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Flagging in CZ
Work out a way for flag-holding bounties >?target to be a brighter shade of red on radar ... and I'll stop hating the flag game Smile

One of the three most dangerous people in Subspace.
If you have '%red as a macro, you can see the bty of the nearest flag holder if he is anywhere on your radar.
I have a %red macro too..

If you tend to 'play by radar' , and don't fancy wasting your nrg or specials on low bty targets,

and there are multiple reds present, it can be annoying.

As someone said the other night in the zone regarding red on radar : it's annoying to not see the bty so you can target it.

..then again, as a flagger, the same is true if red on radar were off..

Much as I don't like it , it is what it is.. 

... speaking of flags.. Is it just me, or have green rewards for caps been reduced some what or at least leveled off.. ??

If so, I like it..uh, thanks.


Subtract awarded prize greens from death bounties used to calculate death average.


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