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Master of Chaos (reprise) - Saturday 6 Feb, 3PM ET
[Image: bQK2LLg.gif][Image: lEjKZ3P.jpg][Image: bQK2LLg.gif]

Master of Chaos will make a return next weekend, with yours truly at the levers.

The MoC event is an elimination-style free-for-all which produces only one (or possibly zero) winners.

All players are thrown into a suspiciously Chaoslike arena, on solo frequencies. From there, the concept is to live, kill, and not die.

A death means the game is over for you. Additionally, there are timeframes within which you must achieve a kill, or also be eliminated through tardiness.

Generally most MoC events pare down to a 1v1 finale to produce a winner, although there have been a couple of time-related exceptions (see the actual rules below).

No sign-up, just show-up. Arriving late DOES run the risk of being denied entry.

For a taster, I'll be including some past event finales to whet the appetities in subsequent posts.

Any questions, feel free to ask!


Official rules blurb :
  The match is divided into rounds, each with a time limit. Type !time to see the time left in a round.

  If you die, you are eliminated. If you lag out or are specced, you are eliminated.
  You must get at least one kill each round, or you will be eliminated from the game.
  Sudden Death begins when there are only two players remaining, regardless of how many kills either player has.
  The name you use to win Master of Chaos is the name that will be permanently recorded.
  Use your regular name during Master of Chaos, as inappropriate names may be disqualified at any time.
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Ehh can't embed youtube here.

Well here's a playlist of every MoC finish I could find on Youtube, dated around 2010 to 2012.

Thanks mainly to the channel of okkeloon, and also one from SSCXChaosZone

2010-Aug - Jamuraan def Pretender
2010-Oct - Jamuraan def Aloe Vera
2010-Dec - KingNewbie def Sage
2011-Apr - kent is so hot def Cycl0ne
2011-May - BurstMonsta wins when Da Monkk def mr. penguin could not get a kill in time
2011-Jun - Legatus def danks
2011-Jul - develop def Fluffy Ball'n'Earz
2012-Feb - Static Burn def JOCKER
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Players who have said they will win MoC next week:
- teeko
One of the three most dangerous people in Subspace.
Thanks to everyone who came to the Master of Chaos event! It was 6am for me and I'd stayed up for it so I hope I didn't warble too much. I hope it was an enjoyable experience for everyone.

We had 33 players in-game and a few more spectating. Sadface for the small few who arrived a little late and pouted but it wasn't many.
Warbirds: Hammeri, FUEGO, SABREWARRIOR, telekenesis, GiGaMoNster, FuriousCharlie, Curi, new alias killa, Captor, MizzKitty, Simon Wins, n00bz, Revolution, loveless
Javelins: Orgasm, digital, Simon Benjivar, dikamerica
Spiders: None
Leviathans: Nevawas, fedu, faulty, 7th Saga
Terriers: Pog, Zwix, teeko, Fifth Element, NadaI
Weasels: jsix, Gipsy, 83-
Lancasters: A mirror
Sharks: lightbender, skunkk

Congratulations skunkk who won the event, in a final round shootout versus 7th Saga. A curious shark v lev finale, or as we say in the business : pewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpew versus FRIGGIN PEW!

All players in order of elimination from first out to the winner (with the kills they achieved in brackets):
33rd. loveless, 32. jsix, 31. Gipsy, 30. Revolution, 29. faulty, 28. dikamerica, 27. Hammeri, 26. Nevawas, 25. A mirror, 24. Fifth Element, 23. FUEGO (1 kill), 22. Simon Wins, 21. n00bz, 20. FuriousCharlie, 19. 83-, 18. fedu, 17. Curi, 16. Orgasm, 15&14. new alias killa & Pog, 13. telekinesis (1 kill), 12. Zwix (1 kill), 11. Simon Benjivar (1 kill), 10. MizzKitty (3 kills), 9. digital (2 kills), 8. SABREWARRIOR (1 kill), 7. lightbender (2 kills), 6. teeko (1 kill), 5. GiGaMoNster (2 kills), 4. Captor (2 kills), 3. NadaI (2 kills), 2. 7th Saga (4 kills), W. skunkk (4 kills)

Full timeline shown below:
 === Round 1 ===
 loveless(263) killed by: Simon Benjivar
 jsix(263) killed by: SABREWARRIOR
 Gipsy(264) killed by: NadaI
 Revolution(264) killed by: lightbender
 faulty(265) killed by: teeko
 dikamerica(265) killed by: Captor
 Hammeri(264) killed by: FUEGO
 Nevawas(266) killed by: digital
 A mirror(277) killed by: 7th Saga
 Fifth Element(267) killed by: Zwix
 FUEGO(274) killed by: lightbender
 Simon Wins(282) killed by: skunkk
 n00bz went to spec
 FuriousCharlie(271) killed by: MizzKitty
 83-(273) killed by: GiGaMoNster
 fedu(301) killed by: digital
 Curi(291) killed by: 7th Saga
 Orgasm(315) killed by: telekinesis
 new alias killa failed to get a kill in time
 Pog failed to get a kill in time

 === Round 2 ===
 13 players remaining: lightbender, SABREWARRIOR, telekinesis, skunkk, GiGaMoNster, digital, Captor, Simon Benjivar, Zwix, teeko, 7th Saga, MizzKitty, NadaI

 telekinesis(311) killed by: MizzKitty
 Zwix(290) killed by: 7th Saga
 Simon Benjivar(331) killed by: MizzKitty
 MizzKitty(328) killed by: Captor
 digital(299) killed by: NadaI
 SABREWARRIOR(335) killed by: GiGaMoNster
 lightbender(375) killed by: skunkk
 teeko failed to get a kill in time

 === Round 3 ===
 5 players remaining: skunkk, GiGaMoNster, Captor, 7th Saga, NadaI

 GiGaMoNster(364) killed by: 7th Saga
 Captor(436) killed by: skunkk
 NadaI failed to get a kill in time

 === Final Round : SUDDEN DEATH ===
 7th Saga(485) killed by: skunkk

 Winner: skunkk
One of the three most dangerous people in Subspace.
There has already been a little discussion following the MoC event with a popular suggestion that it be repeated, but not necessarily monthly. Once every three months has a bit of traction, while I'm leaning towards bi-monthly.

Also, as opposed to "the old days", we just spammed the event, right up to the start, in-game and on media - and chose to not forcibly abduct people into the arena. Personally I felt this was appreciated and I want to repeat this approach. If I want you to play my game, it's my job to sell you on it.

Feedback on both these points, and any other element, is encouraged! I'm a sucker for both serious questions/challenges and also for snide trolls so feel free to load me up with suggestions and criticisms!
One of the three most dangerous people in Subspace.
MOC every 1st saturday of the month at 5 pm ET

again this saturday

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