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Matches scheduled for 2022-06-12
Matches scheduled for 2022-06-12

S50 Rd7 @3pm ET: NoShows vs BAD ENEMY 4v4a 1359342
S50 Rd7 @3pm ET: Ynglings vs War Dance 4v4b 1359343

S50 Rd7 @4pm ET: PumpNdump vs tag ur it 4v4c 1359344
S50 Rd7 @4pm ET: Masters vs Cabras 4v4d 1359345
S50 Rd7 @4pm ET: top floor boss vs Cobra Kai 4v4e 1359346


Matches scheduled for 2022-06-19

S50 Rd8 @3pm ET: BAD ENEMY vs top floor boss 4v4a 1359347
S50 Rd8 @3pm ET: tag ur it vs Masters 4v4b 1359348
S50 Rd8 @3pm ET: PumpNdump vs Cobra Kai 4v4e 1359351

S50 Rd8 @4pm ET: Cabras vs Ynglings 4v4c 1359349
S50 Rd8 @4pm ET: War Dance vs NoShows 4v4d 1359350

Apologies for getting the match list up late, but Betty's credit card was declined and I had to wait for her to provide a new one.
Biller has hardware issues, so Matches are postponed until next week. Hopefully will be fixed in a day or two.

Biller back up now, so bots are back. To get ?chat back, etc. log out and back in.


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