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PRO Finals Game 2 & 3 Logs
Game 3:

Nguyens vs Assassins

Starting in 60 seconds...

borAX> apparently



Sath> gl


nerfherder> the capital of iceland is $5

BARBARIAN> you want bullet cloud?

BARBARIAN> candyman, legendary bullet clouder

Candyman> i havent been here in 8 years and i know thats a bad thing

Candyman> bullet cloud was super billys patent move

Deciding game of the Pro Finals about to start!!! gl!

kentasaurus> candyman his rings

Legatus> oh assassins kept sika in spec and won

Partsi> AWESOME! sika will win this for assassins

Legatus> shock

Legatus> now failing agani

Partsi> nuh uh


Partsi> sika will OWN





DZ-4v4-Bot-> Odds to win: Nguyens (37%), Assassins (63%). Use /!predict 100 (NeWWiN) or /!predict 200 (develop) during the first 2 minutes to bet on a team to win.


develop> !allow sub ossi


hallucinati> gl

develop> !allowsub ossi

Legatus> you'd think after 20 seasons of playing with sika you'd learn how big of a choker he is


develop> !allowsub 9-volt

Legatus> but mop never does

develop> !allowsub arc


develop> !allowsub develop

BARBARIAN> is in to beat up jocker

BARBARIAN> and his spider

develop> !allowsub bhang

develop> bhang

Sath> target jocker

develop> ez

Legatus> and die 3 times in the process

Partsi> yeah sika has his x blinker

BARBARIAN> no sika will beat up jocker easy

Sath> o man assassins have their best 4 in

Solar Hydro> oh bhang is here, hello bhang

BARBARIAN> question is if he will get up more before

Legatus> lol.

Sath> assassins have their best 4 in

BARBARIAN> as long as they keep him away from KN and bike

Sath> except i'd take bhang for saiyan

Legatus> sika isn't good enough to be playing in finals

a> is this pro finals

Candyman> why would anyone play a spider in league? did they change the settings on it?

Partsi> sika is the best

Legatus> he's a decent season player and that's the extent of his ablity

Sath> liability issues

BARBARIAN> weve won pro wit spider

BARBARIAN> without a wb actually

Sath> and afraid and nevous

Sath> u can tell

BARBARIAN> jav + terrier + wzl + spider

KinGVeteraN> he just won them the game

KinGVeteraN> wut r u talkin about?

KNeWWiN> .items

Sath> i'm talking about best 4

KinGVeteraN> k

Sath> what are u talking about

KinGVeteraN> u being a moron, clearly

kentasaurus> .items

Sath> duel for squads?

KinGVeteraN> any day

Solar Hydro> I am calling JOCKER first death

Sath> likewise

Candyman> sika dies now

KinGVeteraN> k bother me on monday

Nude For Sa> ooh

The Village Bike kb Mop

The Village Bike has 2 lives remaining - [2:43]

Score: 1-0 Assassins -- [4v4]


borAX> lol


Something D> lol

The Village> lol

Solar Hydro> lolol

rex> lol


Nude For Sa> omg


Plutorus> ooh

Candyman> lol what?

BARBARIAN> lol at the tankage

Partsi> OWNED

Mop> !items

Sath> august 17th

three> !items

kentasaurus> what happend

Nude For Sa> how on eaerth

Sath> none of u will have shit on me

borAX> classic

kentasaurus> .items

Sath> i'll have weed

Legatus> dont worry sika will blow it


Sath> and no one can touch me on that shit

BARBARIAN> holy sika tank

In_Wasa> 0 dmg taken

Sath> even w/ my eyes closed

Nude For Sa> bangbangbang 200 nrg rep, bangbangbang OTHER GUY DIES

KinGVeteraN> 17th is my bday

BARBARIAN> ban sika

Street Figh> !items

Candyman> how did sika now die there?

Sath> happy birthday <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Sad' />

Candyman> not

KinGVeteraN> ill be bottle'd up and limo'd up

Candyman> lol

Primos> why is everyone surprised?

Sath> okay

Partsi> because he is the best

kentasaurus> his xradar cheat lags him

hallucinati> only the lag god knows

Sath> so we'll make it the 30th

Primos> he's always taken too much damage

KinGVeteraN> k

Sath> gotta give u time to recover

Primos> its been that way for years

Charas> what r u talking about

BARBARIAN> thatw as special

BARBARIAN> even for him

Charas> sika choked i up last weak

BARBARIAN> its like xena finishing not ONE cheesecake but TWO

Primos> LOL

Legatus> lol

Partsi> haha

Primos> that is special


kentasaurus> damn

BARBARIAN> now you get it

Nude For Sa> who was it that died?


BARBARIAN> nude: !stats

Primos> good analogy


Sath> assassins - let the enemy cover for jocker

Legatus> krilyu


Sath> and destroy them

Nude For Sa> k ty


Nude For Sa> !stats

Sath> abc

Partsi> .stats


BARBARIAN> mop 7% bomb aim 0 bullet

BARBARIAN> in 5 minutes ho ho ho

Nude For Sa> ffs need better than 10x20 res to read all that

Motorzep> solar

Motorzep> profile done but still can't get into Google+ fail

Solar Hydro> yes? sorry didn't read higher

Motorzep> oh well

Sath> early rockets win games

Sath> now i did it

Solar Hydro> maybe they are crushed by demand

BARBARIAN> wtf is he diong

develop> !fullsub sika

Primos> rofl

BARBARIAN> sika makes ss fun

Motorzep> lol

Nude For Sa> lololol

Candyman> i see sika has xradar mapped to a movement key or something, how is that legal?

Sika has changed to spectator mode. [Lagouts: 1]

Primos> he didnt alst long

develop> !sub

develop in for Sika [Full Sub] [Time: 00:02] [3 lives]

BARBARIAN> o not happy about subbing out

Legatus> good sub

Sath> good sub


Legatus> mop DID learn something

ankh> not an external app i guess

NINE> is mop still enormous or what

Legatus> outlols in trouble now

Partsi> 1st kill all sika

Nude For Sa> sika to get 2 more kills from spec


Primos> stats

Plutorus> hehe

develop kb Caerbannog -- Assist by: KNeWWiN

develop has 2 lives remaining - [6:47]

Score: 1-1 TIED -- [4v4]

Primos> LOL

develop> bah

Sath> o man

Charas> LOLLL

Plutorus> so nice

Csport> good subSmile

BARBARIAN> fullsub fail


Plutorus> that was good teamwork

BARBARIAN> that was bad flying

Partsi> see that? sika wouldn't have died

BARBARIAN> it was an easy kill

NINE> candyman: sika has been banned at least once for allegedly cheating, it never stuck though

BARBARIAN> even SFE would ahve killed him

Sath> gl all

9-Volt is the new captain for freq 200

Sath> afk 5

Nude For Sa> lol partsi

Solar Hydro> thx for your confidence BARB

Candyman> so what squad are assassin playing right now? everyone has different squad name

BARBARIAN> its just honest

mindriot> lol @ Dre riding the pine all season.


BARBARIAN> lol at dre

NINE> lol @ dre

KinGVeteraN> u mad?

BARBARIAN> when jocker plays in front of you

mindriot> Dude is there for a pep talk and an occasional insult.


Low Fuel> outlaws,ngyen all same

Nude For Sa> Nguyens i think

KinGVeteraN> not a question of skill cuz im better thanall roster but kn/kril

NINE> this clown logs on every week to watch his team play


BARBARIAN> is their accepted name

Legatus> outlols

mindriot> lol nine

Candyman> but caerbann is on llamas?

BARBARIAN> or praclaws

mindriot> dude is committed to pro spectating

KinGVeteraN> nine angry his team doesnt play

Candyman> thats another squad?

Charas> IF three wins

Charas> is this his first pro title?

BARBARIAN> mindriot you wishes you could spec as well as dre

mindriot> true <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='B)' />

Charas> i think it is

KinGVeteraN> i hate spectating

Motorzep> charas look at A1 there's name is there about 4 timers

BARBARIAN> you think rakkar's guide was huge?

Motorzep> three*

NINE> you think i care about league bro? ask any one on sterling how much i like league


Primos> i wasnt even going to respond

Mop> !items

Charas> well shit

Divine> !stats

KinGVeteraN> but last game there was little to no reason for me to sub in

Motorzep> he played with Ass several seasons ago

mindriot> Dre, how do you remove all the splinters in your ass?

KinGVeteraN> only time i saw that was best for me to sub in was gramps first life 0/1

Candyman> mindriot you wanna win league next season?

KinGVeteraN> l2 svs

Motorzep> during the Dingo, Tak, Aiti, Burt, era

mindriot> Yeah

mindriot> we should reform ONE

BARBARIAN> tak bad at being bad

KinGVeteraN> but after gramps died...removed any reason for me tos ub in at all whole game

Candyman> get me 2 decent players and dont die out and we could do it

Charas> lol

Candyman> ill go 30-0 again

Tragedy> I thought he would have had rings way back when I was active.

KinGVeteraN> but i guess u couldnt comprehend that

Charas> well that rules out mindriot

Charas> looks like u will need 3

KinGVeteraN> reason y u r spectating and squads removed

mindriot> we have underlord already

Candyman> true

mindriot> one right now is: candyman, underlord, mindriot

Primos> this conversation looks lonely

Charas> charas

Primos> for you.,

mindriot> maybe we can get trav out of retirement

KinGVeteraN> thanks for joining

Charas> cause i gave u one password

Candyman> or darkhosis

mindriot> darkhosis in jail

BARBARIAN> trav has played like one league game in the past 5 years

Charas> i get automatic on squad cause none of u can take ownership of it

mindriot> candy, he ran over a mexican family while drunk

Candyman> thats horrible

mindriot> yeah, poor guy

Charas> trixter in jail to?

mindriot> yeah trixter too

Candyman> trixter went to jail for fucking a kid right

GEM91679> oh shit son

Charas> forgot what hes in jail for

mindriot> im sure he's out by now though

mindriot> sleeping with a minor

Sir33> !stats

Candyman> yeah

ankh> fiddling with children

mindriot> playing a child like a fiddle?

Charas> what a loser

Candyman> brb cooking

NeWWiN> .allowsub GRAMPS

NeWWiN> .allowsub realdeal

GEM91679> cooking beefsteak?

NeWWiN> .allowsub KinGVeteraN

nerfherder> ok back, lightning knocked me off

Partsi> <--

ankh> fiddling about fiddling about, down with the bed clothes, up with the night gown, fiddling about fiddling about

Charas> three i am rootin for u buddy

Charas> dont let me down

mindriot> go three!

three kb Caerbannog -- Assist by: The Village Bike

three has 2 lives remaining - [12:18]

Score: 2-1 Nguyens -- [4v4]

Plutorus> ooh


Partsi> !trivia: what knocked nerfherder off?

Legatus> oh man

GEM91679> awww

a> three

Legatus> three too rusty

nerfherder> lightning


Partsi> correct

Mop> !items

mindriot> the only reason I am rooting for Ass is because I can't stand the thought of Dre riding the pine to a pro title.

nerfherder> YESSSSSS!!!

Csport> where is aiti?

Legatus> yeah true

mindriot> Legatus, we'll never hear the end of it

BARBARIAN> it's pine

GEM91679> !stats

Legatus> aiti hasn't played in years

BARBARIAN> aiti played like 2 months ago

Legatus> nice lie

mindriot> yeah he did

Legatus> fake aiti

mindriot> i saw him

Legatus> his name started with ^

Charas> i think we should all goto trench wars next season


mindriot> nope it was real aiti

Charas> and dominate the leagues

Legatus> why would you want to go to trench wars

Jones> you're welcome to try

Charas> honestly after this season whose gonna stay this season

Legatus> ever

mindriot> if i am ever forced to go to any other zone but this one or pb.. i'll quit the game

Jones> but you wont

mindriot> there is no way ill play tw or those other zones

Charas> jones u suck at trench wars

BARBARIAN> jae is always trying to get me to play trench wars

Nude For Sa> when our testicles have fallen off

mindriot> i don't like trench wars

Charas> your squad couldnt even get into the basing league

Rage> i am the best at trench wars

Charas> and thats the only good league there

Rage> like i am in pro league

Charas> lol

mindriot> only other zone i'll consider is hockey zone

Legatus> wow mop with the hacks


Legatus> FUCK YES

Solar Hydro> nice survival Mop

Nude For Sa> javs with bullet diarrhea

Street Figh> !items

Legatus> rage did u play homm6 beta yte

Mop> !items

Jones> rage is riding on my squad to get a trench wars javelin title

Rage> is this for pro league season 92 championship

mindriot> guys, check out Sath's PB map he put on the forum, it's actually really good

kentasaurus> .stats

Partsi> ROFL @ ass shooting javs

Charas> sweet isnt gonna beat fierce

Charas> or dice

Legatus> or are you still playing world of failcraft

Rage> jones to be fair i never lost in those jav duels

Charas> dunno wtf u talking about jones

mindriot> its like a mix between mid/proball/small pub

Jones> we already raped fierce

GEM91679> you can d/l maps for this game??

mindriot> GEM, a sysop has to set the map

Rage> i tried to play starcraft and i lost 6 straight games to sub-humans that could possibly be barbarian

mindriot> you can create them

Rage> so i stopped doing that

nerfherder> !trivia

Nude For Sa> back two javs up together and you've got lezzo dildo porn

mindriot> but you can't play on a random map unless you have your own zone

GEM91679> k

Legatus> haha

Candyman> why are these nonamers well known veterans now? this is like bizarro world in superman

BARBARIAN> I see rage still thinks about me

GEM91679> i see

GEM91679> ty

nerfherder> what did betty ford die of?

BARBARIAN> I love you too jake

mindriot> candy, game is hanging on by a very thin thread

KinGVeteraN> car crash

KinGVeteraN> test driving the ford neon

Rage> I truthfully thought pro zone was dead

Solar Hydro> lol king

Charas> pro is hanging on by threads

Charas> not trench wars

el father> !stats

mindriot> this is the best population turnout we've had in a month

Rage> but apparntly only the dark outlaws and assassins still play

nerfherder> correct

Rage> apparently*

KNeWWiN> .items

Charas> thats why we should all play trench wars

Rage> trench wars is awy too easy and boring

GEM91679> trench wars is lame i think. no upgrades

Solar Hydro> rage: not true - SFE played AML finals (and lost)

Charas> would really like to be on a basing squad of pro vets

Partsi> trench wars SUCKS

Charas> there mentality in basing is so stupid

nerfherder> she died test driving the ford neon with randy'macho man'savage

Charas> i try to teach them strategy but there ignorant as fuck

Candyman> rage wanna join my squad for next season? title guaranteed

Rage> no i hate you

Legatus> lol

Candyman> <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':p' />

mindriot> Rage has a 15 year old Candyman grudge

mindriot> how can anyone remain mad for that long?


mindriot> unless you're a hopeless nerd

Nude For Sa> practice

Charas> i hate rage

nerfherder> OOOHHH YEAH!!!

Rage> mindriot taking everything seriously

Charas> for a long time now

Legatus> is he like crayzee

Rage> lashing out like a psycho

Rage> i see nothing chances

mindriot> lol

Rage> changes

mindriot> Rage typing furiously

Candyman> no rage came along like 1999 or something, hes a newbie by my standards

mindriot> making spelling errors

Rage> Mindriot why do you try

Charas> im glad im considered a veteran

Charas> im like legendary

NeWWiN> .fullsub jocker

mindriot> Rage calm down

mindriot> take a valerian root pill

Charas> legend in all zones

Rage> You would think after all of these years you could manage to trash talk without going with the cliche


Rage> why are you so mad

Rage> or calm down

GEM91679> redbull/vodka drink i made is to strong. daaaammmmmmnnnnn!



mindriot> brew some chamimile tea rage

Caerbannog> !items


Partsi> pour some more vodka in it. problem solved!

Candyman> rage you used to rage on me for real though

GEM91679> lol

Rage> i was also like 12 years old

a> .score

GEM91679> i did that

Charas> haha

Candyman> so did a lot of ppl though

nerfherder> pour some vodka on me

Partsi> that red bull is quite strong

AcidFreak> becuase we were all 12 years old

three> !items

Rage> but then idefeated you easily in the conan tournament

ice2702> pb?

Rage> and fist pumped

GEM91679> and now when i take a drink my head shakes left to right invol.

Rage> irl

Charas> candyman runnin around in jav all day

mindriot> Rage holding on to 10 year old subspace wins

mindriot> must be a hopeless nerd

Charas> i wonder how 5tonecold is doing

Nude For Sa> !items

Candyman> noone drove a jav like me

Charas> and senior

Rage> mindriot stop

mindriot> rage tell; us about the tourney youplayed in 16 years ago

Legatus> mindriot u don't have any wins to hold ont

AcidFreak> no one cares charas

Charas> i care!

mindriot> tell us about the glory you felt 16 years ago

AcidFreak> omg

Candyman> wtf is the conan tournament?

three kb The Village Bike -- Assist by: JOCKER

three has 1 life remaining - [20:19]

Score: 3-1 Nguyens -- [4v4]

Plutorus> omg


NeWWiN> hahaha

Charas> ROFL

AcidFreak> hahahhaha

hallucinati> omg

AcidFreak> owned

realdeal> epic

AcidFreak> lol


Rage> mindriot I have made more money from subspace dueling, than you have working for britney spears


GEM91679> did he get traped????

mindriot> Rage, please detail the account of your victorious glory from 16 years ago

Rage> battle that loser

Primos> LOLOL

Candyman> rage whats a conan tournament

Partsi> three OWNED


KinGVeteraN> sad no one helped him

Primos> ROFL

Mop> !items


GEM91679> they pinned him with a wall???

Charas> already won that

Something D> yea

Charas> like a gaziliion times

GEM91679> wow

Captor> who layed it


saiyan kb The Village Bike

saiyan has 2 lives remaining - [21:17]

Score: 4-1 Nguyens -- [4v4]

BARBARIAN> o wait no


GEM91679> thats so fucked out and kewl

BARBARIAN> dre riding pine

mindriot> I bet Rage remembers the weather from his glorious win 16 years ago

Partsi> LOL

Legatus> wow asses failing hard with sika out

KinGVeteraN> barb u mad?


BARBARIAN> but not sure why

Legatus> these guys all too rusty

Candyman> rage never won anything against me though mindriot

JOCKER> .items

mindriot> I wouldn't remember, its been too long

GEM91679> notice the fight moved away from the walled in areas

The Village Bike kb develop

The Village Bike has 1 life remaining - [22:15]

Score: 4-2 Nguyens -- [4v4]

AcidFreak> lol

GEM91679> after the brick

mindriot> i'm just teasing him anyway

The Village> lol

mindriot> dev huge

Plutorus> dev!

Legatus> candyman didn't play in the famous rage/cloud turret game?

Partsi> OMG

Mop kb The Village Bike

Mop has 2 lives remaining - [22:30]

Score: 5-2 Nguyens -- [4v4]

NeWWiN> hahah

GEM91679> damn village

Mop has changed to spectator mode. [Lagouts: 1]

ossi in for Mop [Full Sub] [Time: 00:00] [2 lives]

JOCKER kb three -- Assist by: develop

JOCKER has 2 lives remaining - [22:38]

Score: 5-3 Nguyens -- [4v4]

GEM91679> pwnage

Partsi> jesus


AcidFreak> easy

Rage> cabbrarannnog going to win the finals

Partsi> they all dropping like flies

Candyman> i won every turret game i ever played

Rage> only took him killing the league to d oit

KNeWWiN> .items

Candyman> in a jav


AcidFreak> lol rage

JOCKER> .items

Sir33> !stats

GEM91679> brick brick brick brick

Street Figh> !items

KNeWWiN> .items

Rage> hi gem91679

GEM91679> hi

realdeal> .items

Candyman> this game hasnt evolved in 10 years, i see nothing new or impressive in there. but thats not the players fault. this game is just too simple

BARBARIAN> we had prembots 10 years ago

Partsi> Canduman ur too simple


Sath> .items

Sath> i just don't understand

GEM91679> i would jizz if someone make some nice updates

In_Wasa> Partsi ZING

GEM91679> hi

Sath> how assassins arn't targetting knewwing and jocker

Caerbannog> !items

Rage> pro zone cant evolve it based around defense and using your items and subbing out

AcidFreak> I hope someone makes 2 squads with the same exact players and they win pro becuase they have two chances in playoffs

nerfherder> this game needs tomahawks

Sath> i wish i could play

GEM91679> rage?

Rage> hello

GEM91679> sup?

Rage> Not much how are you

a> i hope the same team wins both spots in finals

Heisman> y suka no playing?

mindriot> this is far from over


BARBARIAN> that is the right way to do it

mindriot> ass is always good second half

GEM91679> doing ok... you stilling fighting the machine?


Partsi> this game needs an occasional thor rain


In_Wasa> .time

Rage> !stats

JOCKER> .items

kentasaurus> .items

Candyman> this game needs running zone/jackpot zone back

clerisy> wow

clerisy> rage

Candyman> instead of warzone

Rage> people love shitty warzone for some reason

clerisy> i havent seen you in a while

Tragedy> bluefluffybunny <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Sad' />

clerisy> lol

BARBARIAN> rz fucking boring

Rage> the worst svs zone ever

GEM91679> is there a score limit?

Solar Hydro> KOTH

borAX> speed

Solar Hydro> best of 12

GEM91679> k

Mop> !items

Partsi> o look

Partsi> its xena

GEM91679> keep playng while i get drunk

Xena.> oh look its partsi

Partsi> or is it?

Candyman> xena where's ul

GEM91679> ?

ice2702> !items

cfl> !items

AcidFreak> lol

Xena.> sleeping.. the lazy bum

AcidFreak> nice thor

AcidFreak> hahahahhaha

Sath> candyman how old r u

Divine> heh

AcidFreak> candy under 25

Sath> nah

BARBARIAN> are you 30 working at safeway making $24k a year?

Partsi> candy 13

GEM91679> this is intense

BARBARIAN> o wait no, that is sath

Sath> due i make 36

Sath> dude

Sath> 17.20/hr

Sath> bitch

a> safeway only pays me $22

Candyman> 31, i played this when i was 15 to 20

Sath> 22 is asst manager

Sath> low scale

Sath> i used to ditch hs to play this game

Candyman> same

AcidFreak> Barbarian when are we going to meet up in Toronto, I want to see your trophy wife in person

clerisy> lmao

Sath> in chaos

5 Minutes until all new subs are burned.

clerisy> i stayed up allll night

a> but OT is 33

Sath> just to play chaos too

BARBARIAN> wife? wat

clerisy> hiding out in the office

Rage> how does 17.20 = 36k a year

AcidFreak> lol

AcidFreak> u divorced?

Sath> 33

clerisy> checkin my back to see if my dad was coming

5-3 Nguyens leading with 15 minutes left to go!

three> !items

Sath> 33024

Xena.> i wake up and the floor looks like someone had been chasing my dog around with a shaver.. fucking hair all over the floor

JOCKER> .items

Rage> is that good enough to live on

Sath> i pay 15% wage garnishments for my 6 years of college financial aid

Rage> where you live

GEM91679> brick brick brick brick KILL.

Sath> denver colorado

Xena.> should i glue it back on? wont she get cold?

Sath> my rent is 1100

Sath> moving next month to 775

Rage> jesus fuck

Rage> why dont you just buy a house

Sath> same place single bedroom

Rage> or a condo

borAX> or a box


Rage> instead of throwing money away

Sath> condo r dumb

BARBARIAN> okc, only the super rich pay 1100/month

Partsi> xena u should shave ur legs in bathroom

realdeal> .items

Xena.> some ppl don't like staying in one place

AcidFreak> oh sorry barbarian, your husband

a> i live in a tent, cost $0 per month

Nude For Sa> lure

Sath> dude this place is the shit

Xena.> haha so funny.. not

NeWWiN> hahahaha

Candyman> i used to play this shit when i was 15 and had 14000 baud dialup with 640res and my mom would pull out the phone cord in middle of night yelling at me to go to bed/school

Partsi> it IS funny

Sath> i got like a pond n shit

Rage> Xena I know you're a free soul that likes to wander the milky way

Rage> but i dont like to waste money

Captor> lol candy

Xena.> its not a waste... LOL

clerisy> lol rage

BARBARIAN> xena eats milky way

BARBARIAN> not wander

Xena.> u know who has to pay for shit if it breaks?

Xena.> landlord

Xena.> not me

Partsi> oh burn

Sath> least i got a bandwagon

Sath> any of usay that?

Rage> Sath

Xena.> i like to keep my options open

Sath> big pause _______

Rage> is denver expensive

Sath> not compared to cali

Rage> thank you for that

Rage> jesus christ

Sath> i lived in cali for 23 years

clerisy> california is outrageous

Sath> this shit is weak

Xena.> until the day comes the right place comes along.. where a bunny can make a home

KNeWWiN> .items

GEM91679> oh shit jocker

Candyman> here's a pro tip for you guys still stuck in subspace: switch to poker

cfl> get a winnebago

Rage> Xena has to keep her options open

Street Figh> !items

NeWWiN> .fullsub jocker

Captor> candy arent u swedish

Rage> for more subspace guys

NeWWiN> .allowsub GRAMPS

Candyman> i am

Captor> 6-1 bro

Rage> cant be tied down

kentasaurus> i like a's idea tent is 0 dollars sath

Partsi> bög

JOCKER has changed to spectator mode. [Lagouts: 1]

GRAMPS in for JOCKER [Full Sub] [Time: 00:00] [2 lives]

clerisy> oh man

clerisy> lol

Sath> omg

Sath> game over

clerisy> here comes the weasel

Sath> gramps for tko

Sath> .items

Partsi> Kdak OWNED

Legatus> asses in trouble

Rage> did monkey boy and traxx quit

Rage> agile

a> homeless guys standing on the corner can live on $50 a month

Sath> kenwwwing + villeigage bike

Sick> so this is the hold up

Rage> i miss them already

AcidFreak> gramps to die out

Sath> then get gramps

Sath> and u win

Partsi> Legatus> this is a contest of autism

1 Minute until all new subs are burned.

Sath> knewwin + bike + gramps

Sath> game over

BARBARIAN> saiyan = traxx

Sath> trust me

Rage> wtf

Rage> now i hate him

Sath> that is in line w/ chokage factor

Jones> rage they are on your trench wars squad

clerisy> oohhh.. traxx

clerisy> now i remember him


a> .score


GEM91679> anyone else in the Army?

a> who was traxx buddy

Partsi> you tellem rage

BARBARIAN> as monkey boy is in the arena

a> that was better than traxx

Sath> army is weak

BARBARIAN> and monkey boy

GEM91679> um no

Sath> it's about necluear war now

a> yeah monkeyboy, does he still play

GEM91679> sath your pay grade is weak

BARBARIAN> he is IN this arena

All new subs from now on are burned.

Sath> why are u gonna be a statistic?

GEM91679> just sayin...

clerisy> i see

Sath> yeah it's lvl 1


realdeal> .items

GEM91679> <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Big Grin' />

Candyman> i wish someone from requiem was still around

In_Wasa> .score

Sath> thats the gay thing

BARBARIAN> garcon was

Candyman> durabolin must be 55 by now

Sath> grade lvl has nothing to do w/ experience

GEM91679> join the force

Sath> just time

Sath> and movement

Jones> isnt saiyan beastie

Sath> i'm 30

Sath> i cna't join air force

BARBARIAN> jones ruining it

GEM91679> yea i agree

Sath> i was gonna actually

GEM91679> its so ass backwards

Sath> i was gonna join air force recently

Legatus> .items

Sath> but i am too told

Street Figh> !items

Rage> can you not ojin the air force

Sath> to fly a plane


Rage> at 30

Sath> no

Csport> saiyan=Travis

Sath> it cuts off at 28

Legatus> asses will rocket KN before OT and kill him

Sath> for being able to fly

GEM91679> i have a 24 yr old LT that is just out of college making more than me and runs shit, but doesnt know sit

GEM91679> shit

Sath> unless previous record

Legatus> this will be OT game

Solar Hydro> astronaut = unemployed

a> .score

Captor> i miss chemical & mushroom

Sath> i am hella mad about that

Street Figh> too bad they dont have rockets

Sath> i was gonna fly

Caerbannog> wut



BARBARIAN> having rockets

Candyman> !items

AcidFreak> i see how putting gramps in made a difference sath

AcidFreak> now they are getting owned

GEM91679> You would need a simple "waver" man

Sath> acid

Rage> !standings

Sath> i said how 'd it work

Motorzep> they also don't have Benji Bounce Technology ™

GEM91679> they wont tell you

Sath> knewwing death, village death, gramps death

Rage> why is there so many games in the season

KinGVeteraN> .stats

AcidFreak> it isn't working

a> do you have pilot license already

Rage> when there is like 6 squads

Sath> then caer singled out death

BARBARIAN> yeah they do

Sath> or he'll beat at a1

GEM91679> ask for a age waver

GEM91679> your in

BARBARIAN> dev bounces as much as benji

Sath> then can't handle me

Sath> i'm age 30

Sath> and i got 20/20 vision still

Candyman> afk

a> i think flying ultralite plane might be fun

Sath> and i play computers for 20 hours a day

Valheru> is this aml finals?


Sath> well not now

a> until the wing breaks off

Partsi> barb do a bounce count

BARBARIAN> aml semi final

Rage> Sath

Valheru> oh

Sath> but used to up to 6 years ago

Street Figh> !items

Rage> why did you move to colorado

Sath> to support my mom

JOCKER> .items

realdeal> .items

Rage> oh i see

ice2702> !items

Rage> is she in bad shape

Sath> she was crying about work screwing her over

Sath> so i came in and took over the bills w/ my job

Sir33> !status

Rage> you're a good son

Sath> now we kinda on our feet

Sath> she moving out to her new bf

Sir33> !stats

Sath> i am getting my own place

Rage> good deal

Sath> yah but i wasted her money

Nude For Sa> !items

Divine> !items

Sath> cause she was making 2x as much as I am making now

Sath> but she was crying so i said quit i got u

Sath> but i didn't get her

Sath> cause 33k isn't enough

Sath> cause i got a dog that eats 16.00 chicken

Sath> every other day

Sath> and gets steamed veggies

Sath> plus she had a heartattack

Sath> and some other shit but whatever

Street Figh> !items

Sath> it sux

Sath> i failed

Valheru> saths life story will be on this game log

Sath> this isn't my life story

Sath> u have no idea

BARBARIAN> sath's life story is littered in ss forums

Sath> the shit i've been through

Sath> barbarian wants a place

BARBARIAN> sath go on

Sath> we should just put a marker and say, "this is barbarians random rant place"

BARBARIAN> i dont know what the life of a plebian is

Sath> i did

Sath> u like it


NOTICE: 5 minutes remaining.

Xena.> a home for a bunny

Sath> man u type as fast as me

Sath> good job

Sath> i respect u fore that

5 minutes left! still 5-3 Nguyens -- Assassins need a kill to extend it to OT!

Rage> what hotel should i stay at in vegas

Rage> ive only been once before and i stayed at the palms

Sath> for TonguePPP

clerisy> SATH!

BARBARIAN> the wynn like a boss

clerisy> he's going to vegas!


kentasaurus> kn has been at 50 twice in the last 2 minutes


clerisy> it is a possibility!

Rage> isnt the encore and the wynn the same thing



clerisy> hahaha


Sath> no lies tho

BARBARIAN> I havent been to vegas in 3 years

Sath> i got 2 weeks vacation

Sath> gonna take 1 to move

BARBARIAN> used to go every 3 months, wynn and venetian and ceasars were my favorites

Sath> or a few days

clerisy> i just switched jobs

Sath> and

clerisy> soooo, it will be a while for vaca

clerisy> like 120 days

Sath> why

clerisy> lmao

Sath> okay

clerisy> part of the agreement

clerisy> making 15k more a year though

Sath> if u pay i'll go

clerisy> woop

Street Figh> !items

Sath> well have fun

a> .stats

Sath> and i'm not the type that takes advantage

clerisy> yea i bet not

clerisy> lmao

Sath> although u'll be paying for everything cause i'm broke and this is a first for me

three> !items

Sath> that would be hella cool

KNeWWiN kb ossi -- Assist by: develop

KNeWWiN has 2 lives remaining - [42:13]

Score: 5-4 Nguyens -- [4v4]


Sath> just to roll to vegas randomly

Valheru> !stats

kentasaurus> omg

clerisy> YES

Plutorus> ooh

Captor> ns

Partsi> HUGE

Nude For Sa> o

borAX> expected


Sath> i'd have hella fun

kentasaurus> is this OT score

a> .time

kentasaurus> ?

Sath> .items

kentasaurus> OVERTIME

Xena.> why would he pay for u unless u were a girl? whats in it for him? u gonna give him head? LOL

clerisy> Ive never been to vegas



three> !items

clerisy> i am a girl thanks

5-4! 2 more minutes until OT

clerisy> and i am not a mouth whore

Sath> singule bullet and slightly attack everyone but caer

clerisy> <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Big Grin' />

Partsi> xena BURNED

Sath> save rockets

AcidFreak> guys give the best head xena, sorry

Sath> oh u aint got any


Sath> get knewwin

Rage> Clerisy want to go to vegas

Street Figh> !items

clerisy> hahahah

clerisy> rage

Sath> slighly attack village

realdeal> .items

Caerbannog> !items

Street Figh> !items

Xena.> what? everyone knows im the only real girl in ss

el father> whats the command to buy multiple thors at once

JOCKER> .items

kentasaurus> .items

Sath> follow up on who defends village

Rage> i will only take you if you take a picture of yourself floating through neptunes atmosphere

AcidFreak> !items

Partsi> lol

Xena.> all the rest are guys pretending to be girls

Sath> i said it and it'll happen

Rage> but only your face

clerisy> ive been here since 2000

Nude For Sa> apart from Partsi

Valheru> im a girl

el father> !items

ice2702> .items

Sath> xena.

Xena.> oh so funny rage

kentasaurus> what are you wearing LV

Sath> u can't get any guys approval

NOTICE: 1 minute remaining.

Sath> when u say ur after a rich guy

Sath> when u look as hot as u look

BARBARIAN> fat cvhicks dont get approval

Rage> Xena what is better than a hot girl floating by a planet

Rage> come on now

Sath> have u seen her pic xena

Xena.> LOL

kentasaurus> lies you're not a girl girls like to talk about what they wear

Valheru> socks work boots and a hard hat kent

Partsi> LOL

kentasaurus> o

Valheru> nothing else


kentasaurus> sounds sexy

Xena.> sath wtf r u going on about rich guys

Street Figh> !items

Solar Hydro> YMCA

OVERTIME now beginning, 100 needs 1 kill, 200 needs 2 kills (no time limit)

Partsi> Warberd OWNED

cfl> .items

In_Wasa> .score

JOCKER> .items

kentasaurus> ok now would be a good time to bomb the server barb


Xena.> that pic.. sigh

Partsi> xena u got pics?

develop kb KNeWWiN

develop has 1 life remaining - [45:57]

Score: 6-4 Nguyens -- [4v4]

Final Score: 6-4 Nguyens wins -- Game Time: 45:57


| F 200: Assassin Ki/De TK LO SK AS FR WR WRk Mi PTime | DDealt/DTaken DmgE | AcB AcG | W-L | Ki/De | Rat TRat ERat |


| three 1/ 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 4 3 45:31 | 54245/ 70799 43% | 28 9 | 3-1 | 3/6 | -2 513 1532 |

| Sika 0/ 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 5:40 | 6864/ 7921 46% | 28 28 | 5-4 | 22/17 | 0 558 1592 |

| develop 1/ 2 0 0 1 2 4 2 2 3 39:48 | 55543/ 62765 46% | 44 14 | 6-4 | 13/10 | +3 547 1509 |

| saiyan 0/ 1 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 45:31 | 59842/ 60089 49% | 29 12 | 10-6 | 42/20 | -1 678 1692 |

| Mop 1/ 1 0 1 1 0 3 0 0 1 22:22 | 18973/ 34862 35% | 26 11 | 1-2 | 2/1 | +5 516 2032 |

| ossi 1/ 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 23:08 | 29399/ 26875 52% | 33 13 | 8-5 | 15/8 | +5 561 1614 |

| TOTAL: 4/ 6 0 2 2 2 10 3 6 9 | 224866/263311 | 32 12 | 33-22 | 97/62 | +1 562 1660 |


| F 100: Nguyens Ki/De TK LO SK AS FR WR WRk Mi PTime | DDealt/DTaken DmgE | AcB AcG | W-L | Ki/De | Rat TRat ERat |


| KNeWWiN 1/ 1 0 0 1 1 4 0 0 2 45:31 | 91778/ 83092 52% | 47 18 | 13-3 | 34/18 | +5 624 1384 |

| JOCKER 0/ 1 0 1 0 1 3 0 0 1 33:03 | 28635/ 49995 36% | 16 11 | 5-2 | 1/4 | 0 509 1506 |

| GRAMPS 0/ 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 12:27 | 16838/ 17229 49% | 21 8 | 3-1 | 0/3 | 0 494 1247 |

| The Village Bik 3/ 2 0 0 2 1 3 2 2 2 45:31 | 58424/ 46311 55% | 36 9 | 12-3 | 37/17 | +7 661 1912 |

| Caerbannog 2/ 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 2 45:31 | 56210/ 36926 60% | 25 10 | 12-1 | 17/6 | +13 597 1810 |

| TOTAL: 6/ 4 0 1 3 3 14 2 2 8 | 251885/233553 | 31 11 | 45-10 | 89/48 | +5 577 1571 |


Stats for this game can be viewed at:

MVP: Caerbannog (+13) -- Runner Up: The Village Bike (+7)

LVP: three (-2) -- Runner Up: saiyan (-1)



NeWWiN> yes

three> gg <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':p' />


realdeal> EPIC

Low Fuel> hups

Sath> weak

Partsi> WOW

Sath> man

Xena.> rage is talking about one of my pics

Sath> assassins suck

SUICIDE4FLA> warzone?

kentasaurus> KN wins it



SUICIDE4FLA> warzone

SUICIDE4FLA> hurrahy

KNeWWiN> zztop gramps caer to a1

BARBARIAN> kn too huge

KNeWWiN> success

Sath> hey mop, need someone for next season? I'll have weed

NeWWiN> gg

Valheru> kn too strong

KinGVeteraN> KN huge

JOCKER> barb is mad now

Caerbannog> maybe i'll add a finals MVP category to a1

Legatus> sika managed to play 5 minutes and be useless

Caerbannog> ho ho ho

Legatus> vast leaps ahead of his previous game

Csport> whats new?

Sir33> !stats

BARBARIAN> sika got one super lag kill

ossi> what a shitty game

KNeWWiN> hardest game ever

Partsi> ^

ossi> <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':p' />

KNeWWiN> gg assassins


Next season will start early / mid August. There will be a draft event before that. Need confirmations from returning squads though.

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