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2v2 Tournament
Alright, so I'm planning on running a 2v2 tournament in the coming weeks. I've put together a basic set of rules/guidelines so far but would like comments or suggestions from those interested in participating as well as date/time suggestions. Please post any of your suggestions, comments, questions, etc here. The aim will be for 8-16 teams which should make it around a 3 hour event, although you will have a bit of downtime in between the early matches if you are the winning team.

This will be my first run event, and should it go well and people are interested I hope to run more. Dueling tourney, 2v2 again if it's wanted, other chaos events. I would even be willing to look into starting up 2v2 league,

Duel league/ladder, etc in the future if it's wanted. I don't want to make this first event too large, but I also want it to be competitive and fun. So if you don't get in on this one, I'm sorry but we can run another one soon if it's wanted. Although I will do my best to accommodate every one who wants to play.

[size="4"]2v2 Tournament[/size]

Date: Proposed date of Saturday June 11th @ 3pm EST

Sign up:

- Post in the official thread (once created) with your Team Pairing, Team Name (if you want) and an email (pm me email if you don't want to post it)

- First come first serve basis, sign up fast to guarantee your spot, I may allow for Bye rounds in round 2.

- If you don't have a partner feel free to post and I can try to help you find one or we can match you up with another partnerless person who posts here.


-Round 1:

  • match ups will be selected via random draw
  • I will number each team and have someone select number combinations for the match ups
  • Match ups will be placed in a bracket system for following rounds

-Round 2:

  • Play the winning team from the other bracket in your division
  • Should the team amounts be uneven some teams may be awarded a bye, this will be by random luck from their bracket pairings

- Round 3+:

  • Continue in your bracket play.

Match Play:

- Single Elimination

- Matches will be best of 5 (first team to win 3 games)

- No substitutes

- Do not pause for lag outs, hop back in as fast as you can
I'll play with whoever wants to suicide rush the other 2 people in the tiny tiny box with me. First one to report me as their partner "wins" ;P

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