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1v1 dueling tournament this sunday, 21st of June at 3pm et
Running 1v1 dueling tournament this sunday, 21st of June

tournament page:


few signup options available:

presignup in game, or on discord (pm msg captor) or register to and use this link to signup:

You can also leave me a message ingame ?message captor or captor+: register dueling tourney. Ill check those ingame message on sunday around 2pm et and add them then.

Pre-signup is preferred, but I will be taking ingame signups too around 2-3pm et ingame on sunday 21st of June.

Show up sunday 3pm et - starting games 3.10 pm et. Ill random brackets 3.05 pm et sunday.


All games are played in ?go duel - We will be using standard square boxes #1-3 for duels in tournament. Rest of the boxes (#4-8 are free for warmups). Arena boxes is  will be locked from other duels during tournament.

I will tell you what duel box we will be using on each game.

All games are best of 5, so you need 3 kills to advance to next round.

If you no show- your opponent gets a free win and advance to next round.

If you lagout during duel- it counts as 1 death.

You can shipchange during tournament to different ship after death.

32 is max players for this tournament. 
We will be playing each round complete and then start next round matches.

Im guessing whole tournament to take an about hour- hour and a half to finish

There is no participation fee, but if someone wants to give prices for winner, #2 and maybe for 3rd and 4th place players you can do it to make it more interesting Smile


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