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spam pms during matches
[Image: JnVwgOK.png]

Pretty sure this isn't allowed.

Guy gets rejected from both teams involved, gets mad and starts rage spamming me in PM for hours, starting during the match. A ban and psychiatric treatment are both warranted.

Additional outburst from his 3 hour long rage:

[Image: f5Cqb6l.jpg]

Guy has been doing this to various players for years. He's simply powerless to do anything but mash his backarrow so he waits until a player undergoes adversity to spam pm them with flame. Truly cockroach-like behavior. Seen him do it to Seismic, Jocker, Nacre, etc just to name a few. Especially troublesome for someone pushing his early 40s. To top it all off, its preseason LOL.

With that said, I humbly request that you take out the trash.
You are correct, this is not allowed. This thread should be a warning to anyone who does likewise. PM Spamming during matches is not allowed and never has been. If anyone does this during a match, simply do like Saiyan and screenshot, then send to me. I will sort it from there.

Thanks Sai, I will have a word with him.
not sure banning is a particularly useful strategy in these end days -- especially when commands like ?ignore still work, no?


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