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Season 29 Pro Finals & Other stuff
First off,

We need squads to announce their return fast. We need this to know if/how many draft squads we need to add for a league of 12-14 squads.

Don't worry, the draft squads' roster sizes can be varied to house the majority of players.


Now for the other league news.

!norating wins AML 2-0 over StarFire Elite. Dethknel MVP'd the first one on stats, 5-1 2AS 5FR. The second game was only 1 kill better for SFE, finishing 12-6. It was 6-6 at 29:55. Then MfA died out, and !norating didn't give SFE any freebies.

In Pro we had Assassins defeat The Dark 12-3 to move onto the Finals while Nguyens beat Sterling 7-4.

ossi was 5-0, 5FR in Assassins' game. But what shocks the world of spaceships more is three showing up after vowing not to ever show up. Who would've guessed <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':clapping:' />

Legacy exploded twice in 2:14, after subbing in with two lives. Although the game was 5-1 for Ass when he started exploding faster than ZDeathX goes through three ships of rockets.

Nguyens vs. Sterling was 1-1 until 32:04. Then it was 4-1 by 35:12. At 38:27 Porcupine had died twice in a spider and once in a weasel, making it 5-2 Nguyens who were now up 4v3. Knewwin and TVB picked up 7 and 6 FR.

Schedule for Pro Finals:

Nguyens will play Assassins on July 3rd at 4pm.

Then the following weekend on July 10th at 3pm and 4pm, if necessary.

Offseason usually kills activity in SS, and we can't really afford to lose activity now with Season 30 changing a few (or more) things.

We'll be looking to get S30 going somewhere at the end of July - mid August, depending on how we solve a few kinks in the plan. IE, the draft event.
I miss zdx <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':clapping:' />

It's amazing people are still talking about him like he was around just yesterday. Just goes to show he at least left a mark...

For Assassins' euros it would probably be best if we move the game from 4pm EST this Sunday to 3pm EST. Also, after talking it over with some of our players, and I think Krilyu would agree, we should only play one game - this Sunday (instead of the remaining possible 2 the following week).

This cool Caerbizzleannog?

What... best of 1 finals? Nooo

Plus we need the extra "active" time to do nasty things to season 30.
[quote name='Caerbannog' timestamp='1309343970' post='275997']

What... best of 1 finals? Nooo

Plus we need the extra "active" time to do nasty things to season 30.


Most of my players are not going to be round the weekend after the 4th of July. I am moving into my new place ON the 4th of July and knowing how Comcast operates, I probably won't have internet then either, and if I do it will be off my laptop on a shitty verizon usb modem. When I talked to you last Sunday with Krilyu you seemed indifferent, and Krilyu was leaning towards a best of 1 anyways. Can we just get this season over with please? <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':clapping:' />

3pm this Sunday and then we are done!

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