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New Bot Server is up!
The new bot server is up and running everything now:
-- bots
-- stats
-- forums
-- chaos website

Stats are all there, and play COUNTS! Have fun and let me know of any probs you see. Thx.


Update: All bots up now - should be fully functional now! --hallu
I've tuned the DB a bit, so some queries that were slow (very slow) should be fast now. Chaos-Bot was lagging out almost every hour when he did a long query - should be fine now [not yet!]. If you see any bots responding slowly, or disappearing after you give a command, please let me know.

Side Note: I've changed the Bot Server timezone to be ET (has always been CT) to 1) match the game server 2) be the timezone people are most used to translating from/to.

Pic found some prac stats that are wrong (rating too high) - I'm still diagnosing. Thx Pic. [edit: now fixed]

If you see stats, etc that are wrong, please leave a detailed message about what you see and how I can see it (either an URL on the website and a description, or a cmd to the bot). Thanks.

I've activated email from the forum now, so you can get pinged for replies etc.


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