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Announcement - Draft this Sunday, April 26th @ 3pm ET
The draft will take place this coming Sunday, 26th April @ 3pm ET. It will be livestreamed by Ozn with special guest appearance by the one and only BloodyEssence and can be viewed on We will have 1 round of pre-season the following Sunday, 3rd May, with regular match play beginning on Sunday, 10th May.

We are also looking into the possibility of playing weekday matches whilst we are in lockdown, but that is dependent on squad make-up and ultimately must be a decision for each captain. Sign-ups will remain open, so if you know anyone who might be interested please forward this link to the sign up form. 

Additionally, I have reached out to Qan from Trench Wars to hopefully get something posted on the official Subspace Steam page. Looking forward to some balanced teams and seeing everyone have a chance to win and get their name on A1 (possibly A4 or wherever it fits on the map).

where is a list of people signed up?
WTF Get off my lawn!

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