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Pre-Season 45 Round 2b: Matches scheduled for Matches scheduled for 2019-11-17
Matches scheduled for 2019-11-17

PS45-Rd2b @ 3pm ET: Centidel vs Sterling 4v4a 1335618

PS45-Rd2b @ 3pm ET: Pharaoh vs StarFire Elite 4v4b 1335619

PS45-Rd2b @ 4pm ET: The Dark vs FinalSpace 4v4c 1335620

PS45-Rd2b @ 4pm ET: Sterling vs Pharaoh 4v4d 1335621

Sterling have graciously volunteered to play 2 matches this Sunday so I have placed them twice in this week's fixtures. Also, Pharaoh have just joined and I have given them 2 matches in order that all teams have played at least twice before the regular season begins. I have not consulted with the captain of Pharaoh prior to this, so there is a chance they may elect not to play 2 matches on Sunday. If so, that's their prerogative. 

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