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Chaos is really dull when it comes to events... besides the soccer/football thing I don't know of any Chaos events.


Is there a list of events or I just stated all of them?  :crazy:


If there aren't any other events I'd like to introduce some, if there are, please write the arenas here so I can bug the Ops to run them Smile



hi seriel!


you meant powerball with soccer/football thing? If we have 8 or more powerballers online, we can go ?go powerball for some pb action. I know some would still be interested playing pb more.



I have a list of events here, straight copied fro events forum:


Updated 4.11.2013




Warzone, Rzjpl, Powerball - 9-Volt+, Hendrix+, Captor+


MOC - Master Of Chaos - Every 1st saturday of the month at 5pm ET at, ?go moc - lightbender, Hallucination, Captor+


 ELIMINATION EVENTS (elimination, teams,zombies, conquer, race, deathmatch) ?go 4v4event - Captor+

Runs depending the population and interest to play them 5-6 pm-> ET, at ?go 4v4event


DUELING TOURNAMENT - 1v1 - Every week 6pm ET, at ?go duel - Captor+

2V2 TOURNAMENT - Every week 6-7pm ET, at ?go 2v2





CHAOS LEAGUE run by Nude For Satan, Every saturday, if there is no MOC at 4pm ET, at ?go czl - Nude


POWERBALL - Smallpub at ?go powerball, runs depending the population and interest to play them, run by Captor+




After attack I tried to run few drafts but without success. What's annoying is that we have people still online and playing but no interest of trying to make the game better before it's too late.


seriel, share your ideas and let's test them(new event is always a welcome from me.


I've had an idea of motherships, but it's still under thinking levelSmile
elim bot is currently at ?go alpha, we maybe could change it to event subarena and keep it there, since ?go alpha ain't in so much of a use thesedays

I see I'm still down for CZL! That's from 4 years ago, when I was a member of the powered moderators team. Maybe I need to bite the bullet and revoke my resignation ... and just do it, although someone else may be dedicated to that old salt mine by now.


The events bot was placed in Alpha at my begging to give the Alpha arena a level of visibility - sounds like the same concept you, Captor, have for it ... to give the event subarena visibility. With events getting some attention and alpha none, I am sad to say I feel in no position to continue arguing my case. Take the bot, take the kids, the house, but you will never take away my dignity!

One of the three most dangerous people in Subspace.
So basically you're saying there are Masters of Chaos (football) and powerball?


Frankly, throughout the time I played Chaos zone I never even once saw Elim, dueling tourney or powerball

ever hosted...


I'd first put up an ?go elim    arena and stick a permanent elim bot there, there are plenty running around

with barely any need for coding.


Since DSB is dead I don't see a reason why we can ask their sysop for help with the elim bot if you need it.

Few other events from DSB are: (If you want to see the maps for any of the levels I added a file name for them, just login to DSB and ?go lvlname)

Bloodlust: The more you kill the stronger your ship becomes (bloodlust.lvl)

Dodgeball (dodgeball.lvl)

Zombies (zombie.lvl)

Flag race (flagrace.lvl)

Flag War (fw.lvl)

Multi Squad Duel (msd.lvl)

Pulse (pulse.lvl)

Team Elim: regular elim but with teams of 2 (teamelim.lvl)


There are quite a few others, I got tired of going through my map list Tongue


In any case, there are so many events we can host which would be great for the zone in my opinion, 4v4 can really suck with kids

going 0-3 in the first couple of minutes, I went 0-8 W/L because of those bad teammates.
sure, I'll try those you listed. I just need players to play them Smile

Not really... all the rules are listed when you enter the arena (top-left of the map)



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