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How to help Chaos Zone
Reposted from the old forum


It's come to my attention that some players are confused about all the various ways that they can help contribute to the zone.

The best way for people to contribute is to bring new people in, and help them learn the game. At this point, this is a very difficult task because the vast majority of players in the zone are vets with years of experience. New players will die many many times often without a single kill -- what fun is that? This is why more luck-oriented zones, such as Trench Wars have been successful -- shots fired at random are sure to get some kills at least. New players need lots of assistance getting up to speed in Chaos.

There are many other ways to promote the zone without being on staff. If you want to advertise the zone -- advertise it! There's nothing stopping you. If you want to dup CDs and send them to people -- send them! If you want to go on various game forums and promote the game, give links where to download it, talk it up -- please! do it!!!

Rational and informed discussion of opinions and ideas is another way to contribute. I say 'informed' in that making suggestions that are impossible does not help, but absorbs people's time in trying to answer or steer the discussion in a meaningful direction. If you're interested in how the game works, that's great, but please, do some research!

At the same time, even with the craziest of ideas, there can sometimes be a small glimmer of something worthwhile. So please, continue to post questions and ideas -- and please be respectful. Vague comments or 'suggestions' such as 'bring more people into the zone' or 'make the zone more friendly for non-hunters' just aren't helpful. Suggestions need to get very specific in order to be implemented.

Another misconception people seem to have is that being on staff makes your opinion more important. That's simply not the case -- ask any staff member! I've gotten excellent input from pro players who rarely play in Chaos, but have good critical thinking skills and have applied them toward the zone. A large number of staff members over the years have had no good ideas for the zone -- but their relationship with the population is great, and so they're wonderful staff members, beloved by the community. You get on staff and rise in the ranks by having ideas and actions that prove to be good ones; by your relationship to the players in the zone -- are you respected as an honorable pilot and communicator in the zone? By your willingness to selflessly help.

The absolute best thing you can do is to start a squad and organize it to compete and give your squad members a fun environment to play in. One where they feel safe, and with friends. An environment where they don't have to worry about the rug being pulled out from underneath them suddenly and without warning. An environment where newbies can learn and get up to speed. For example, teach them to turret and drive them around -- at least that way they can get some kills -- and don't worry about dying yourself so much -- a newb is bound to close bomb the turret at times. All part of the fun in my book. This is a way you can actively help the zone.

To the league squads and those squads with all high quality vets -- your presence in Chaos is valued and needed more than ever! If you think there isn't enough competition in Chaos, then compete against other squads of high caliber -- challenge them! What I see is that the best players avoid each other and choose to kill weaker players; afraid to get a loss on their record in 'ez' Chaos. What I'd like to see is top quality squads swarming and trying to force the others to run from them! Stake out an area, and hold it! Try to take an area from another swarming squad. These are the hallmarks of the best squads -- you swarm, hold an area, _keep_ high bounties (no recycling), take control, make people run from you. Stand up to the Chaos and attacks from all sides.

There are many many ways to help the zone, and we need people to pull together now. The rebirth of CZL has been in the works for a couple of months now. We're looking at more events (I've wanted an events night for a long time [like since I stopped doing it in 2000]). If you are a part of any social network out there - facebook, tumblr, digg, etc. please do a little to get the word out about the game, and then help the person get up to speed -- notify the staff of the new player and that you're trying to help them. At times we can do things to assist that process...

See you in Chaos.

It's come to my attention that some players are confused about what Chaos is. For starters, it isn't what's up in any arena in Chaos Zone. You missed Chaos, it's gone.
Record yourself saying something cool about your zone and I'll throw it on the inter-song playlist for SubSpace Pirate Radio. I'd do it myself, and I will if you need me to, but I'd like more voices than what we have. You can attach it here and I'll play around with it.
Seeing more staff members playing would be nice. If staff aren't interested in playng the zone why should anyone else?
try telling that to hyperspace staff <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/mega_shok.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Big Grin' />
It sets a terrible example when staff don't play, especially in a zone with so few players (Chaos Zone). When I see a post by a Chaos sysop thinking of ways to get more players while his own staff hardly, if ever, play the game it doesn't really make a player want to go out and help find more players. I think the phrase that fits here is "lead by example", otherwise no one will care.
What motivation do the staff have for playing in such a corrupted version of Chaos.
They're the ones running it, they can change it; however, after seeing the actions of the current staff I wouldn't hold my breath that anything will happen.
I really hope someone (like hallu) will release their entire SVS collection at some point. It would be a great shame to lose all that history and the public not have a copy of it.
i wish this were true for all dead zones
[quote name='L.C.' timestamp='1296324080' post='272358']

I really hope someone (like hallu) will release their entire SVS collection at some point. It would be a great shame to lose all that history and the public not have a copy of it.


Anybody with a copy of the VIE sets and the battle drome map (or hell, even the original Chaos east map) has a head start already.
Winning is fun, maybe it's because I always win.

At anyrate, does anyone else like to win? Not just at online games, but in sports or things like that. How do you feel when you lose? Do you care? Or say, eh, it's just a game? I like to hear how some people feel about winning and losing. These questions come back to Chaos Zone and what Hallu said about keeping players. Do you think newbies come to the zone and lose so much that they leave? Is it just too difficult to learn? Maybe it's a new generation of people that hate to lose and so they leave if they lose too much.

gg, ez, owned,
Every generation of kids are babied and more spoiled than the last, generally anyway. The same applies to gaming, not necessarily because of the players themselves, but because of game developers.

Who actually wants to sit down and play a real game of slow-paced, intellectually-challenging chess, when you can hop in a fast-paced, shoot 'em up, quick-kill game (or zone) and be done with it altogether?

The more and faster you get to "maxing out a game," the quicker it loses its value. It's like masturbating rough, hard, and quick to get the job done ASAP instead of slowly, gently, and over the course of perhaps a couple hours, and doing this every single day for a long time.

Unfortunately, I have to agree with Yupa uses the term 'corrupted', even though I am an SVS newb though having been with this game since 1998.

EDIT: This is why I love SSCV Realism Zone! HAH YES. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Big Grin' /> Been planning on organizing a night play there.
It seems when people lose they get frustrated. They try all kinds of things to win and in the end they realize that there are some things they just can't win. SVS is hard for new players and now that most people that play Chaos have been playing for a long time the newbies don't have a chance of survival. There is no real solution to the problem, you change the game the old players get mad. I think more events run by bots could help. TW was elimination events, zombies, and some other stuff. Possibly events where the setting are differnet than the pub settings. It would take people away from pub but at least more people might come in the door and visit pub when events are not going. I would say an event an hour run by a bot (this is key, trying to get a person to run an event will never work) might be intersting to some and in the in between times when an event is not going possibly some players will hop back into pub. Again these events could be all kinds of games with strange settings not necessarily Chaos "SVS" settings. like LC said, possibly so easy quick killing.

"Winning is my business...and business is good"


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