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S43 - Rd 2: Pre-season schedule
Yeah yeah, I know I said we would only have one round of pre-season matches but with BIA dissolving and a few other issues cropping up it's best we go one more round.  Perhaps it will give us time to sort out an 8th team - there's certainly enough players for it if the will is there.  Symphony will take the bye for this round and of course everyone knows that having an odd number of teams ensures a bye (two actually) for each team during the regular season.  I'm currently working on getting a full season schedule made so people can plan their lives accordingly, however, with the fluid squad situations it's a bit difficult. I will get it done though and will post both here and in Discord.

Sunday, July 29th, 2018

Rd  2     3pm ET  StarFire Elite vs DDPM  4v4a  1325936
Rd  2     4pm ET  Sterling vs Llamas        4v4b  1325939
Rd  2     4pm ET  Godkiller vs The Dark   4v4c   1325940

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