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Temp Chaos/League Zone up
Psyops is hosting a temp Chaos/League zone - thanks Psy! All settings are the same as the regular zone, but the server isn't nearly as robust. We'll see how that goes.

To get there, click Zones from the Continuum front page

Paste ONLY this into the Directory Server Address List field:

erase all the ones in that list


Click the Download button

Scroll through the list and double click on:

SZ Chaos/League Zone SVS


then click OK

Now, create a new profile for your regular nick, but with a diff password (not on the same biller) This is not a critical thing to do here (since Psy isn't going to be stealing any nicks), but it IS critical in some of these other zones. So it's better to get in the habit of using a diff pw for each of these zones. When you see that box with the red text come up when you hit play (that says "this server isn't on the SSC biller"), make sure you're not using your normal password if you don't want the nick stolen. Alternatively, when the regular biller comes back up, just change the password there.

I've set up one 4v4 prac bot. I've also just brought in the Chaos Bots - so scores will count! I will create a new reset whenever the regular zone comes back. If there are some unforseen problems, I can just delete all the new data/kills so it won't muck things up.


Unless he decided to change his play style, Ninespike isn't Ninespike.


Edit:  I'm wrong, and how did Nude delete his post?


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