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S34 R5 Schedule -- Roster lock
<div>Rosters will be locked for rostered players before this round.</div>
<div>I'll still add/remove people based on ?messages that have been sent to me before the games. As in a randomly reasonable amount before the games.</div>
<div> </div>
<div>Results R4:</div>
<div>11/10 3:34 pm Port Llast def Alpha Reunion<span> </span>12-1<span> </span>log</div>
<div>11/10 3:32 pm Assassins def Llamas<span> </span>12-3<span> </span>log</div>
<div>11/10 3:21 pm Intrinsic def BlackNike<span> </span>12-0<span> </span>log</div>
<div>11/10 2:53 pm FTNguyen def Backarrow<span> </span>12-4<span> </span>log</div>
<div>11/10 2:46 pm The Dark def StarFire Elite<span> </span>12-3<span> </span>log</div>
<div> </div>
<div> </div>
<div>Standings 4/9:</div>
<div>1 FTNguyen<span> </span>4-0<span> </span>27<span> </span>0.703</div>
<div>2 Assassins<span> </span>3-1<span> </span>30<span> </span>0.598</div>
<div>3 Backarrow<span> </span>3-1<span> </span>22<span> </span>0.581</div>
<div>4 Llamas<span> </span>2-2<span> </span>8<span> </span>0.413</div>
<div>5 Port Llast<span> </span>2-2<span> </span>6<span> </span>0.467</div>
<div>6 Intrinsic<span> </span>2-2<span> </span>3<span> </span>0.541</div>
<div>7 The Dark<span> </span>2-2<span> </span>-9<span> </span>0.519</div>
<div>8 Alpha Reunion<span> </span>1-3<span> </span>-20<span> </span>0.437</div>
<div>9 StarFire Elite<span> </span>1-3<span> </span>-20<span> </span>0.632</div>
<div>10 BYE Round<span> </span>0-1<span> </span>-12<span> </span>0.148</div>
<div>11 BlackNike<span> </span>0-3<span> </span>-35<span> </span>0.468</div>
<div> </div>
<div>BlackNike vs. StarFire Elite -- 122747</div>
<div>Backarrow vs. The Dark -- 122748</div>
<div> </div>
<div>Llamas vs. Intrinsic -- 122749</div>
<div>Alpha Reunion vs. Assassins -- 122750</div>
<div>Port Llast vs. FTNguyen -- 122751</div>

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