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13 Hour Safe Time ABUSE
Bhole you probably  should play the guitar more or take up more oil painting.  I don't think ss is for you Smile


just remember bhole gosh darn it if

I'm Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me! Smile


I'm a game changer Smile

your a non starter.


thank you for letting me constantly rest my hubris on your forehead Smile

and notice at least one person just thanked me for playing Smile


but don't worry many more love the game Smile


Has anyone noticed the one person that can do anything is absent from this little discussion? So, the question now is, what is Hallu's personal view, and what was his reasoning in extending safe times in the first place?


You can spend all day talking to Axe and never get anywhere, because he wants the longer safe times.. and he can't change anything because he's not actually running the zone.


...this means Hallu is the one you need to talk to.

I think the view is : It's doesn't hurt the zone. That is the impression I get from this thread, the original poll, and from a few conversations in the zone.

I beleive this view is independant of Axe's wants and wishes.

What we did identify is - when someone goes AFK on a pub freq - THAT can have a negative effect.

But, all we can do is ask, as I did, if you know you're going to be AFK for an extended time, please go to a PRIV freq.


Axe has done this so far as I can tell, hell, he's been in axe0chaos arena most this reset so far... so he's obliging with the request.

Right now, I think this is over and done...and..'s time to address how the flag game type we use encourages non-participation in the zone...


I'm sorry, I've already read this somewhere and given my opinion.  So I didn't read this horseshit again.  Oh yes,  Why is this up again?  Some neutral guy's response from last time:



<span style="color:rgb(164,164,164);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;">Posted </span>10 April 2012 - 04:32 PM

<div style="margin:0px;color:rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;">Yikes, I log onto the forum for the first time in ages, and this is up for discussion again? 

First off, the sampling bias on this poll is probably horrendous. Do you think the players that log into Chaos for ten to thirty minutes for some quick fun or those that stay logged in all day are more likely to visit the forum? Even if the poll was placed in the zone and run by a bot, those frequenting the safe zones would be more likely to give input, I imagine. So, I hope no long term decisions will be made based on this poll. 

High bounty sitting in a nine hour safe zone serves absolutely no attraction to bounty hunt. In fact, it'd discourage me from hunting someone not in a safe zone if I thought they would take advantage of a sit-for-hours tactic. I always did enjoy the forty-five minute safe zones as they gave time to run out, and get more beer or a bite to eat while keeping your freq (although twenty to thirty minutes would have worked fine for me). Anything longer than that is ridiculous. As for Cool Dad's hour and a half vote, my experience is that your bounty seems to be saved for a couple of hours usually as long as you time out in a safe zone. 

Also, the difference between forty-five minute and nine hour safe zones is huge in terms of play in my opinion. In a forty-five minute safe zone, a player has to keep the game in the back of their mind or they're going to time out. If you're a player drooling over the bounty in a safe zone, you can be pretty sure that a player in a forty-five minute safe zone has an intention of playing in the next few hours, or they would have logged out to save the hassle of resetting the timer every forty-five minutes. You have no such indication from a player in a nine hour safe zone.

I voted for fifteen minutes as it seems to be the only reasonable option under consideration at the moment, and although not my favorite, it really is the most balanced safe zone time of the bunch. It allows exactly what the safe zones were intended for: a bathroom break, a stretch, a talk on the phone, or a beer from the fridge. Right now, the poll seems to be twelve votes for some sort of reasonable time, thirteen votes for nine hours. Considering the likely bias, I'd say the nine hours safe zones should be nixed. </div>

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