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Question re Euro League's early seasons
Can't nut this one out.

Difficulties have surfaced in understanding the first two seasons of Euro league.

I have learned from various sources:
- iNET and Euro are generally interchangeable terms for the name of the league.
- Euro's first season was one competition only. There may have been no references to Omegas and so on.
- The winner of the first title was Three Crowns.
- In Season 02, Three Crowns would be renamed as Made in Sweden.
- Requiem joined in Season 02, and won the championship.
- All of this seems to be with reference to the premier competition (Pro/Omega). BALLISTICS (shown below) also mention their pride in retaining Omega status.

Now, the issues occur when I start integrating result data from various sources.
- Requiem's account of their first season (allegedly Season 02) spans matches from July to September, 1998.
- BALLISTICS website state their first season spans matches from May to August and later (undated), 1998.
- - They also mention that the next season is due to start in October.

So that sounds like Season 02 was through mid-1998.

BUT, one of BALLISTICS' opponents is given as Three Crowns, a team that should have changed name to Made in Sweden for Season 02.
- This suggests that the season was Season 01. The following season includes BALLISTICS referring to MiS as "last season's champions", suggesting mid-1998 was Season 01.
- BALLISTICS also fail to meet Requiem during the season (although not every match seems to have been recorded).
- The following season, BALLISTICS meet both Made in Sweden and Requiem. This sets off an alarm because there is some cause to believe Requiem only played one season in Euro League.

I have no idea now what's Season 01 and what's Season 02 Sad

So if anyone with a photographic memory would like to chip in and show me where I'm going wrong, I'd be most appreciative!

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Well I don't know about dates but I do know this.

- Requiem didn't play season 1.
- To complicate things we may have changed Three Crowns to MiS sometime in the middle of season 2. Candyman might be able to verify that.
Thanks Arctos, it's an odd one.

as per the news archive files in Underlord's SubRealm site file repository he posted in another thread:
( filename Pro > Archives > arch23524.html )

Quote:Sunday March 7, 1999

Requiem defeated Elysium 10-4 and then 12-0 to win the iNET Omega league championship. Vulchin' Victor was MVP 6-0.

Requiem's website state dates of matches from July to September 1998, and express regret that they didn't capture play-offs information. (the webmaster was Damien).

Not that this was the time of VIE's implosion, over in VIE Pro competition play was repeatedly suspended from November 1998 through February 1999 as competitions scrambled for server hosting and any solid ground to get a foothold.

What's odd is that BALLISTICS website summarise matches in a season from May to August 1998 (including a match v Three Crowns, and no clash with Requiem), and speak of a new season starting in October. Then in that following season: "December 6, 1998. Score: BALLISTICS 3, MiS 12. Last season's champions prove to be another tough match ..."

If Requiem had hopped in to the last half of Season 1, winning all their games but being too late to gather enough wins to contest play-offs, this would all make sense. But nobody thinks they did.
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I can tell you my first login was in April of 1998 on the Euro Billing Server (this was when VIE was still up, of course). Req did not venture into Euro territory until that moment, at least not in an official capacity (because I remember talking to Dura about getting us in). Not sure if that helps.

And I could swear we won it like 2-3 times before we got bored. Candy might be able to remember.

Thanks for the info HG. More grist for the mill.

Hmm ... April 1998 is the start date of Euro Season 01.

That side of the conflicting details is getting more support than the data set (of dates) provided by Damien on the Requiem website - Requiem website per
July 19, 1998 -
Quote:A brand new season for the league and our first game in the season. We turreted on Laggin' Lucas and finished the last two up. Great win to start off the season.
- Requiem website.
He'd even gone so far to express that it was the season's start ... sigh.

You can see how it conflicts with timestamping from other sources here:
[Image: oNFXAhI.jpg]
(Babypoo coloured arrow depicts Damien's "special" approach to the calendar)


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One of the three most dangerous people in Subspace.

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