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Final Words.

I too can't take this zone seriously any longer. I have played pub on and off for 13.4 years. There is no reason why chaos needs a d-bag as their watch dog 24/7 discouraging new players from starting in chaos. If the safe zones were reduced to 15 minutes this would not be the case, but the stubborn nature of internet asteroid moderators has led to their "my way or the highway" mentality on all rules. This probably will never end, therefore I will never play pub again.


a pez addiction - OUT.

I'm not surprised to see people giving up chaos pub because of the single player who intentionally makes people's time in the zone a negative experience. I often come in to pub, see that he is there and simply leave because I don't want to listen to his mouth. He doesn't play to win, he plays to irritate people. He tries to get them to give up and leave. He doesn't want to use skill to defeat the competition, he wants the competition so get so sick of him and his tactics that they leave the arena. Why would it be surprising that people are doing just that?

He'll stall a flags game for two hours by grabbing a single flag and running away to stealth in a corner while others drop flags. Then when you are about to beat him outright, he'll switch freqs TO YOUR FREQ so he can steal the points.


But I'll make a point here about the safe zones. If you have a look at the stats page, click on his name and look at his kills and deaths and the times that they take place, you'll find that he is ACTIVE in the game for around 65 hours PER WEEK. No, he is not idling, he is actively controlling a ship and having kills and deaths for around 65 hours a week. He is basically EVER PRESENT even without the safe zone idling. He sometimes plays for 10 hour stretches. My point here is that it's not going to change anything to get rid of the 13 hour safe zone.


I honestly don't have an answer. You can't get the guy to shut up or play by the spirit of the rules and I doubt you could get him banned.


I've spent plenty of time in 4v4 and I enjoy it to some extent. The players in there are mostly better players than in pub and the competition is more well defined. But there is also a great deal of "waiting around" to even get to play in there. I don't have the patience to sit in line for .cap in there and then have some d-bag forcecap someone else and kick me off the freq. So I've spent time in pub because I can play for myself and without waiting. I'm curtailing my game play now in general because both places have the huge drawbacks I've noted here. I don't really have another alternative as I use SS for relaxation and recreation and I'm not finding either when i play.

I concur.

I started playing again more regularly a number of months ago, but pub lost it's appeal almost instantly due to either lack of population or quality of population (AXE's mouth and Caillin's lag). The obvious option is to play in 4v4, but found that the players there are elitist with their control of the teams. There is also no on-demand play there, and even if you do get a !cap spot quickly, you find yourself with a random team of players fighting the stacked defending team, which is typically a guaranteed loss. Once you lose enough times in a reset because of this, when you try to join a pick-up team as a non-cap, the cap ends up either kicking, banning, or just asking you to leave due to your poor rec. 4v4 is basically just for the ongoing league players and not a substitution/opportunity for the casual player to get some SVS.


Unfortunately, I have no solution to propose to any of this.


Don't worry ninny, bchump, pez and bargoat.....

I'm going take you to a beautiful place, a farm where you will roam and be happy and free!


Just axe Lenny.


And those guys who won the running man Smile



You will not be missed by our hearts but by our win columns.


Learn the Game

Love the Game

Live the Game


Always bet on the guy who doesn't quit and the one holding the




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