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Vector Public Arena Weekend!
Starting this Friday the September 20th and running through Sunday the 22nd we are going to mix things up just a little in Pub!


Using a specially modified version of the Vector Graphics and Sound pack, and a modified version of the map tile-set everyone knows so well.


90+ graphics and sounds included!


What you end up with is the Chaos you know with a little old school flavor! Stop in for some Pew Pew action!


[Image: Vsplash.png]

Ziggy you need to take off the forced graphics set.  Bomb ranges is like training wheels.  the champ don't need training wheels.


I have been able to remove some of you forced graphics Smile but loading files mid subzone switch Smile


This particular forced set of graphics and the idea of this in the pub zone.  Make me realize why i need to make a new zone.  One that takes public play as the proper game.  having the subzones of crap takes away from the main zone.  When you kill the main zone with a game that is not chaos it is not worth playing.


your graphics are nice and in another game they might be fun.  But i have no need for em.


Hallu everytime you kill the pub zone you kill the real game.


If you want this zonetype.  Make it a vector subzone.


I don't want to play it.


Have a good weekend tho!
Ok I made them optional.

btw "the game" didn't change except for the flag carrier weapons - no change in game play at all - only graphics and sounds.

Thanks.  The change is the graphics when you can see bomb ranges it does make a difference.


But thanks for turning off the forced graphics.




I'm still playing with the graphics set, it's bloody awesome and the sounds are a treat. I spend time just toggling stealth, x and aw to create little techno riffs that keep me amused for minutes at a time Smile
One of the three most dangerous people in Subspace.
Thanks for the support Nude Smile The flag pickup and win are the only lifted sounds.

Vector weekend = fun


Reminded me of Metroid NES/SNES, with that pulsing, bio-organic feel. It was interesting to see the actual prox dimensions too =)


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