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Pub time
We gotta have a scheduled time for people to check if anyone is in pub just to mess around. It doesn't always have to be a league game. Anywhere between 4-10PM eastern standard works for me. Let's narrow it down to a good hour to be checking for players.
6PM Central time works for me.
Very well, I'll try and sign in at that time (6pm central is 7pm eastern) and wait for anyone to join in. Today and Tomorrow I have to do something but from day to day I'll try and get in.
It'd be nice if we can use this thread to post our Skypes/MSNs/etc as that would be easier to reach everyone.
Starting on Monday I should be free around then. gtalk = that's pretty much the only chat device i use. Besides FB, speaking of which there seems to be a FB page at doesn't look like its been updated in awhile though

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