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S45 Pro League Finals: Matches scheduled for 2020-03-15
Matches scheduled for 2020-03-15

S45 Pro Finals (Gm1) @ 3pm ET: The Dark vs Critical Mass 4v4a 1338528

S45 Pro Finals (Gm2) @ 4pm ET: The Dark vs Critical Mass 4v4a 1338529

I want to make clear that even though I have scheduled both game 1 and game 2 for the same day, precedent (ffs not that again) is that only the first game is mandatory for this Sunday. In other words, if both teams want to play game 2 immediately after game 1, then it's already sheduled and they can proceed. However, if both teams do not agree to play the second match this Sunday, then games 2 and 3 (if necessary) will be played the following Sunday.

Good luck to both The Dark and Critical Mass and I believe TD are trying to match the record held by Assassins of 4 straight championships (although I need to check that to be sure).

Congratulations to Pharaoh for winning AML. No, I'm not taking the piss. They were very close to not having enough players, but Fedu stepped up and recruited some free agents to ensure their continued participation. So, well done to him and his team, also thanks to SFE for their remarkably good sportsmanship.
rock undt roll. I shall be there as your bot boy and recording
WTF Get off my lawn!

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