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Chaos Zone Description
[size="2"]People are revamping the ssgn site and they'd like an updated zone description. Marketing materials always can be improved, so I'm soliciting community input. Here's the page it will go on:[/size]


[size="2"]Here's the current description on the Chaos Site:[/size]

Quote:Chaos Zone is the oldest zone in Continuum and it is still standing strong today, with many players who have been dedicated to the zone for over 10 years and some who have joined just days ago. The absolute best players in subspace play in the 4v4 league hosted in the zone.

The zone is a simple kill as many people as possible game play, some go for win loss ratio, some hunt bounties, some play for points, there is a playing style for everyone. The zone resets scores every two weeks and the top five scores of each of the four categories get put on the map for everyone to see. So come on in and blow something up real good!


Elevator Speeches are a fun challenge! Suggestions?

My game style = Play.. and have fun doing it.

That description is pretty good.
Powerball's just as old, isn't it?

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