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New Councils and Task Groups
New Councils and Task Groups

Over the past several months, we have seen some great things come out of the community working together. Thanks to this, we have come a long way, and to keep the momentum going, with a more organized and efficient pace of iteration, we will be creating new councils and task groups.

The inspiration for this is twofold. On the one hand, we saw the passion, dedication, and power of our community, while on the other hand, it became overwhelming with the current organizational structure. Important conversations were very long, involving too many people, and too scattered, to the point where some of those interested people were no longer able to contribute because it simply became too much to keep up with. Communication and transparency also suffered because of the chaos. In order to solve these issues, we are creating several task groups to focus on separate branches of development, like league format, discord, ships, maps, and bots, with the hope that they can move with more efficiency than a larger group.

The task group structure and philosophy also involves a new decision-making (voting) structure. Historically, we have had a voting pro council that has been made up of pro league captains, the league operator, and the zone owner. Now that we are finishing up our 5th season of draft league, we are seeing common themes that suggest that adopting a new structure may be more beneficial for the community. Most importantly, when we switched from standard league to draft league, the pro council, by preserving the traditional definition, unintentionally shifted its nature, moving from a core group of long-time captains to a constantly changing set every new draft season. While this is nice in theory for diversity of perspective and inclusion, it has shown to be inefficient and chaotic for the league overall, without having that long-term nature of the group.

In the spirit of reviving that longer-term core, while also recognizing the importance and benefits of representation, we are going to both split and expand the current pro council. The new stable core of the council will keep the traditional name of Pro Council, while the revolving group of captains will form the Draft Council.

There will now be a greater number of tenured members of the Pro Council that together with the league operator, will guide the league as a whole, and there will remain the full set of draft captains to work through issues that pertain to the particular season those captains are a part of, within the format decided on by a League Format task group.

The Pro Council will be the final voting body for task group proposals and general community matters. They will also help guide the task groups in some ways, but the goal is for the task groups to be the main think-tanks and to work mostly independently from the Pro Council, until they have a proposal ready for a final vote, with each task group having its own task group leader that organizes and runs the group.

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