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Folks, it's good to be back
To all the people who were once an integral part of my childhood/youth,

It's good to be back. After years of retirement from subspace/continuum, during which my mind would often wander to the amazing days I had playing with each and everyone of you, let's bring ASWZ back in full-force.

I hope all of you have been living it up these last couple of years. I've lost touch with pretty much all of you, and it would be great to reconnect with everyone in an ASWZ game. Even willing to bring out my brother, hobbes.fu, for this occassion haha.

Joined the fb group but will continue browsing the site in full after work tomorrow.


Hi night, was certainly great times back then. My memory's not terrific but I do remember some awesome tourny games in Prestige with you, hobbes and many others. Also vaguely remember being in the short-lived 'Ministry+' (cant remember who made it but do remember Div and Demo were in it)

If any of you ever find your way to Ontario, stop by the GTA for a drink on me. Cheers to old times

All the best,

I played this zone for a long time years and years ago during it's early days.

I have contact with 3 others that would be willing to play again. I saw divine posted a couple years he still around anywhere?
yes, i still see him on chat (.?chat=aswz)
Right on. I emailed him earlier. I have contact with 3 other guys from the old days. If we can get the server back up, or at least get the map changed in the ASWZ arena on Chaos, we can prob get some games going. That map in the ASWZ arena of Chaos is's too big. We need one of the original maps.
"" - e-mail me whatever you want put up/changed

if anyone can ever find the bot, could also load that in the arena.
Ooo, I'm for it! ASWZ was very special for me too.

I can't really spend the time to help make this happen, but I've tried to leave what I've got packaged in a nice way:


Also, with the new arena sharing across zones we should get ?go aswz listed there. (If you've been away, a handful of zones are sharing arena lists now; so ?arena can list arenas from other zones.)

Lately I've been playing a bit in powerball and like night said I am on ?chat=aswz
Chaos Zone has hosted an aswz arena for quite a while now -- ?go aswz

Let me or Polix know of any probs with it.


P.S. don't forget regular Warzone every Sunday at 5pm ET -- ?go 0warzone
is this momentum i see? pretty soon we'll have a 30-person aswz game haha. i've been having a few 1v1 flagging games with X-Demo recently

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