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FTNguyen wins Season 31
After three games vs. Assassins, FTNguyen take the series 2-1.

This is the list of names that will eventually make it to A1:

FTNguyen: Kingnewbie, The Village Bike, hibachi, N00dlez - Caerbannog, GRAMPS, Rambo, Solartonix -- Hawkeye, Danks, DarkDenizen, ReaLDeaL, zztop

Please let me know in advance if you want me to fiddle with the capitalization of your name, KiNGNeWBiE this means you. The others are as stated on the Rostered name.

Sterling will also be added, the list will look something like this, although I will put them in the alphabetical order

S30 Sterling: mAImER, Tool, Kdak - Rage, mr. penguin, Damnatus -- Seismic, elmo, babaloo, Primos, varsity, Nine, Jaku, John Digweed


Game 1: FTNguyen def. Assassins 4-3

Game 2: Assassins def. FTNguyen 12-7

Game 3: FTNguyen def. Assassins 12-4

I have all the logs in both .txt and broken html (need to embed css and make it color styles to make it look like ss chat, atm it's all black.)

GG WP etc. and I'll post a thread about the next season "soon", Blizzard style. Hopefully it won't suck as much as d3 <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />
my name Solartonix was all CAPS. I Want it allcaps too.. SOLARTONIX
[quote name='7th Saga' timestamp='1341595324' post='282838']

my name Solartonix was all CAPS. I Want it allcaps too.. SOLARTONIX


Yup, it was, but shows up on stats site as Solartonix all the time. I can't quite remember where it gets the capitalization from... could've been at a one game at a time basis.

I'll cruise control for cool your name, though. (cwidt?)

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