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Pub Status Report
My Goal: Release ASWZ Pub as of Thursday January 15, 2009 so that the first official pub games can begin that weekend.

Projects that need completion and status:

  1. Maps.
    • We currently have 4 maps, two of which have been used in pub before. One has been used in ASWZL.
    • We need at least 10 maps for proper zone operation, more if possible.
    • Contact me if you have any or would like an arena to start building some.

  2. Server.
    • Sknox has ordered the server and it should be arriving soon.

  3. Pub programming.
    • ASSS out-of-the-box supports the "No Flags Outside" rule
    • The map voting system is about 50% complete, with the first version to be released possibly this weekend.
    • We will need some testing of the system once it has been released.

I will update this thread as news changes.
Pub Status Update 12/31/08 11:30 PM

The votemap plugin is almost at 100%. There are a couple minor bugs to work out and then it is ready for pub release. I've attached a couple screenshots of the plugin in action. You can also join SSXA A Small WarZone Dev and try it out yourself. Please report any bugs on these forums. The timer is set at 40 seconds per map for testing purposes, when we go live it will be more like 45-60 minutes.

I'll update this thread with more exciting news soon. Stay tuned!
Status Report: January 16, 2009

Still waiting on Sknox's new server, it seems Dell has been unhelpful as to shipping schedule.

I injured my right hand, so I've been unable to do much in the way of coding (which sucks for $dayjob).

I've been working on some bases to make some more maps, current progress is in ?go hawk. ASWZ bases are a bit different from other types, so I'll need lots of feedback.

We are still on-track to start playing pub skirmishes once the server is online, I'll post more once I know more.
Any recent update? Is this still being worked on?

An old timer here that is interested.
Our production server is up now.

SSXA A Small WarZone

Please update your lists.

I hope to start scheduling game as soon as next week. Please [url=""]fill in the poll with your availability[/url].

There may be some bugs that need working out, please let me know if you come across any. I will be working on making some informational messages for the flag game (much like WZ has).
Production server is online and we've had our first game so I'm unpinning this topic.

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