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Master of Chaos Sat Mar 5 at 5pm ET!
This Saturday March 5th at 5pm ET -- Master of Chaos

All pilots are welcome to play and see if they can pass the test to wear the crown of MoC! Can mindriot defend his Master of Chaos title???

Spread the word!
[color="#1C2837"][size="2"][left]In a unique MoC finish, mutli-time champion BurstMonsta, using a lanc, won in a final duel with Captor after a very fun third round in which Legatus got trapped in a tube, and RenderGod lost a close gun battle with BurstMonsta.[/left][/size][/color][color="#1C2837"][size="2"][left]

[/left][/size][/color][color="#1C2837"] [left][size="2"]Immediately following MoC was a big, high stakes Jackpot game. Lots of teams trying to win -- lots of fun. What did you think? [/size][/left] [left] [/left][left][left][size="2"]Big Winners were: [/size][/left][left][size="2"] RenderGod a portishead remix nivaG 20 who won the Jackpot of 48342 flag points[/size][/left][left][size="2"] Legacy Captor nillerk kattster who won the Jackpot of 58429 flag points[/size][/left][left][size="2"] samgunn Cozmic Jetta TDI Turret Gunner who won the Jackpot of 50833 flag points[/size][/left] [/left][/color][left] [/left][size="2"][color="#1C2837"][left]Next MoC will be Saturday April 2nd at 5pm ET! Everyone welcome! [/left][left]



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