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Powerball league development and discussion


Post your ideas here! Let's be optimistic and hope this gets going Smile.

smallpub can be found at ?go powerball


minipb at ?go minipb


smallpb3h at ?go smallpb3h

Arena settings corrected to include wall passing

correct ship spawn locations fixed.

The portal time decreased to 30 seconds.

Updated the site with what I have so far, working on the web interface to join and manage squad rosters. Needs quite a bit more work on matches and scheduling. If you haven't already hit me up with any feedback or ideas for the league.

Take a look:

nice job so far. login & entering site wouldn't work yet tho?

Right. Logins technically working on the site, but no one will be able to confirm their nick in-game until I pass everything by hallu and setup the bot.

Updated the site with what I have so far, working on the web interface to join and manage squad rosters. Needs quite a bit more work on matches and scheduling. If you haven't already hit me up with any feedback or ideas for the league.

Take a look:



Nice work on the site. Maybe incorporate Bootsrrap for Responsive features? nice use of font awesome, I dig the menu. Are you a JS developer?


I am really excited for Powerball league, owning your team last weekend proved to be more thrilling than I care to say.... looking to do it again Tongue
mindriot can be a dickhead at times. duly warned

WTF Get off my lawn!
@mindriot concentrating on making it functional before adding extra niceties like a responsive design. i'm totally fine with it being broken on iphones and smaller screen devices for the moment. i program for a hobby so yes i also develop using javascript. thanks for the feedback. i enjoy the game, whether it's me getting owned or u... as long as the ownage is legit, like kill me in a cool way Smile.

oh, so creating, leaving, managing, and joining squads is 99.99% complete. go ahead and try it.

little bit on how it works:

  • Anyone can create a squad.
  • You can change the name of your squad anytime. Names are not reserved (i.e. if you change your squad name from assassins to fortheluls, someone else can take assassins)
  • I will be confirming that you are the ?squadowner or have the squad tag in game for each squad in the league -- if you don't, you need a diff name.
  • You can only be on one squad at a time.
  • You can leave your a squad at any time (however if you are the admin of the squad with other pilots, you need to ensure there is another admin before you leave).
  • If you leave a squad and it has 0 pilots, it's deleted (unless it has participated in past league games, in that case it is deactivated)
  • Deactivated squads may be reactivated (only by the squad creator -- aka people can bring back squads e.g. sterling/the dark)
  • You can request to join any squad.
  • Squad admins can promote or demote pilots on their squad to captain or even admin.
  • Squad admins and captains can accept or deny squad requests.
  • Admins and captains can kick players of a lower or equal rank off the squad.
i will be wiping the database clean when the league officially starts so everyone feel free to help test now. pls.

7th is making the team  "gauntlet"   to own all.  that is all.



oh wait that is not all.


you should make it so that if you create a squad you auto join that squad.  for some  reason I am not a member of my squad..


and why can't I add anybody who requests to be on the squad?  or there are no notifications or I don't see any where that I can Accept them

Yes, people who create squads are automatically added to that squad as the admin. You can accept or refuse requests if you're a squad manager for your squad (to be that you have to be a captain or admin on your squad). Let me try to figure out what happened here.

Ok fixed it. I forgot to do something when I updated the site yesterday and you ended up still being on a deleted squad (I deleted all squads, but never updated pilot's squads, so you were on a squad that didn't exist)

Okay, got it to work. 


you could also under top members put a clause in that shows who is a captain on that squad or have a separate list.  That can always come later though.

yeah I haven't styled or decided on what I wanted to include on the squad list (/squads), or what should be on each squad's page (/squads/gauntlet), same thing goes for /pilots and /pilots/7th. Probably stuff like squad wins and losses, the roster obviously (with ranks kind of like the manage page).

i'll keep this post as a list of todo so people have an idea of what's final and what's still a work in progress.

  • /pilots - sortable list of pilots, sorted by rank/goals/etc/?? will have pagination
  • /pilots/<pilot-name> (individual pilot pages) - rank, graphs (rank over time), goals, goals compared to league average, visual, link to list of pilot's games. aliases, last played at (or should this be last seen?).
  • /pilots/<pilot-name>/games
  • /squads/
  • /squads/<squad-name> (individual squad pages)
  • /squads/<squad-name>/games
  • /squads/<squad-name>/history/<date> or something that lets you view the roster at an exact date in time
  • squad roster limit - 8/10/12??
  • For squads, let people set a nice squad avatar/image... (still need to decide on best method so people don't abuse and upload porn to server)
  • /games - all games played sorted by date (most recent), with pagination
  • /games/<game-id> (like /games/12309429)**
  • /league/schedule - schedule by weeks (e.g. WEEK 1: Dropships vs LLamas (default: 4pm Saturday))
  • /league/standings
  • /league/<league-number>/ - standings, champion, etc?
  • figure out the best way to do flexible scheduling. (thinking right now: both squad's captains must submit a single time to play 3 days in advance, otherwise it defaults to Saturday or something.)
  • very robust search, search for all games where pilot1 played pilot2, search for all games with 10 assists by one pilot, etc...
  • game reporting, & compute pilot rank/skill change when games are reported
  • confirming people's nicks for when they register to the site (!confirm <confirmation-code>)
  • !next - queuing up in powerball arena, also forces people to register or they will only be able to spec
  • keeping track of games (99% complete*, only need to prettify the game stats output)
  • scoreboard graphics toggling (lvz toggling)
  • team balancing
  • bot will check schedule everyday
  • bot will automatically handle matches/starting them
  • losses reported and logged for each team that noshows
  • what to do when squads show less than the required amount of players?
  • ... probably more I haven't thought of yet
*note mervbot doesn't know ballposition when the ball is not being carried -- need asss to log goal shot trajectories. potentially another method too. (tracking ball position is complete, will integrate with stats later)95% complete (last todo: multiple balltracker instances for multiple arenas/bots)
**95% complete (last todo: sortable tables)
So I looked at some old files I had and found some of the old settings values I recorded. These are accurate.


SoccerBallThrowTime 700 (7 seconds)

SoccerBallProximity 64 (64 pixels)

SoccerBallFriction 4

SoccerBallThrowSpeed 4000


Not sure what the values are currently in ?go powerball but i'll have hallu confirm them. Right not the values that aren't exactly correct are the warbird and jav thrust, as well as bullet alive time and damage.


Also I updated the map tileset in ?go powerball, waiting on hallu to update it. Here's a screenshot.

[Image: 8M9dF6V.png]

good, would like to see the same settings.

?go minipb - is updated with this map and these settings changes.


Updated site (with some unfinished work that I wasn't planning on pushing), reason: I put this new feedback thing in the bottom right, use that to submit ideas/feedback on powerball league.


This thread will just be me posting updates on development (until the forums ded lol). Ok so powerball prac bot is almost complete. Powerball league bot will be 90% of the pracbot with minor changes so it will be easy (e.g. remove queuing with next, no team balancing, and other teams related stuff).

Some info on the bot. Stats that are currently being tracked for players:

Death, Kill, Pressure, Steal, Turnover, and Ballcarry.

Not implemented yet: Goal, Assist, Save.

About pressure -- players will be awarded a pressure if they kill the current ball carrier, or if they kill the last ball carrier within 0.5 seconds of them having had the ball. pretty much a ballkill.


I don't plan on tracking ball carrier damage, nor ball time.


Can take a look at the code and track changes here

Sounds awesome. I'll be sure to avoid this entirely to help maximize players' experience!


One thing, you link is typoed. You've just put Weasel instead of Weasal. Manually changing the address resolves it. Might want to edit the link.

One of the three most dangerous people in Subspace.
Thank you nude i edited it. you are very welcome to play.

Going to be testing the powerball prac bot today and tomorrow.

The bot's very much in development and nothing's set in stone so everyone please feel welcome to criticize. Slowly getting feedback from people -- one person told me he didn't like the limited team size and player queue.


Right now how it works is that there's a queue: players use !next, !remove, and !showline commands to enter/exit/see the queue respectively.

When they are next in queue and a spot opens up in the game they have 15 seconds to enter using !sub. You can't choose which team to sub in on.

Winning team stays in.

I know last weekend's event was less than stellar, yes I was hosting it, sorry for the hiccups! Hopefully will go smoother this time.


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