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PRO Finals Game 2 & 3 Logs
Nguyens defeated Assassins 2-1 in a best of 3 series, where every game went to overtime.

Game 1 ID: 101341

Game 2 ID: 101358

Game 3 ID: 101371

Game 1 Log:

Game 2 Log --- might contain racials and other things you don't want to see.

Nguyens vs Assassins

Starting in 60 seconds...

Sath> assassins want it

Sath> they will die a few times

Caerbannog> gl

KNeWWiN> assassins stack

hallucinati> gl <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />

cfl> lanc

BARBARIAN> kn stacker

Cash Flow K> wtf... i heard barbarian is on the federal no fly list... guy cant even take an airplane

Sath> i'm sorry


Sath> but the village

Sath> is horrible

death row> why they bench sika

Sath> i don't know why he stops

Sath> starts

BARBARIAN> hahahah

KNeWWiN> if i win i get zztop and gramps to a1

KNeWWiN> huge

KNeWWiN> and dre

cfl> haha

Sath> sika in for 9volt

BARBARIAN> sath> kril is horrible

cfl> stops

BARBARIAN> he actually said that

BARBARIAN> hahahahaha

Sath> for reals tho

Sath> he is end game material


Sath> not start



Sath> gl



BARBARIAN> kril yu 34-14 this season

DZ-4v4-Bot-> Odds to win: Nguyens (30%), Assassins (70%). Use /!predict 100 (NeWWiN) or /!predict 200 (develop) during the first 2 minutes to bet on a team to win.

Sath> u'll c

Sath> then u can stick ur dick up ur ass

Sath> when i'm right

Sath> if u can't do that use a vibrator

Sath> e

cfl> wat

odys> o.o

BARBARIAN> sath just so stupid

Sath> just make it up as u go

odys> silly sath

clerisy> sath is funny

BARBARIAN> loves to hear himself talk no matter what garbage it is

Sath> i tell all ur moms they are silly then i slap them

Sath> they say o

cfl> wtf

BARBARIAN> angel-wz> is better than you at 4v4 sath

Sath> except cfl's mom

BARBARIAN> you are terribad

Sath> barbarian where u at this season

carrier> what are the bets?

Sath> i esc q'd a squad

Sath> u just lost

Solar Hydro> 30/70

Nude For Sa> clerisy wave your pom poms

clerisy> okay!

clerisy> lol

odys> cute <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Big Grin' />

develop> !items

NeWWiN> .allowsub JOCKER

NeWWiN> .allowsub KinGVeteraN

NeWWiN> .allowsub realdeal

develop> !allowsub ossi

develop> !allowsub sika

develop> !allowsub arc


develop> !allowsub bhang

homie> !allowsub homie

develop> !allowsub develop

BARBARIAN> bad-volt

Street Figh> !roster nguyens

develop> !allow deez nuts

death row> deez nuts is playing?

Sath> okay so battle run down

clerisy> lol

homie> which is krilyu

Sath> gramps first death

Sath> caer next

Sath> saiyan and three next

Sath> then caer

Sath> then i can't figure it out

BARBARIAN> village bike is kril

cfl> wats kril

KinGVeteraN> dev too excited reminds me of his first time he lost his virginity to the sex doll in the sex shop sneaky bastard took it to the restroom and had his way with her...sick bastard because it was the display doll

BARBARIAN> its fish

cfl> the village bike is a fish

BARBARIAN> some hippies think its a great source of n3 fatty acids

develop> ouch

develop> you said you wouldn't tell

JOCKER> what a good way to develop sexy time!

KinGVeteraN> dont trust me im black

9-Volt kb Caerbannog

9-Volt has 2 lives remaining - [4:15]

Score: 1-0 Nguyens -- [4v4]

cfl> sath

carrier> sath lost

BARBARIAN> all village bike

Sath> damn it

BARBARIAN> sath so stupid

Sath> i suck

clerisy> you do sath?

clerisy> sooo, that explains it

Sath> 9-volt thx for messing up my death guestimate

carrier> you're the only one who played

carrier> so i guess you also won

Cash Flow K> 9 volt too rusty, doesnt play anymore

cfl> haha

carrier> ass don't need to prac

Cash Flow K> o yea? well they havent been dominant last few years

death row> three in trouble

carrier> doesn't matter

Street Figh> !items

carrier> they played this so much

BARBARIAN> caere stupid

BARBARIAN> overfiring newbie

KNeWWiN> .items

JOCKER> .items

KinGVeteraN> lmfao caer pb thoring

KinGVeteraN> huge

develop> !items

Cash Flow K> theyve won it 1 time in last 6 seasons

Cash Flow K> because they dont have enough active pilots

carrier> and still watching them play is much more fun than any other squad


Sath> just sent sika a paypal

carrier> who's saiyan

Sath> he should choke this when he gets in

Sath> oopz

Solar Hydro> wow trash!



three kb Caerbannog -- Assist by: The Village Bike

three has 2 lives remaining - [7:34]

Score: 2-0 Nguyens -- [4v4]

Trash-kille> HI!

Sath> i was right on second death

odys> what does kb stand for?

clerisy> damn

Motorzep> trash killer =)

Trash-kille> So you never grow up <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Wink' />

Sath> killed by or keyboard

Nude For Sa> killed by


odys> ah, thank you <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Big Grin' />

mindriot> Caerbakiller


Sath> aint nothing to fuk w/

odys> high five barb

Trash-kille> i feel noob..

Sath> man i miss that song



NINE> i'll fuckin sew your asshole closed and keep feedin' you, and feedin' you, and feedin' you

death row> knewwin is pretty good


Sath> thats why rap is gay now

Sath> they use the same word at the end

kentasaurus> !stats

JOCKER> its ok TK you belong to the OG

Sath> thats why u don't see any more str8 kurupt shit

NINE> underground scene is still good bro

kentasaurus> 32

Primos> IS THIS FINALS?!?!

carrier> have you heard that white boy rapping?

kentasaurus> wow grapms starts?

BARBARIAN> aml finals

cfl> kent

Primos> awesome

death row> which one is deez nuts

Primos> is there WZ today?

Mop> !items

hallucinati> yes


three> !items

kentasaurus> cliff

Sath> i haven't heard much underground lately

Primos> yeah lets hurry this up

Primos> .score

Primos> .time

develop> !items

Sath> i want more rap freestyle competitions

Sath> on cd's

kentasaurus> CLIFF

Street Figh> !items

cfl> hi kent

develop> !items

Sath> people throwing down shit

carrier> rap freestyle is fake

Sath> like no other

KinGVeteraN> .stats

Sath> i want real

kentasaurus> hi 8]

rex> !results assassins


NINE> there you go sath

Sath> i'll be honest

Primos> .schedule

Sath> i really don't understand how caer's team can win anything

Primos> what game is this?

Sath> he is the pussiest player here


Primos> who won first


BARBARIAN> choking that is

Primos> ahah

Primos> .results assassins

kentasaurus> this is 1-1?

Sath> i can't wait until next season


odys> sounds nice NINE

kentasaurus> oh

Sath> i am finally getting my own place w/o a roommate

Sath> nine i'll look at it in a second

Sath> ty btw

Trash-kille> Supricing see that in the finals are the very same ppl playing that 10 years a go.. no new blood born to win this game ?)

odys> am getting ready trash >=3

incubusfan> this looks so mismatched

incubusfan> i cant be the only one

carrier> mismatched?

incubusfan> who did caers team beat to get here

KinGVeteraN> .stats

Sath> target gramps

Sath> duh

BARBARIAN> assassins have a secret weapon

Sath> always target the weasel


BARBARIAN> aka angel-wz>

cfl> no

BARBARIAN> his > will beat them up

Sath> unless it's cfl

carrier> only if he lancs

Primos> no its all about the dash

Primos> blackout-wz

Primos> money.

Sath> weasel go for even steaven shots


NINE> assassin's secret weapon is putting sika in spectator mode

cfl> blackout-wz

BARBARIAN> the dash + > == invincible

Sath> thus 1v1 he'll be dropped low

KinGVeteraN> coke hugename

Sath> then u smash

KinGVeteraN> huge name*

Primos> hi cfl

cfl> blackout-aswz

cfl> hi

Primos> yes

cfl> hoho

Primos> the dash

Coke> du ma

BARBARIAN> I thought it was blackout.aswz

Mop> !items

Coke> concac

KinGVeteraN> fu vietname bitch

Primos> no

cfl> haha it might've been

BARBARIAN> primos lying

BARBARIAN> ban plz

Primos> maybe

Primos> thats been a long time ago

cfl> he upgraded to the -

Primos> haha

The Village Bike kb 9-Volt -- Assist by: Mop

The Village Bike has 2 lives remaining - [14:51]

Score: 2-1 Nguyens -- [4v4]

Primos> LE-A

Coke> wtf kril

Primos> LE DASH A


BARBARIAN> I like how caer keeps bombing kril in teh face

NINE> haha

cfl> but never got to the +

BARBARIAN> hahahahahahah

BARBARIAN> hahahahahaha

BARBARIAN> black people are the best

Coke> monkeys u mean

Sath> afk 5

odys> <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/ohmy.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':o' />

Nguyens leading assassins 2-1 with 30 minutes left in game 2 of the pro finals. Nguyens leading the series 1-0.


Primos> real case in michigan barb

Jaku> best of 5 or 3

Primos> some mom sued the school

hallucinati> 3


BARBARIAN> I was mocking coke

Primos> blackpeople

elf> im going to watch a movie with my gf cya nerds

In_Wasa> like Brasil leading USA 2 v 1

cfl> lolol

Coke> yes

NINE> tell ifrit i said hi bro

Coke> barb why arent u in

BARBARIAN> not good enough

Coke> sigh

BARBARIAN> I need more lessons by assassins on being a pussy

Primos> .items

Primos> .stats

Coke> whos saiyan

NINE> some newb

carrier> neo maybe?

carrier> prolly not

kentasaurus> beastie

NINE> some clown from a super zone

Royale> from dsb

develop> !items

cfl> someone employ the bullet cloud trick

cfl> now

Primos> some clown

Mop> !items

Royale> nine is a faggot btw

Royale> sucks at infantry

Coke> i miss infantry

Royale> same

In_Wasa> !

BARBARIAN> im the best ever infantry player

Hellsbane> infantry sucked

Royale> ya right barb

Coke> laf

Royale> Infantry sucked? Lol

cfl> cosmic rift

NINE> yes

incubusfan> im better than you at infantry barb


Solar Hydro> I got a PS3, does infantry run there?

Royale> Cr was fun, rogue trader

BARBARIAN> I played inf for all of 15 minutes

Coke> i owned twin peaks

BARBARIAN> so yeah likely you are relax

Primos> infantry worst game ever

Solar Hydro> btw, Rod Humble became the CEO of Second Life, after it was pretty much dead


NINE> who the fuk is that


incubusfan> who were you in tp coke

Royale> infantry killed subspace population wise before it became p2p

BARBARIAN> I dunno how humble keeps getting promoted

Royale> was like 5k ppl concurrent

BARBARIAN> he only seems to fail

BARBARIAN> fail fail and then fail some more

In_Wasa> he worked wiht EQ

Mop has changed to spectator mode. [Lagouts: 1]

Solar Hydro> he ran THE SIMS for EA for years


BARBARIAN> it was eq2 originally

BARBARIAN> which failed

ossi in for Mop [Full Sub] [Time: 00:08] [3 lives]

Solar Hydro> which was a pretty big game

A Grape of > what the fuck is going on?

BARBARIAN> then he got promoted

A Grape of > i thought 4v4 was dead finally

BARBARIAN> EQ not really doing anything

Coke> mop is better coming in as sub

BARBARIAN> wahtever secondlife epic fail anyway

NINE> 66 people in pro finals arena

Coke> not starting

NINE> p dead


Jaku> maybe he is learning a lot from all the mistakes he made

cfl> !items

Jaku> and he is super wise now

JOCKER> if you want I could double client for more population


A Grape of > Yip

NINE> pls

Coke> gay

three> !items

carrier> isnt second life some weirdo pretend game?

JOCKER> oh nvm im no longer on windows XP

Coke> ow

cfl> yes

hallucinati> not actually a game <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Wink' />

Coke> hah 9volt

Jaku> my lcd only reaches 50% brightness help

The Village> !items

KNeWWiN> .items


A Grape of > get a new monitor

Coke> !items

NINE> delete system32

Jaku> what 24" cheap lcd has good resolution?

Nude For Sa> home tutor it

kentasaurus> open your eyes jaku \ /

A Grape of > YIP

Jaku> -.-'

NINE> how cheap?

kentasaurus> -_-

BARBARIAN> why are you sweating foo

odys> haha, silly kent <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Big Grin' />

Jaku> i dunno, maybe 150-200 max

kentasaurus> <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Sad' />


A Grape of > ya

Jaku> is that too little?


Jaku> O.O

NINE> HP s2331 has 1920x1080

Coke> who won last season?

NINE> thats what i have

GRAMPS kb saiyan -- Assist by: ossi

GRAMPS has 2 lives remaining - [22:18]

Score: 2-2 TIED -- [4v4]

A Grape of > just get CRT

NINE> it was like $220

Solar Hydro> i think you can actually get decent LCD for $200 these days

carrier> turn of the tide

Jaku> 200 k

BARBARIAN> enemy won last season

BARBARIAN> he is a fucking monster


NeWWiN> .fullsub The Village Bike

The Village Bike has changed to spectator mode. [Lagouts: 1]

NeWWiN> .allowsub realdeal

realdeal> .sub

realdeal in for The Village Bike [Full Sub] [Time: 00:02] [2 lives]


carrier> oh man


Primos> oh man

NINE> l0l


Motorzep> dre =(

carrier> it's pro champ real deal

KinGVeteraN> good sub

carrier> shit just got serious

KinGVeteraN> he can stay alive longer than i

KinGVeteraN> now just up to KN to kill

NINE> kingnewbie+back arrowers

NINE> prob not a good line up

BARBARIAN> saiyan stupid


BARBARIAN> kn beating them up

develop> !items

JOCKER> KN is asian

Primos> stats

JOCKER> its in his blood to savage

NINE> savage not a verb bro



Primos> hahah nine

A Grape of > lol @ the gramps

The Village> !stats

A Grape of > wtf

Coke> !stats

A Grape of > this is so boring

carrier> welcome to finals

Motorzep> grape

Motorzep> put on nasl

A Grape of > hi

Motorzep> finals

A Grape of > whats that?

cfl> wait for the bullet cloud technique


A Grape of > sc2 related?

kentasaurus> !stats

Motorzep> no? =)

Motorzep> maybew

cfl> .roster assassins

Motorzep> yes

Heisman> sooo

Heisman> after this 19 mins

Solar Hydro> asses need to sub out Three, who is ineffectual

A Grape of > haha i havent played sc2 in 4 months

Heisman> this is over yes?


cfl> .roster nyugens

hallucinati> not if ass wins

carrier> is TF2 any good?

carrier> never played it

cfl> .roster nguyens

A Grape of > k bye

carrier> and it's free to play now

StarGuitar> its worth giving it a try

three> !items

Nude For Sa> man if only i could find a computer game that was free to play

kentasaurus> .items

StarGuitar> especially if you like hats

KinGVeteraN> .stats


Solar Hydro> angry birds in the chrome browser

NINE> tf2 is infuriating

carrier> why?

NINE> teamwork is key and every other clown in a mouth breather

carrier> is it dominated by people who play it 24/7 like quakelive?

carrier> ah

NINE> is*

develop> !items

Primos> and fat so they breathe 40 times a minute

Primos> We need to aaaaaa get to taht aaaaaaaa building so that aaaaaaaaaaa

carrier> hahaha

BARBARIAN> lol at fat people

In_Wasa> .time

NINE> and yeah occassionally you'll be up against 3+ guys who are on a team and are clearly better than every one else

tied up 2-2 with 15 mins left in the pro finals!

5 Minutes until all new subs are burned.

NINE> that's pretty frustrating too

Nude For Sa> !items

Primos> whose palms are sweaty

Primos> dont lie

NINE> <<

Primos> one honest person here

odys> youre just bad

Primos> what a shame

NINE> did you watch the usa womens world cup game earlier primos

Primos> oh man

NINE> yes

Primos> did I

StarGuitar> yea, but sometumes you get to be on a decent team and you feel like you are much better than you really are

Primos> I just stare at hope solo

three kb KNeWWiN -- Assist by: GRAMPS

three has 1 life remaining - [31:20]

Score: 3-2 Nguyens -- [4v4]

NeWWiN> hahahah

Captor> haha

BARBARIAN> hahahahah

BARBARIAN> who bombed

carrier> kn so pro

BARBARIAN> so stupid

odys> i still cant figure out why people try to kill an invulnerable enemy :/

BARBARIAN> that is 3 TK kills now

BARBARIAN> people so stupid

Primos> that wasnt very good

Csport> thats what u get for letting nonactive players play pro finals

NINE> you can knock them back with explosives if you are good

Jaku> damn

Jaku> i am about to buy this one:

Jaku> what do you think?

kentasaurus> .time

NINE> primos

NINE> i whipped my shirt off when that last goal was scored

odys> let the pryo blast them away ;D

Primos> LOL


Primos> i clapped i wont lie

BARBARIAN> post saying you want res for subspace mastery

In_Wasa> the womens WC?

develop> !items

NINE> yes

carrier> but post that in the m4m boards

Street Figh> !items

In_Wasa> ya wambach!

Primos> YA!

carrier> lol @ caer

carrier> with 7 energy

Nude For Sa> yeth

Nude For Sa> and a thor on hammer when trying to rech

Jaku> this one is free shipping and $225

1 Minute until all new subs are burned.

Street Figh> !items

three> !items

develop> !items

GRAMPS has changed to spectator mode. [Lagouts: 1]

JOCKER> .sub

JOCKER in for GRAMPS [Burned] [Time: 00:02] [2 lives]

NeWWiN> .allowsub JOCKER

kentasaurus> .items

BARBARIAN> nguyens winning without legatus around

All new subs from now on are burned.

clerisy> and enforcer

carrier> mainly enf

BARBARIAN> they won game 1 with enf

Motorzep> and Maeniel?

BARBARIAN> enf enver 0-3ed in finals


carrier> oh i meant in a good sense

Sath> .items

NINE> king newbie is stylin

Sath> get jocker for tie

BARBARIAN> KN beating them up

Sath> semi-beat up knewwin

Sath> ignore caer

three> !items

Solar Hydro> wow borAW

Solar Hydro> AX

borAX> wow solar hydro

SUICIDE4FLA> when is warzone

Solar Hydro> how are you my mining friend?

clerisy> 5

hallucinati> after this over

borAX> im ok, you?

Captor> trash-killer

BARBARIAN> dont blieve hallu, he is fat

Captor> moi

Solar Hydro> same old self

Captor> tragedy wtf

borAX> excellent

Solar Hydro> you?

three> !items

borAX> all work and no play

Tragedy> hello friend

Captor> hi

Tragedy> how u been?

Solar Hydro> is that good or bad?

Captor> how did you log in

borAX> both

Captor> im good, how are u

Tragedy> I check in from time to once a year <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />

borAX> mostly bad, but i have 2 weeks vacation soon

incubusfan> .stats

JOCKER> .items

Solar Hydro> what kinda work?

Tragedy> I'm doing well. Thanks <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />

KNeWWiN kb ossi -- Assist by: saiyan

KNeWWiN has 2 lives remaining - [38:49]

Score: 3-3 TIED -- [4v4]

KNeWWiN> ?


Chaos> spanked

BARBARIAN> bullet bounced

BARBARIAN> big fool kn

KNeWWiN> .items

NINE> the fuk happened there

Heisman> this is retarded..

borAX> comp tech

Heisman> so at the end of 5 mins, this is over?

Chaos> is this the aml finals

BARBARIAN> the server will blow up

kentasaurus> was that shrap that killed him?

BARBARIAN> bullet bounced

hallucinati> free popcorn will be issued

Heisman> someone answer me question?

BARBARIAN> and hit him

kentasaurus> oh

BARBARIAN> hiesman the server will BLOW UP

Nude For Sa> we all have temple after this

Partsi> barbariab owned

Heisman> right.

hallucinati> simple answer: no

BARBARIAN> its like doomsday from superman


NOTICE: 5 minutes remaining.

Solar Hydro> I need proper Android developers to work for me for free <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/blum.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='B)' />

kentasaurus> saved

carrier> pro

kentasaurus> my kn

borAX> i dont program.. i do real comp work <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/blum.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':p' />

NINE> are you going to port subspace to android?

kentasaurus> by

tied up 3-3 with less than 5 minutes in regulation time!



Solar Hydro> Ankh is on that already <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/blum.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':p' />

JOCKER> shutup idiot

kentasaurus> lol

carrier> ahaha

JOCKER> barb why u mad

clerisy> jocker shouldnt be typing while playing

kentasaurus> monk would call you a fool


NINE> why

NINE> swag

clerisy> kinda redick

clerisy> yea till he gets killed and his team is pissed

BARBARIAN> its monkk why would he die

Nude For Sa> its not as if the game is in the balance


NINE> ya'll will never understand the swag

JOCKER> .items

Chaos> are you swag nine

NINE> so


Heisman> soo if someone dies at this point, squad gonna hate them forever eh?

carrier> not really

NINE> it would still go to overtime

hallucinati> the rules are not so simple

kentasaurus> .items

develop> !items

three> !items

develop> !items

JOCKER> .items

Sath> jocker or knewwing will die

Sath> or

Sath> ossi if assassins don't cover him

JOCKER kb saiyan -- Assist by: three

JOCKER has 1 life remaining - [43:41]

Score: 4-3 Assassins -- [4v4]


Heisman> oman

Sath> i win +1

clerisy> good call!

Partsi> bad

Street Figh> !items

borAX> expected

kentasaurus> is this an overtime score?


JOCKER> .sc 3

JOCKER changes ships.

BARBARIAN> it has to be 6

carrier> ya

clerisy> sath i have a proposal


NOTICE: 1 minute remaining.

clerisy> !

kentasaurus> wtf

clerisy> take me to vegas

hallucinati> uh

Tragedy> Jockers been playing bad all day....

clerisy> with your predictions

Sath> how about u take ME to vegas

Sath> i'm master at cards

Nude For Sa> one team get to 6 kills, or a lead of 2? is that it?

Sath> i always win

BARBARIAN> yes nude

clerisy> the guy is supposed to take the girl

Nude For Sa> ty

clerisy> not switched

Sath> just never had money to invest

clerisy> sheesh

BARBARIAN> unless its in OT

Sath> o

BARBARIAN> then whoever gets +1 overall

Nude For Sa> ok

Sath> but i'm the guy

Sath> o

clerisy> i have the gambling money

Sath> then take me

clerisy> you just take me

Legatus> whats going on here

clerisy> lmao

Sath> i'm master gambler

Legatus> i thought the season is over

Sath> i'd go out for that

clerisy> no?

clerisy> game 2 today leg

OVERTIME now beginning, 200 needs 1 kill, 100 needs 2 kills (no time limit)

kentasaurus> .items

Legatus> oh

Sath> .items

Partsi> Legatus> this is a contest of autism

Motorzep> zvz finals

Legatus> did sika lose for assassins yet




Legatus> is that on zep?

BARBARIAN> aml finals


Motorzep> ya

Legatus> o

Motorzep> fying for 3rd and 4th place now

Legatus> tasteless and artosis casting?

Motorzep> Sen vs july

Sath> he's 1/0

OVERTIME! Assassins leading 4-3 -- need 1 kill to win. Nguyens need 2 kills to win.

Motorzep> then main finals

Royale> when is it

Motorzep> Puma vs MC

Sath> no rockets is forced rep

NINE> the preferred nomenclature is TASTOSIS

Sath> and possible death


Legatus> lol ok nine

Sath> caer is just retarded

Street Figh> !items

Nude For Sa> !items

Legatus> thanks for clearing that up

kentasaurus> facts legatus

JOCKER> .items

Heisman> ?

Legatus> hi

Heisman> whats this 7 minutes

Motorzep> Artosis so much better caster than IdrA

Heisman> jesus christ.

Street Figh> this is only game 2 heisman

NINE> no one is making you watch this, clown

Sath> why the fuck did he spider?

Sath> why the fuck did he spider?

Sath> why the fuck did he spider?

Sath> why the fuck did he spider?

Sath> why the fuck did he spider?

clerisy> heisman, theres so mnay rules, it would take a year to explain them

Heisman> jeeeessuuuussc rhist

clerisy> just sit back and enjoy the show

BARBARIAN> ignore the 7 minutes

Sath> a spider is usless in this situation

BARBARIAN> how is this hard

BARBARIAN> if no team has 6 kills

Sath> is he fucking stupid

BARBARIAN> and the different is not at least +2

BARBARIAN> then its OT

Legatus> that's no overlord

Partsi> sath spider is the best in this situation

clerisy> exactly

BARBARIAN> once in OT, whoever goes +1 wins

Sath> no it's not


Legatus> that's a BROVERLORD

Sath> spider lacks energy

Partsi> ya it is

nerfherder> !trivia

Sath> u need energy here

Sath> to provide it for ur teammates

Partsi> !trivia

Sath> to tank bombs for them

Sath> etc

JOCKER> .items

borAX> no, thats what lag is for

Street Figh> !items

Partsi> no u need cloak here

kentasaurus> .items

clerisy> wonder why develop isnt playing

Legatus> sen is gonna destroy this guy

Nude For Sa> Partsi is the best in this situation


clerisy> or sika



Sath> get caer for ^5

BARBARIAN> KN turning a 1v4 into saiyan fleeing

kentasaurus> when did realdeal go in?

Partsi> yeah nude

Sath> get real deal for win

nerfherder> who said trivia first?

NINE> sika choked game 1 away

Legatus> sika is the biggest liability on either team

Partsi> me

Legatus> that's why he isn't playing

nerfherder> correct

develop> !items

Partsi> YESS I WIN

Legatus> ev is ok but I was never a fan of his style of play

Sath> it's up to 3

kentasaurus> hes also the biggest asset on each team

Sath> he has 1 rocket

Legatus> he seems to get the job done though regardless

kentasaurus> think about that

Sath> can he man up

BARBARIAN> dev doesnt 0-3 in finals like legatus does

clerisy> yea

BARBARIAN> and then blame KN for it

Legatus> sika is the biggest asset for nguyens

Legatus> <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/blum.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':p' />

kentasaurus> <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Sad' />

clerisy> yea he didnt do too well last week

clerisy> lol

clerisy> why is jocker in a spider

Legatus> he never does well any wek

clerisy> i just got htat


Sath> so close

KNeWWiN> .items

Partsi> but sika is the best anyways

clerisy> wow, where have i been

three> !items

clerisy> lol

carrier> why don't they turret is the question

Legatus> if you're from trench wars you think sika is the best

Sath> let real deal attack and dominate him

kentasaurus> hes in a spider so it will make it look like its not actually monk playing

Legatus> anyone from svs knows better


Sath> thats all u gotta do

clerisy> carrier... thats not a good idea


Sath> he'll miss and have forward momentum

Partsi> i know better and im from svs


Sath> and u can crush

Nude For Sa> LOL

carrier> turret is the best idea

carrier> always

kentasaurus> LOOOL

clerisy> not in 4v4... lol

Partsi> spider is the best idea. then sika.

BARBARIAN> 4 man turret is

carrier> clerisy you obviously don't understand subspace mechanics

Partsi> yeah

hallucinati> wtf no terriers!?!?!

carrier> u new?

Sath> now jocker is target cause he's dumb

clerisy> nope, not new


Sath> over shooting

clerisy> but i would have to say

Sath> hugly

clerisy> if turreting was the best idea

clerisy> you'd see it happen more in 4v4

Partsi> sath is speccing because HE's dumb

BARBARIAN> youi did

BARBARIAN> just 2 man turret isnt

JOCKER> .items

NINE> KN still stylin

Street Figh> !items

kentasaurus> .items

Legatus> i remember when rage and cloud won league in season 4 or 5 or something by turreting and running the clock

Legatus> and the entire league was outraged


BARBARIAN> that was QC

Captor> only 25 seasons ago

Captor> lol

BARBARIAN> turret on terranx

Sath> okay

Sath> calling it

Sath> knewwin for another death

clerisy> lol

Legatus> kn biggest choker on outlols

clerisy> sath where od you live?

clerisy> do

Sath> a plane ticket away from vegas

clerisy> hahahah

GEM91679> wtf is going on in here?

Partsi> JOCKER for another death

Primos> yo

nerfherder> southwest ticket?

Nude For Sa> sydney then

carrier> three to die out

nerfherder> phx?

Primos> spaceship battle dude

NINE> a m2m craigslist meet up

Street Figh> !items

GEM91679> like official game?

JOCKER> .items

nerfherder> reno?

Primos> nah practice

nerfherder> LA?

clerisy> lol

GEM91679> oh

BARBARIAN> newbies vs newbies + KN

clerisy> its finals Gem

nerfherder> sd?


GEM91679> i see

nerfherder> slc?

BARBARIAN> and this jocker guy is actually da monkkk

Primos> practicing for real life

NINE> saiyan

KNeWWiN kb saiyan

KNeWWiN has 1 life remaining - [52:22]

Score: 5-3 Assassins -- [4v4]

Final Score: 5-3 Assassins wins -- Game Time: 52:22


| F 200: Assassin Ki/De TK LO SK AS FR WR WRk Mi PTime | DDealt/DTaken DmgE | AcB AcG | W-L | Ki/De | Rat TRat ERat |


NINE> down

| three 0/ 2 0 0 0 1 4 2 1 0 51:57 | 69754/ 84300 45% | 30 9 | 3-0 | 2/4 | -3 515 1548 |

| Mop 0/ 0 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 2 19:38 | 17923/ 18440 49% | 27 13 | 1-1 | 1/0 | +2 511 2048 |

| ossi 1/ 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 2 32:10 | 35219/ 38572 47% | 21 9 | 8-4 | 14/8 | +6 556 1630 |

| saiyan 3/ 0 0 0 1 1 3 0 0 1 51:57 | 73084/ 88993 45% | 31 13 | 10-5 | 42/19 | +17 679 1708 |

| 9-Volt 1/ 1 0 0 0 0 4 1 3 2 51:57 | 56354/ 45692 55% | 21 7 | 6-1 | 15/4 | +4 576 1635 |

| TOTAL: 5/ 3 0 1 1 4 12 3 4 7 | 252334/275997 | 26 10 | 28-11 | 74/35 | +5 567 1713 |


| F 100: Nguyens Ki/De TK LO SK AS FR WR WRk Mi PTime | DDealt/DTaken DmgE | AcB AcG | W-L | Ki/De | Rat TRat ERat |


| KNeWWiN 1/ 2 0 0 0 0 5 1 3 0 51:57 | 87681/ 85839 50% | 43 16 | 12-3 | 33/17 | 0 619 1368 |

| The Village Bik 0/ 1 0 1 0 1 3 0 0 0 22:49 | 29768/ 38663 43% | 49 11 | 11-3 | 34/15 | 0 654 1896 |

| realdeal 0/ 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 29:05 | 36982/ 42351 46% | 28 12 | 6-3 | 7/3 | 0 531 1427 |

| GRAMPS 0/ 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 1 34:28 | 42172/ 41583 50% | 21 7 | 2-1 | 0/3 | -1 494 1231 |

| JOCKER 0/ 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 17:26 | 15946/ 21961 42% | 19 10 | 4-2 | 1/3 | -2 509 1481 |

| Caerbannog 2/ 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 1 51:57 | 52755/ 29718 63% | 19 7 | 11-1 | 15/6 | +10 584 1794 |

| TOTAL: 3/ 5 0 2 1 2 11 1 3 4 | 265304/260115 | 28 11 | 46-13 | 90/47 | +1 565 1531 |


Stats for this game can be viewed at:

MVP: saiyan (+17) -- Runner Up: Caerbannog (+10)

LVP: three (-3) -- Runner Up: JOCKER (-2)


Chaos> lol

clerisy> !



carrier> oh man

clerisy> !!!!

JOCKER> kn no


Sath> i win

kentasaurus> what happended

Primos> i didnt even see it

clerisy> wow!!!!!!!!!!!

KNeWWiN> gg

Nude For Sa> sath haha

Partsi> OWNED!

clerisy> sath

NINE> gunduel that looked like kn was winning

clerisy> really

nerfherder> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

NINE> then he asplode

clerisy> you are my new wingman

clerisy> lets go do this

GEM91679> only certain ppl can play in here?



Partsi> the worst of worst

Primos> Amateur league players.

That was intense. Game 3 for the tie breaker in 10 minutes or so -Caer

Solar Hydro> GEM this is a league, the next match will be the last one of the season; you can sign up for next season soon

GEM91679> oh

Primos> oh baby

Sath> buy me a ticket

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