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I am banned? Can someone explain?
I am banned BAN ID 2831 until 5/1? 

I've played this game since 1996 and this is the first time I've been banned.  Banned without explanation, I might add.  Can someone please advise.


Only thing I can think of, last evening I was online pointing out the stacked teams.  How every practice I watched was 90+ odds for team stack.  Maybe I struck a nerve?

I vote for an unbanning

who are you ?


I can talk to the council about this.  

Working on this with Mcqueen.



He can get in now with that name, I but we need to work with him some to completely clear it up (the ban was not on him).

I tried to get into SSCE Hockey/Football Zone and it says that I am banned again...ban id #2831.  What is going on here???

I did a local banfree to get you into Chaos/League - won't work in other zones... The ban needs to be modified a bit so it doesn't keep you out.


ok thanks Smile


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