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13 Hour Safe Time ABUSE
side note.


SKIZ is good Smile



There is no point in anything longer than a 15 minute safe zone limit. Please remove the current timer. On a side note I'm sick of Axe Demento abusing his IP viewing privilege. If you could revoke his power which has never been used for good, that would be lovely. I believe he threatened Obesity today because he was on a private freq. 

silly pez Smile i have no mod powers


i would have to take it easy on the chumps.


I just figure stuff out Smile and am very patient


unlike say someone who recycles 3 ships in under 20 seconds Smile while  hoping to touch someone lets call him MAX GREATMENTO's 2k bounty.


Beg  for mercy

and get none 



i didn't threaten Weakobcity Smile i told him to join a public freq so he could pick up flags for me Smile


i find a way to make everyone useful in there only small way.


I did crush him however Smile


Pez next time get in a safe zone Smile and up the population while you spec me. i parked in f4 just for you to stay but you did not Sad



I agree with Bargled.. these "newbies" are largley fictional and I don't think we need to keep treating every thing like it's going to keep some magical throng of newbs from showing up and ressurecting the zone. I think it's time to recognize the chances of getting a new player to actually stay here and be active is less likely than getting already established players back into the game or back into the zone, even if it's between matches in another arena.

Beyond that....

Axe, has it ever occured to You that your hubris and seeming self imporatance outwieghs

any good that comes from your having a bazillion bty and sitting in safe for 8+ hours at a time does?

Here's a great example :  "Over the last few days as a punishment i have played less in response to ban axe demento and don't stay on a public freq. Let me know how the numbers have been.  I'll bet they have been less."

You punish the zone if you don't get your way??  Who does crap like this?

Wait, I know, My son when he was 3 and didn't get his way.

Guess what, the zone was just fine over the 24hr period you weren't in it. And so long as we want to trade anecdotal barbs about the worth of such actions, I heard SEVERAL people say the reason they played that day is because you weren't there.

But this isn't just to pick on YOU alone Axe.......For the record, I don't really like that Ninespike is basically doing the same thing.. "I'll play and so will my squad if you change X" 

I think trying to hold the zone hostage over "who do you want in it more, Me or Him" is about a low as it gets, and makes you both look like you don't actually care about the zone, but only yourselves.

Makes it hard to beleive any real attempt to help won't be belittled and undermined under a pile of selfimportance and hubris of those holding the zone hostage if they don't like it.

And THAT is what is going to be the final nail in this game. So keep hammering away, becuase you're doing a fine job thus far.
































He believes that he should rule subspace chaos but if he can't, he should at least have his own arena.

He abuses every aspect of the rule system (from flagging rules to safe zones); not to win but to irritate other players so that they will leave the arena.

He believes and openly professes that his opinion is worth more than other people's opinions.

He uses blatantly condescending and insulting language to belittle anyone with whom he disagrees and then ends the sentence with a smiley.

He admonishes people for "spamming" the zone when his posts to chat are invariably 70% or more of the total chat volume.

He makes many people have less fun and play less.


Safe zones are not the problem. He is.
I wouldn't go that far B-Hole... I don't care if he plays, I want him to play...

I just want him to knock off his annoying schtic.

As the meme goes "You're not helping"

Thats all...

He was being pretty decent yesterday actually, and everyone was having a good time...

Was that so hard?

My shtick is long and strong Smile


I have no worries of who plays and who doest Smile


i control who gets to play with me!


If you are a chump you get treated like a chump!


If you help people have fun i will support you!


GC6 to quote 2 " your ss is weak"


my opinion is clearly worth more then yours Bhole! look at mine, then look at yours! now back to mine....


Well that was easy to prove.


I bring joy to chaos Smile


and greens to the world!


Whether you play is up to you Smile how you get to play with me is up to me Smile

you know you can either toss pubchat Smile or more specifly ?ignore=AXE DEMENTO

and then i would just be a ship flying around Smile


you know i actually have offered to the zone to have my own chat where you can read my words or not.  This is what i used to do.  When that is the case i type about x5 what i currently do Smile

I would actually start talking about every possible thought as i fought.  analyzing what foes would do.  what their next move was etc.  Its quite fun.


the nice thing about me is i don't alias so when you play me you know its me.

Some of you should do the same.


GC6 i am not fully sure of the rest of your aliases feel free to inform me so i can treat you fairly across all of them.


I prove a service in this game and that service is playing the game.


Don't worry about me Smile worry about yourself you will have more fun.


if you don't attack me and talk about me i gladly leave you alone this is how i play the ss. Try it you might like it Smile



Why do you care who uses what alias Axe? players are players...the game is the game, and aliasing is part of that - take your own advice, care less about who's who, and just play.

Besides, I thought you didn't care about names, and only that people play - your constant string of contradictions doesn't do you any favors either.


But since you insist : GC6 or B22, Axe... and with either of them, you basically avoid me (Axecept for last nights sordid, sorry rocket/thor fiasco , which you didn't even get me under 1000 NRG with... lol...  Why anyone worries about your abilities , I'll never know.




1: have no problem with the safe timer..




2: don't really care about your play style.


I just think you could (as you have the last few nights) tone down your rhetoric.  (Especially if people might consider playing if it were)

The fact is, you're an Axeception , not everyone has the luxury of being able to stay logged in 24/7 or play 65hrs a week.

You need to be more mindful that some people that would play have limited time, and that your rhetoric and actions do have an affect on people choosing to play here.


Lots of us over the years have had to change our play styles, and put up with changes that affected us on more personal levels... EVERYONE - you aren't free from it either.


In that regard you aren't an Axeception at all... no matter how much you play..


And that for Me I think is what is worst about this.... so many players watched this zone trade them for changes that today, had ZERO effect on bringing in these "newbs" that don't exist and instead alienated playing players...  what’s the saying -Hind sight is always 20/20? Maybe it's time to pick up the red carpet, and realize that no newbs are going to come here - and even if they do, not in sufficient numbers to matter and quit acting like everything we do in here must revolve around players that do not exist.


I've axed only for your common sense in this. It takes more than just showing up and "playing" this game to keep it alive Axe, Everyone knows that, I suspect even You do.

Is axeing you to axe like it really so far out of the realm of possibility for You?


Anyway - to anyone that WON'T play because Axe is here...  Grow a pair.

It's entirely possible to play an entire reset 1/3 as much as Axe plays, and perform at a top 5 level without ever having to fight Axe... I've proven it's possible - so this is why I don't really care..

ITS NOT HARD GUYS.... and I can't believe that any old vet, or current league player can't 'manage' it... unless they don't want to. I have two people in my squad, and even though I won't qualify for the squad reset winners, I'm still top 5... if you have 3 people that play AT ALL - you can be a top squad or players in this zone... IT IS NOT HARD.


There has to be give and take... no one will ever see you as serious about making Chaos a place where we can all play - if we don't actually PLAY - and instead hold it hostage over changes that would make You play - and especially over something as silly as Axe ... someone who's 'persona' has existed in this zone FOREVER... always someone in here acting like him ... before him it was Real Picard... Before Him it was SuG, before Him, it was Corp Canada, and before him it was Ethyl.


We all act like "Axe" is a new phenomenon in here.. give it up...  Get in there and play - it's the only way anything we suggest would be taken seriously...

If you won't, you're just showing that your silence is concent.



cg6b22 your ss is weak



Why do i care about names Smile


once i know the root player i know most everything thing they will do as the way my bombs and bullets will hit.  If they will tank etc.


Plus if they are a fun player i will enjoy playing with them.  If they are a chump or need a crush i will crush em.


People who roll play a ship Smile if they enjoy it fine but it doesn't make any sense to me.


chumps try and drive people out of the zone Smile and instead they get crushed out. they bring it on themselves. Eth is fun. real picard is fun.


I'm a game changer Smile



gc6b22  i will teach you the lesson i have taught hedcase Smile

if you say you are unkillable i start killing you non stop Smile

plz supply me with your next of kin alias Smile


You know what got bhole tossed in the trash. He logged in on some random name that i didn't know. started acting like a chump. I treated him like a chump and he suddenly went its me bhole!! i'm gonna quit your squad.  To which i say FLUSH Smile  It wastes my time putting effort in with random chump alias Smile i have to say there are like 15 guys with 200 names Smile but i can usually figure it out.


if you want to be treated well act well Smile


my ss is strongest.




<div>If you want to be treated well act well Smile

Same goes for You..

It's as valid a suggestion for consideration as anything You're asking.

Anyway, I've known you in this game since the beginning Axe, I have nothing against you. 

I don't claim to be better than anyone, I've always played to better myself, not anyone else.

I said what I did about our interactions in zone to show everyone else that "It is possible to play this game, and do well without having to always fight you" - Ie: You aren't the ONLY person in the zone or something.. there are plently of targets and no need to always only fight You and You alone.

Anyway, see you in zone.</div>
Your SS is getting stronger.

And this is good Smile


I am still gonna kill ya a bunch but you are making reasonable comments.

Feel free to message me with your earlier name and get the respect or crush that you deserved Smile




tho as far as being the only person in the zone.  That roll does fall to me often as i will play a ship when there are no others.  I do this so the 2nd player will join and lead us past 40 and dare i say 100 Smile  I only play SS for fun it doesn't ever upset me or bore me and this is why my ss is strongest.
I sincerely 'Thank You' that you choose to do this with your time, because not everyone can, or would even if they could.

I'm also an exception right now... once business picks up, time will

be more limited..

..I also play Minecraft with my Son a lot on a private server.

It is what it is. Smile



Minecraft $


Only game that ever threatened to vie seriously for my playtime versus Subspace.


Sad or Smile I dunno.

One of the three most dangerous people in Subspace.
My son also enjoys the mine craft lately i think he has been enjoying the pvp servers Wink

Let me know in a pm sometime if either of you have a family friendly server for him to play or to try his maps.  Which i quite enjoy.


We also recommend terrarria  which is a 2d side scroller as you know i'm partial to 2d side scrolling games Smile


Tho if you are going to fight the pirate army make sure you have 2-3 hours to defeat them Smile

we did get the Coin Gun Smile which is a 1 in 8000 drop so he was happy and kept it for himself.


I hope you have your best business year this year with only more success to come.


and above all else have fun



my opinion is clearly worth more then yours Bhole! look at mine, then look at yours! now back to mine....


Well that was easy to prove.


Thanks for proving my point outright.
Your hubris is amazing.


I bring joy to chaos Smile

You annoy the arena endlessly. When you are not there, people say how pleasant it is to not have your mouth blabbing. I'm not making this up. It's a fact.
Your hubris is amazing.


you know you can either toss pubchat Smile or more specifly ?ignore=AXE DEMENTO

and then i would just be a ship flying around Smile

No. While ignoring you is certainly an option that I use regularly with pleasant success, there is nothing to do about you ruining the flags game by gaming the rules. There is nothing to be done about you jumping on my freq just before I win the game so that you can steal points. These are thinigs that you do that are wrong to do, bad for the zone in terms of new players and vets. <span style="color:#ff0000;">Your hubris is amazing.


the nice thing about me is i don't alias so when you play me you know its me.

Some of you should do the same.


It's none of your business if other people want to alias. I aliased to break into 4v4 because known pub names take so much abuse when they go in there. It was a good way to learn and it worked for me and it's none of your business. There isn't anything about aliasing that is even remotely contrary to even the spirit of the rules and you have no say in the matter. Just like you have no say about whethor or not people can speak while specced. It's none of your business. You don't get to decide.
Your hubris is amazing.



GC6 i am not fully sure of the rest of your aliases feel free to inform me so i can treat you fairly across all of them.


You are not some authority in the game that decides how or whethor people are treated fairly. Your hubris is amazing.


I prove a service in this game and that service is playing the game.


No one cares and many people truly wish you would not provide this "service"
. Your hubris is amazing.


In my opinion, there is a simple thing you could do that would help
. Show respect. There are players in the arena who have skills that are superior to yours. They have worked and practiced this game to develop those skills.  You absolutely treat ALL of those people as if the only reason they get kills or have success is luck or lag or you "allowing" them to get kills or be successful. This makes veteran players dislike you and in many cases they even start to dislike the game. I once had to take a break from subspace for about a month because I got very busy with my band and golf and oil painting and photography and video editing. When I came back, you were gloating that you had "crushed me and made me quit". Gloating. You thought you'd gotten a veteran of this game to quit and it made you proud. This sort of thing is childish, detrimental to the zone, detrimental to new players and vets alike. You end up with bad blood between you and nearly every veteran player in the zone. Ninespike's name is not Ninny and you have no business calling him that or in trying to create a hellish experience for him in the zone. You've managed to drive many veterans out of the zone, ninespike just happened to leave a little more loudly than many. You are not responsible for "punishing" anyone. Do you understand that? <span style="color:#ff0000;">Your hubris is amazing.


-Mr. B-Hole

Bhole your ss is weak

no more no less


and what i do i do well Smile

game changer.


Crush maker

shall i do it again bhole? Smile



This response is as I expected. When faced with facts and reason and reality, you spew meaningless macros. No one is buying it Axe.


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