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Pre-Season 44 Round 3: Matches scheduled for 2019-03-17
Matches scheduled for 2019-03-17

Pre-Season 44 Round 3 @ 3pm ET: Material vs Peeking Had 1 Job 4v4a 1331376

Pre-Season 44 Round 3 @ 3pm ET: StarFire Elite vs Bezbozhnik 4v4b 1331377

Pre-Season 44 Round 3 @ 4pm ET: Rockit vs The Dark 4v4c 1331378

!Regular season begins next week!
  All teams must have at least 8 rostered players.
(03-13-2019, 10:09 PM)Peeking Duck? Wrote:  !Regular season begins next week!  All teams must have at least 8 rostered players.

All teams need to have 8 players on the roster? Is that actually a requirement Peeking? Seems luxurious to me.

I created my squad with the intention of having 4-5 active pilots rostered, having 3 extra players to only ride the bench would be a disservice to them.
Please note that (most of) North America changed to Summer time, but that Europe did not, so the matches are 1 hour early for Euros.
Things sync back up on 31 March 2019.

Solar Hydro, Captain SFE(SFA)
For some reason I cannot reply to Cres' post in this thread as I can only see it if I'm viewing the forum as a guest. Cres, please can you message me on Discord when you have a chance. Thanks.
I can't find you on discord :crying-face:

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