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Season 31 Schedule & info
Season 31 will start this Sunday, the 12th. The actual 3+4 pm split will be posted shortly.

Rosters will be "soft-locked" on Sunday. After that time, you may move around squads' rosters but it will take a moderator to complete the move. Both the player and receiving captain must ok the move. No moves on Sundays.

The season will be a hefty 14 weeks, and then everyone makes playoffs. I'm thinking we could even do something crazy like split it top 2 byes, next 4 quarters for pro, bottom 2 duke it out for AML championship in a best of.. I dunno, seven. To make their series last as long as pro action anyways. Or in case of drop outs, just X for pro.

P.S. A1 graphics for Sterling coming soon

P.P.S. There's a 2v2 tournament on the 11th.
I clearly have no idea how the rules of 4v4 work. I would have played that game if i thought it should play. They were not there they did not have enough players to play.

So i did not play the game.

Should have been a win by default.

I will play any game if the rules are in place for me to see it.

Trying to get people to play 4v4 on sunday was annoying the hell out of me.

Best of luck all <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' /> i'll gladly play you a practice 3v2 with tyrant on me a turret when i return.

Kill the squad "Renegade" from league.

I'll see you in chaos.

best of luck all.

Back after a month or so.

If i needed to start the game when i was sitting in the arena at 3pm with 2 players and no players on the other team. Thus "officially" starting game i didn't think i could do so nor was it necessary as they were no-showing. If i was being nice and saying sure show up later and we will play 2v2 that would have been fine. I was not being nice i was taking a technical victory. If this was the case and i had to "START the GAME" then i made an error and lost by quiting. Also was it not the case that was the 2nd no-show in a week thus killing the team.


If we had agreed about playing then we would have played 4v2 or 4v3.

Any please detail my complaint and then remove my posts I'm only interested in understanding how that didn't count as a win. There will be no long term benifit to these comments remaining.

You cannot "take" a technical victory, sir.

The games are announced at 3 and 4ish pm. Then the 10 minute timer for squads to show up kicks in. Then the games are !started, if both teams have 2+ players and want to play it.
Schedule for "round 2" of the season.

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