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Three's shitty Season 43 Pro League Analysis
So a few people asked me to write this up. After giving the other post a quick glance, while I appreciate people who aren't involved in league at least trying to spike some sort of interest, I decided it would be in the peoples best interest, and perhaps mine, initially, to give at least from my perspective, a somewhat informed preview of the squads who are in pro league this season and what could happen.

Note: Rosters move and change, people have real life obligations, and that will cause squads to lose based purely on personnel showing, so yeah, shit happens.

Another Note: I didn't proof read this so I'm certain there are some spelling and massive grammar issues. Who really cares?

I also have heard BIA may be out of league, but I wrote this fucking thing out so I figured I would post their section anyway.

On to the squad write-up stuff.

Brothers in Arms (B.I.A.)

BIA, a team with a very storied history and a playoff staple team, is back.

Current roster: Sika, Tunahead, ossi, Candyman, Odin, BugKiller, Hook, Jinxi, Sabrewolf, Menteroth

Analysis/Comments: Menteroth, to my knowledge, hasn't actually played Subspace Pro League since season 5 or 6 (ish) or so, when he and Legacy were on Devil… not sure why he is rostered but perhaps he will be active. Sika, the x-radar toggling game pad Madman. This guys a fucking animal and not to be trifled with. Good luck winning gun duels against him, but you can portal him basically any time. A lesson he never learned. Tunahead, a student from I believe the Addicts and Intrepid school, is no joke when practiced, don't test him on offense. Ossi is not to be fucked with, a great player who does it all, and drops some damage. J Candyman, AKA Gilgamesh, a storied dueler, has lost his way in the new generation. He used to be a top ranked pro player before my time and even a top Quake3 dueler, but hasn't been able to find his footing in the new league generation. He needs to step up and not lob to be taken seriously, to have any real impact in games, and to honestly not hang his team out to dry (stop trying to Leviathan you're fucking horrible in it, stick to the Warbird and attack). Odin, Bug, Hook, Jinxi, Sabrewolf, it's been a minute since I have seen these guys really play. Sabrewolf, despite the incorrect spelling of his name (see Killer Instinct game), can hold his own on the defensive end and a bit on offense, but activity, along with the rest of the aforementioned crew, is questionable. Jinxi, hasn't been the same to me for quite some time and I still blame him for ONE's season 7 loss against Quality Control in the semi-finals, denying a Requiem-ONE finals. Hook/BugKiller, other players from the Addicts school, can be lethal if practiced, but need to find their form.

Dream lineup: Sika, Tunahead, ossi, Hook, first sub: I guess BugKiller assuming everyone is 100% warm? This team is VERY weak at the 4th spot currently assuming all are active and assuming all currently show, the 4th spot would be the target instantly and would be apparent 5 minutes into any real match against a decent team with 4v4IQ.

Suggestions: As much of a racist and a pain in the ass Caerbannog is, you guys need him as your 4th, in a real ship (Warbird). Also it wouldn't hurt to add fedu although he's fodder without support and even then I now have my questions about his play. Where are the likes of Megaman, Captor, Pilo, bhang, and other old EGO/Addicts players, etc.? Get on it BIA captains.

Damage Dealt per Minute (DDPM)

A new team, the brainchild of Ozn and Three, under an undetermined name initially, enters pro in an attempt to re-balance league and birth new life into this game.

Current roster: FUEGO, Ozn, idiot box, Buny, develop, Psycho, 2, Euripedes, hedcase8, designator

Analysis/Comments: My overall look at this team, no, not based on fucking E-rating, HERP DERP, is that this team has the potential to win pro outright. This is not a team, should everyone show and be warm, anyone wants to meet in the post season. As much of a headcase as FUEGO can be, he is a VERY good player. Should he keep a lid on things, watch out. Ozn, a dear friend, from the legendary ONE, BEFORE our current league even existed, using many names, Love You, CHARGER, etc., has seen it all, played and beat the best before most of us knew what a pussy was (via Sheeba table leg photos). Idiot box, sorry bro, pretty sure you're blur and I'm putting it on blast, if I'm wrong, so be it. A darkslayer, great pro and powerball player. A bit more on the defensive side than I would like to see sometimes but teams do need that balance so it does work provided you have the correct lineup. Develop, another friend, sick on the offensive side, a guy you DON'T want coming after you, a little loose sometimes and will try to take on too much, go into corners, and toggles antiwarp so portals can be used against him. Buny, I think he is Dreamery, solid player, comes from The Dark, if warm, he will be a nightmare for people to face on the flanks. Psycho, who comes from the Presence, Intrepid, Elements school is in my opinion, when he's SOBER, the most under-rated player in this league. You don't want this guy playing against you come Sunday. 2, someone who I have given ample shit, is one of the best duelers, but needs a higher resolution and needs to stop having tunnel vision. If he had my 4v4IQ, I don't think he would die, ever, but we have yet to see that day. Euripedes, is still a bit of a loose cannon, needs to use items better, stay with the team, but actually a pretty cool dude and can make an impact when it matters if he focuses. Designator, season 20 HUGE, won't be that active this season come match time but is a great starter to force reps, get a few quick kills, keep pushing the pace, and sub right before the full-sub marker timer expires. Hedcase8, even keel, getting better in pro (from IML), and yeah, he could buy all our assets out right with a snap of a finger.

Comments: Activity Sunday to Sunday may be a little dodgy, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Dream lineup, if everyone is warm: Ozn, Psycho, develop, Buny, first sub: FUEGO for develop - changes all depending on who this squad is playing against as idiot box fits much better against certain teams, and certain lineups.

Suggestions: Ozn already knows what to do. Manage personalities, then win. Psycho to SC to Weasel late game to finish off opponents.


Another new team, that wouldn't be branded as a team of old, split from the team originally created with Ozn in hopes of both re-balancing and expanding Premier League so league can survive and grow.

Current roster: KriLYu, honeybadger, Ra, ivf, Storm, DarkDenizen, T-C-B, Arctos, Explisive, Hendrix, Malstryx

Analysis/Comments: Jesus christ I'm only on squad number Three, no pun intended? Fuck me man. KriLYu, aka The Village Bike, great player, has had serious success and failure in the post season. He was a solid late addition to this squad and can pay serious dividends. A Sterling and Outlaws/FTN product, KriLYu, with the right support, can be lethal. Ra, a Rebels/Outlaws product, and great powerball player, has found his stride as of late in Pro League; he isn't someone you want to cross. His team work has been an eye opener, and someone who can be depended on in any situation. ivf, a Trench Wars God, displayed his talents in his Premier League post-season debut last season, in the finals no less, where he dominated Outlaws, showing what he can do with a little direction and faith. He is among the breakout candidates for this season. Storm, the content Fin (is that possible for Finnish people?), another last minute addition to Godkiller, has some serious untapped skill, and isn't someone you want to get up close to. He will turn heads this season. DarkDenizen, an old friend and Diablo 1 companion, has returned to Subspace to play once again, a product of various squads including Outlaws, DD has the will to deliver when called upon and will always keep everything on an even keel. T-C-B, aka Fury from ONE, like Ozn, a product of one of the best competitive squads in Pro League history, is back, and is ready for the opportunity to produce on the pro level once again. Arctos, an old squad mate and solid player, has returned and "got his 40 lb. monitor out of the fucking closet" to play subspace again. Welcome back! Hendrix, a ReDS player of old, is making his way back into pro league, working out kinks in his setup, and is eager to contribute. Malstryx, aka Palin, a former member of various squads including Devil and darkslayers, a true powerball talent, is now active and will be making his mark this season. Explisive, who comes from various squads, ReDS, RaDaR, Betrayal, Critical Mass, etc., is the king of the follow-up currently in Pro. He carried that torch on Critical Mass's run to the finals, and carries that torch into his return to pro this season. honeybadger, AKA Three, well, honey badger doesn't give a fuck. 

Dream lineup: Time will tell.

Suggestions: 4V4IQ = Winning



One of the last squads that remains in league from the times of old, an honorable team, filled with guys that want to both win and have fun. They are the defending Pro League Champions, albeit with a somewhat drastically different starting lineup.

Current roster: Covert Agent, Street Fighter, Dagger, Savage, Psyanide, Ghostbuster17, Acidfreak, Kejami, Gunishment, twista

Analysis/Comments: I can't say I have seen Covert Agent since Nightwatch's demise, then again, with Kejami's return, anything is possible. I think both of these players can add value but time will tell if that value will really reflect in the pro game today. Street Fighter has been fighting the good fight, longer than even Garcon ever did on phatboys before going to Requiem, he is a great aggressive player who just needs support and I'm not sure he's going to get it. He is great at getting out of bad spots but ends up pushing the pace too much, getting out of position, and blowing ships because he is forced to do alone what should be done as a team. Savage and Ghostbuster17, who I think are brothers, when warm are actually pretty good aggressive players and can be a force. Twista is a cool dude, whose activity has dwindled in recent years but he’s a very realiable and under-rated pilot. Acidfreak, a believe a product of Unhallowed, is really feast or famine and the weasel spears in matches are very hard to connect on vs. random practices. He’ll have to adjust his game to see sustainable success come regular season. Psyanide, a very old player, always manages to get kills when you think he won’t, but also manages to blow items and ships by not playing on an even keel. You need to trust your team mates to have success in pro. Dagger’s activity has also dwindled as of late and he hasn’t really been as committed as he used to be. His multifire spraying in game one of the finals this season last made it evident he wasn’t ready for the big stage, but he has potential.


Dream lineup (Predicated on the entire roster being active): Street Fighter, Savage, Ghostbuster17, twista, first sub: Psyanide 

Suggestions: You need another straight up agro killer to push the pace as the current roster has in-actives (to my knowledge), that can't deliver as they won't be online. However, I wouldn't sacrifice your culture to get someone volatile as that will break up your team. :/

Starfire Elite

Another old team that’s still battling it out, SFE returns for another season. I do say I sometimes have a soft spot for them, as I did Nightwatch, as they continue to keep going despite varying levels of success in league, especially since the dwindling population has created less teams on the AML side of the scale.

Current roster: Shikaa, MizzKitty, Mauler, Something Dutch, G o G o, Pog, MfA, Lord Lincke, light--, Ankh, INRI, SubJunky, Solar Hydro


Analysis/Comments: I have to say I don’t know nearly enough about half of the guys on this team. I do think there are a lot of inactives on this roster and that the team needs to start scouring other zones (Trench Wars) for untapped talent and activity.

Dream lineup: Shikaa, G o G o, Mauler, Pog, first sub: light—until MizzKitty can learn how to play as a team.

Suggestions: Teamwork needs to be paramount next to your recruitment of active players from other zones. Start using discord. If you already are, get more active as a team to practice.


Sterling returns after a decent hiatus to terrorize pro league once again. A very old team, originally captained by I believe Five Venoms back in the 90’s, has a very colorful history, but when then flag drops, despite some of the antics, they don’t fuck around.

Analysis/Comments: Rage, aka BlueFluffyBunny, BFB, Jake, has been one of and still is one of the top players in this league for over a decade. With his excellent positioning and aggression, 4v4IQ, and tenacity only rivaled by the honeybadger, I would make sure you spectate him whenever he plays. Maimer, DIAL THE NUMBER 1-800-BETRAYAL, a fucking fantastic player, is hopefully back and will be active. Whenever this guy is in, consider your shots that hit will be followed up on instantly. Tool, aka Lunacriss, a \REDSHIFT/ warzone veteran, is arguably the best Spider player this league has ever seen and will really piss you off with the energy drain coupled with Rage’s EMP’s. Traxx and Odak are back, both superior duelers and great 4v4 players, will add value and good support for the Spider/Weasel onslaught. Odak needs to stop burning items and ships for no reason in practices as I think that may translate to wasted points in matches. Gruntster has been added to cheerlead on Sterling. I hope he calls more matches this season, but objectively. We do appreciate the recordings, I just wish they were more technical and had a lot less bias. I think activity will be a serious issue for varsity but time will tell. He’s a cool dude, a good agro player, and can add a spark on offense. Bloodyessence has returned, I have to say I really don’t remember too much about him, we’ll see what he can bring to the table. Ojo/bick, the trash talking rocketing duo, despite being serious trolls, can do some damage behind the Rage wrecking ball. Let’s see if they don’t lose their shit, as the garbage practice bad habits transfer over to matches.

Dream lineup: Rage, Maimer, Tool, Traxx, first sub: Odak

Suggestions: Leave Seismic under whatever stone he has crawled under as he’ll yell at Tool for an entire match spamming yellow chat after he (Seismic) dies out like an idiot and cause people to lose interest in playing.


Symphony returns for another season and looks to be actively practicing, which is encouraging.

Current roster: retroaction, the seven year itch, Svenfactor, Seriel Killer, Peeking Duck?, a suicidal dentist, Pivotal, Uncivilized, Groovy Aardvark, floating gun, Curi, Jokexter, Suri

Analysis/Comments: Honestly a lot of names on this roster that are mostly active, but I’m extremely tired of typing at this time. You guys need to get Pivotal under control and focused on playing with the team instead of getting into it with every single person that plays. He also drops a ton of damage so use that do your advantage. I wouldn’t get too many gimmick ships in as you’ll get out maneuvered and smashed in the open.

Dream lineup: The Seven Year Itch, Retroaction, Peeking Duck?, Svenfactor, first sub: Pivotal

Suggestions: Keep up the practices, I would ditch the Leviathan though as it’s going to get your team separated and picked apart. Also Pivotal needs to get more into the action vs. the lobbing to get random practice kills and damage. The only way you’re going to win is with better teamwork, and perhaps a few better players.

The Dark

From Event Horizon -> “HE’S COMING, WHOSE COMING?!” “THE DARK”

Current roster: blink, Nadai, Legacy, YELLOW HAMMER, Da Monkk, JackMove, POWER, Robo, Benji, Joe Jr., Thief, Thor, dozzman, peabrain

Analysis/Comments: Honestly this team is nothing short of a juggernaut on paper, and again, I’m really fucking tired of typing obvious John Madden stuff at this time. All of these guys at the top end of the roster can play, they have tons of playoff and finals experience, they know what to do and how to do it, most if not all have played together before. They are finals bound. It will be interesting to see if Robo and Thor can assimilate into this team and add value, although I honestly don’t see them getting much playing time in the serious playoff matches against DDPM/Sterling.

Dream lineup: Blink, Nadai, Yellow Hammer, Da Monkk, First-sub: Legacy

Suggestions: Not much to say here. Legacy should be subbing in instead of starting in some situations to take advantage of a full ship Weasel without deaths entering a match half-way through or even ¾’S in, and pure agro early from the lineup suggested above but, shrug. I wouldn’t let Thief aka Dre too close to the finals, he tends to worm his way in and explode despite being on the superior team.

Finals Prediction: A lot of ifs here, I don’t know if Maimer will be active on Sterling and if DDPM’s players will show. As that’s in question, I really think it will be a DDPM – The Dark final based on that. TD takes it, 2 games to 1. If DDPM players show and are warm, and Rages best show, I think it’s a coin flip as to who takes it between those 3 teams. It will be very interesting to see if the Spider/Weasel energy drain is nullified by the Terrier(s) that the Dark will use. I would think on it Rage as that might be a decent counter.

League MVP Prediction: Nadai seems to show to every match when a lot of other players don’t, so I’ll go for him to three-peat on this based purely on number of games played. The top 10 will be littered with TD/DDPM players, and Rage.

Quote of the pre-season: T-C-B> Just got back from two months in Europe drinking and fucking. I'm exhausted.




+1 for Event Horizon rec

seriously underrated film
well done sir
WTF Get off my lawn!
(07-23-2018, 12:18 AM)Gruntster Wrote:  well done sir

Thanks, I guess? Was only replying, but if you say so, thanks.
Oh hi friends

So many old names again, who rounded up everyone from the ss retirement home?

Make Powerball great again
Come back to us buddy, we miss you.

(08-12-2018, 09:53 PM)chrono Wrote:  Oh hi friends

So many old names again, who rounded up everyone from the ss retirement home?

Make Powerball great again

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