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S45 Squad Analysis
Hello everyone, it's me again. Alright, enough small talk. Let's get down and dirty.


Alright first up, we have Centi-hwat...a squad of..insects. Cool. Thirteen aliases to uncover! Now that's a pretty fun game on the side isn't it. Ok so, since everyone's aliased and I have limited information as to who is who....I'd say their top line up would....include all the captains! Centichoro seems to love playing terrier, and enjoys pulverizing anyone who dares to gun duel him. Sorta like...well, a trap door spider! Centigrade prefers the weasel from the looks of things, and every team ideally should run a good weasel for burst potential and fast rep penetration. From the way Centigun plays, he's definitely a duelist. So yeah, bait the duel and then gang bang him like a group of asian thugs (joke). This Centizar fellow is what I would describe as a (ok I couldn't come up with anything). He'd either do something brilliantly fantastic, or something utterly retarded. Yup. My vote for first sub would be either Centient or Centipedes.


"To boldly go, where no fool has gone before." -FinalSpace. This team has the smallest roster out of the six teams this season, but that's not a bad thing. Every single person on that team are top notch players. Not really much to say, everyone's a powerhouse. My personal favorite line up for this team would include: 7empest, Reap3r, Nadai and Legacy. Street Fighter and 83NJ1 also to be rotated into the line up. From all the teams out there, I'd say it'd be a toss up between FinalSpace and The Dark to having the best teamwork as one unit. You can tell they actually have each other's back more so than the other teams, and as a result of a more patient and strategic plays, may seem a bit more passive by nature. But in reality, their teamed attacks are much more efficient than just going in and hitting anything in sight.


First we have a squad of insects, and now a squad of dead people. This game gets better and better every time. Another eleven aliases on top of the thirteen from earlier....okay. What can I possibly say about this team?? Tutankhamun appears to be the team's main source of offense. You'll see him charging in first every time whether he's on his first or last life. It really doesn't seem to matter to him. Khufu is like a solid rock you can rely on for both support and assistance. Ramesses has been playing well, hope he can keep it up throughout the season. x3rx3s is Pharaoh's main weasel player i believe. Probably most ideal person to finish the KO's. Akhenaten mastered the arts of spacerift continuum hopping, you won't ever know what to expect from that guy. Amenhotep III pilots the red ship. Just about every team has a red ship in their line up nowadays.

StarFire Elite

Please forgive me for I really don't know what to write about this team. These guys just takes a beating, and keeps on ticking! Personally waiting for the day where these guys can pull off some upsets during the season. With their current roster mind you, not through recruiting other people into the team. Individually, many have good skills and talent. Hard work always pays off. Something Dutch, MizzKitty, Pog and suri. Step it up boys.


This team has a monstrous roster, everyone's a literal beast. I feel this team has the highest offensive potential out of the six teams this season. They don't have a weak link to pick on. Ok well maybe they have one potentially...heh. But yeah, any combination of pilots from that roster will make a solid and decent line up. The additions of Rojo, idiot box and Euripedes really help solidify Sterling's road to victory. 

The Dark

Last but not least, The Dark. Reigning champs for N number of seasons. Blink and Da Monkk seem to be in form, so can't wait to see them in action. Yellow Hammer doing what he does best along with the addition of the seven year itch to the roster. I'd like to see thomas receive more play time, perhaps the next rising star?? This team has a very flexible composition in terms of ship variety. Monkk and seven favors terrier, and Yellow can fly terrier and also the spider. The only other team that can fly a spider would be Sterling.

That about wraps up my analysis for season 45. This is going to be a great season and may the best team win!
well done sir. I miss these from the olden days Smile
WTF Get off my lawn!

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