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Pro Season 11 - Play-Offs
Sleuths and people not prone to headaches welcome:

In Season 11 of Pro League (Premier League 3 Pro Div) the competing teams were Assassins, Bad, B.I.A., The Dark, Devil, Interloper, Intrepid, Prevail, Quality Control, RaDaR, Sterling, Typhoon and Unhallowed.

From the regular season, the standings when recreated seem to show the following: BIA, Intrepid, Interloper, Assassins, RaDaR, Sterling, Unhallowed, Quality Control, Devil, Typhoon, The Dark, Prevail, Bad.
I say "seem" because one match result was missing (neither team would have featured in play-offs), and I am uncertain how no-shows were scored at the time.

So a play-offs series - one would think - would feature the top 4 or 6 teams. A top 8 seems a lot of teams for a 13-team competition.

Round 1 of play-offs saw:
- Unhallowed 12 def Assassins 3
- Interloper 12 def RaDaR 3
- Sterling 12 def ??? 4 (the Sterling win was reported by speccers joining the log for Interloper/RaDaR)
These teams were the teams placed 3rd thru 7th, and 1st. 2nd and 3rd were not mentioned but 1st & 2nd did later play in the Final.

The season concluded with an Intrepid championship. BIA were runners-up. 

I am at a loss to understand how these play-off matchups worked - maybe it was a final 8 and Sterling's win was over QC? Maybe it was a Top 7 with Sterling defeating Intrepid - but if so, then how did Intrepid make the final if it was single-elim.

The first round of play-offs was indeed referred to as "Round 1", not as "Quarter-Finals", so maybe it was an extended series with double-elim structure.  The season prior, though was a Top 6 from 12 teams. The one prior was a 7-team playoff series from a league of 16.

That first round was played the weekend of October 27, 2002.

Yeah. I know this might seem like a pointless exercise to most, but I'm keen to understand it. So if anyone remembers how it played out, or has records of it ... or if they can visualise the play-offs structure that was being applied, I'd be keen to know.

You could ask me why I want to know, but I doubt you'd have time for the answer  Tongue

- Nude

Edit: Teams shown in play-offs were those placed 1st through 7th (1st and 2nd played in the final, 3rd thru 7th played in the first round of play-offs)
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