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If you are locked out of Chaos/League Zone...or can't find it on the Directory Server
There is a condition where you or someone you know is playing in Chaos/League zone, then is kicked out, and can't get back into the zone - all you see is the scrolling stars, and you never get into the zone. Here is what to do:

0) This is the Game Server and the Biller going into defensive mode because most likely you packet flooded the Game Server, so they lock out your IP to prevent further "attacks." Get a new IP, and you can get in, e.g. a VPN. IMPORTANT: read the rest of this post to get a better idea of what to do, and more importantly what NOT to do (e.g repeatedly try to get into the zone).

1) Don't panic. Get yourself a Fresca. You will get back into the zone but it might take some time.

2) DO NOT TRY TO REPEATEDLY ENTER THE ZONE. This will make the time you are locked out longer. If you can't get in once, STOP TRYING TO GET IN.

3) Read this post thoroughly and follow what I say.

Since I do not have access to the source code or direct access to the game server, the information I have been able to deduce, which I will present here, is far less than perfect. There are several possibilities, but one of the things I list below should help.

Things to remember:
1) You are not banned by the staff. (If you are banned, you will see a notice to that effect.)
2) The staff cannot fix this for you. Even if I recycle the server it will not let you in.
3) Moar Fresca
4) We can't tell how long you are locked out for.
5) We can't tell if you are still locked out or not. You have to try and get in.

Possibility #1: 
Your networking is screwed up or you have a local ISP related issue. 

What to do? Reset everything. 
1) Power down your computer, all routers, all modems. 
2) Wait 5 full minutes. 
3) Turn it back on and try to enter the zone again - ONE TIME ONLY.

If you still can't get in then you might be Possibility #2:
An issue with your ISP or local networking caused the server to think you were attacking it. The server automatically goes into defense mode, and locks you out for a while. This is to defend against DDoS attacks etc.

What to do? Wait.
1) If you only tried to log in once and it failed, wait one hour and try again.
2) If you still can't get in, wait ONE DAY.
3) If you still can't get in, wait THREE DAYS.
4) If you still can't get in, wait ONE WEEK.

We've had people get locked out apparently for months, but that was due to them repeatedly trying to get into the zone, which causes the server to up the amount of time they were locked out.

Again, sadly I cannot resolve this problem for individuals in the community and that I don't have more definitive info. 

So, seriously, just be patient and wait and it should lift the lockout and you should be back to playing pretty soon.


P.S. you can also refer to this thread discussing some of this:

P.P.S. Addendum:
-- No, we can't tell if you are still locked out. You have to try to get in.

P.P.P.S. Addendum:
If the directory server is down, you can manually add the zone by copying these lines using notepad into your zone.dat file in your continuum directory (back up the file first!)

SSCXX Chaos/League Zone SVS,,13500,,0
#Chaos is the longest running zone. 4v4 Pro League is the longest running league and home to the best players in the game. ss://

P.P.P.P.S. Addendum:
It is also possible to solve this by using a VPN, or by using a wireless hotspot - something that will get you a different IP.

One player has reported that he was able to get the ISP to give him a IP even though he has a static IP by changing only the last digit the mac ID of his modem/router, and restarting everything. You'll have to reference your router documentation to see if that's possible for you.
Still no solution to this eh? I tried all the above methods, no luck.
Who does have access to the game server?  it should be a simple matter to release the IP ban, Maybe we could even figure out whats causing the issue

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