap
2.3 wb/wzl smart play
2.yellow hammer (lowest resolution, highly offensive repkill beast seasoned leaguer)

*nothing negative can be said of these players all equally good carry players that make hardly any mistakes in a league match


3.legacy (ignore his pracs, the valuable wzl in a league match is what matters)
4.statistics (i know we hate him, but cant deny hes a good league player, a good pick-up if put on ?ignore)

*These players can start-end any league match -hardened league vets-


5.da monkk (would place at S++ if this was season 27 with his WB/Terrier/WZL, but hes rusty)
5.crescendo (offensive player good 4v4 iq
5.red angel
5.retroaction (a sleeper - reliable WZL)
5.the seven year itch (another sleeper)
5.peabrain performs well in a league match, tilts in pracs
5.dre (solid player both wzl and wb
5.jackmove (S player if he actually cared)
5.robo hes been improving ive been watching Wink

*cant call any of these players bad, they can league adjust to the pace start or sub


6.Player 2 (resolution from 2004, hes trying to improve but i believe his resolution is the problem, often dies to avoidable side damage)
6.hed (my cap, he hardly plays a decent WZL)
6.cap (veteran leaguer, rusty afk)
6.expli (steady player in matches
6.psy (listen. despite hes racists, deals no dmg and is always LL hes been here awhile and has good 4v4 IQ)
6.fedu (targets, but cant slow down finds his self in bad spots alot, a solid pick overall)
6.twista (steady leaguer
6.mizzkitty (decent leaguer given a good resolution i think he/she can improve
6.ojo (its a shame he got into enjoying the game with his current lag state. hard for him to guess player thrusts and rotations. i believe he can be an A player with a good connection and up higher given more time)
6.bick (just like ojo, this player is everimproving can read REP kills well in pracs and has the heart to improve but sometimes he just forgets to actually try in-game)
6.vars currently rusty one of my fav players in the early 2000 was able to duel, 4v4
6.tool rusty playing metal gear subspace
6.BE rusty smart player, needs to find his mojo again
6.traxx rusty steady, can target when needed others adjust to his pace
6.pivotal improving player needs to focus on ERating and not TRating
6.gunishment hardly plays
6.captor rusty afk (otherwise an S player)

*these are solid picks overall good players that can do their role, rep kill, surivive despitye being rusty/afk these guys can perform

this is about as accurate as it gets, suck it if you dont agree.
i got a headache i missed alot of names sorry ill edit soon

these are current rostered players

Notable mentions
Saiyan S++ wb/wzl damage beast could carry hopefully hes still alive and has not OD'd on monster drinks ( iknow hes not currently playing, just sayin.)
Nacre S+ a beast with low resolution, a good wzl/wb (thought he was rostered)

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  S43 Round 5: Matches scheduled for 2018-09-09
Posted by: Peeking Duck? - 09-03-2018, 11:36 PM - Forum: Pro League Discussion - No Replies

Matches scheduled for 2018-09-09

Round 5 @3pm ET: DDPM vs Llamas 4v4a 1327060

Round 5 @4pm ET: StarFire Elite vs Sterling 4v4b 1327061

Round 5 @4pm ET: The Dark vs Symphony 4v4c 1327062

Godkiller vs BYE

PS - Apologies for last week as some squads were unaware there were no matches due to the US holiday weekend.  I thought everyone knew there is a full season schedule posted both here and on Discord.  However, in future I will ensure announcements are made regarding breaks in the match schedule as to avoid any confusion. 

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  Season 43 Round 4 vids
Posted by: Gruntster - 08-27-2018, 02:24 PM - Forum: Pro League Discussion - Replies (3)

Match videos are posted. I was alone on the commentary for the Sterling DDPM match but Nacre and Bloody Essence hopped in with me during Symphony vs SFE. 


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