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Alpha Zone Discussion/Nostalgia
[size="5"]General Alpha West (and East) and [color="#800080"]Chaos Zone/?go alpha[/color] discussion.[/size]

Its been a couple of years since Alpha had its own zone. Now the map is consigned to a subarena in Chaos ( ?go alpha ).

But the Alphanian community never dies. It just gets noober. Please note the following options for those seeking out their past cybersex partners. Mine was Vinegaroon. He was dead sexy.

[color="#4B0082"]Play alpha! :[/color]

Chaos subarena : ?go alpha

[color="#4B0082"]Alpha West On The Web:[/color]

Unofficial website (Refugees Of Alpha West) : (shared with AUS$IES squad)

Unofficial website forums : (shared with AUS$IES squad)

Facebook Community :

[color="#4B0082"]Current alpha representative squads:[/color]

alpha noob - see a portishead remix

AW Refugee - password is alphawest

Remember, if you ain't from alpha ... you're ... probably from someplace else ...

?message Nude For Satan:whatever else you want to know
One of the three most dangerous people in Subspace.
T20 for the win!

lurn2inglesh pleez
[quote name='Cheese' timestamp='1291169079' post='270337']


lurn2inglesh pleez


Quite correct, appreciate the correction. Off to change it now. Couldn't have done this without you.

Edit: Bleh, edit seemingly not available for titles and subtitles. I fear you'll have to sit on the blister.
One of the three most dangerous people in Subspace.
I remember fondly the 20-30 minutes I spent in Alpha before going to Chaos, before both were bastardized into what they are now.
Realism Zone <3
the part i remembered best was when shitheads didn't take over and run it into the ground. THANKS BATTLE. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Big Grin' />
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Just checking in. Cool to see the game is still alive. Just logged in and was suprised to find my old user/pass still active. 2128hrs, first played 10.22.98 0.o

Whens a good time for a guy to log in and catch some people online?
Sprocket most alpha players now wander around in Chaos. There is a subarena there for alpha but its little- - if at all- - used.

Also PsyOps has a zone called Battle that he is working on that hopes to rejuvenate most aspects of alpha, with a pub map that includes half of alpha's pub, with most of the ?go battle boxes in there too. Still a work in progress, I believe.

For the best hit-rate, either join the Facebook group "Refugees Of Alpha West" which has a few old faces in it, and/or join Chaos pub during USA evening times and there are a few players around, say something in chat about alpha and you'll probably find out which of those players are good guys <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':clapping:' />
One of the three most dangerous people in Subspace.
Battle is coming down. Problems with the host or something, they are no longer hosting any zones. So whatever is up, is coming down soon.

Tool you can kiss my ass, it was never battle. it was barg, get it right.

anywho, lots of drama going on now at home, if things settle down then maybe ill join chaos dev officially.
Stop arguing or I'll put you both over my knee and spank you. *shrug* if its ok with you can we do that regardless?

One of the three most dangerous people in Subspace.
The Alpha map was pretty awesome this past week !

This current Chaos map is pretty boring ....... id actually rather have the old Alpha map permanently !! <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Big Grin' />

The map is a little big though, so is there any way to cut out some of the periphery ? ...... B4-B19-R4-R19 ..... adjusting the boundaries as needed

That old map actually has a nice mix of open areas, and obstacles, and passages etc. It was actually alot of fun to play in.
Approaching the first weekend of August again, just a few short months away. Moar alpha weekends/weeks please!
One of the three most dangerous people in Subspace.
Awww alpha ... *pine*
One of the three most dangerous people in Subspace.

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